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FNP and Then Acute NP or Dual FNP/ AGACNP?


Hello Everyone,

I have been accepted into a Family Nurse Practitioner post-MSN certificate program to start in November. I am licensed in 2 states and just over the state lines. My dilemma is this, my current hospital does hire FNPs in the inpatient setting, but the hospitals just over the state line does not. I like the flexibility of the FNP and the ability to treat all patient populations. I would like to have the ability to work in both an inpatient setting and an outpatient setting no matter which state I work in.  

My question is this, would it be better to first obtain my FNP and the go back for AGACNP or find a Dual Role FNP/ AGACNP program? I have my MSN in Nursing Leadership & Management and I hold a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree.

I am thinking it may take the same amount of time to do them separately? Anyone ever go back for a different speciality and can share their experience? 

I ended up just going for my FNP. I figure I can always go back if I want to.