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FNP Post-Grad Certificate Online Recommendations


Hello Everyone! I need some help narrowing down an online FNP post-grad certificate program. I have my MSN in Nursing Leadership and Management and a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. I would like to stay within the state of PA, but I am open to other schools. This is what I have narrowed it down to...

  • Wilkes, Duquesne, Millersville, & Villanova
  • I have also been considering Herzing and Chamberlain as out of state options.

I am open to other suggestions as well. I would like something that is affordable. Anyone have good experiences they would like to share or heard of any good experiences?

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I know no one replied to this, but just in case someone comes across this post, I am going to update. After contacting each one of these programs, and a few more, I have decided Herzing is at the top of my list and I am still gathering information on Wilkes.

I am sure it has a lot to do with COVID, but some schools were difficult to get a hold of! I understand COVID has affected many programs, but Herzing responded to me fast and answered all of my questions! Wilkes has been slow, but it is obvious it is due to the chances that have happed with COVID, so I will contact them again.

Herzing - 16-20 months to complete. 16 months for part time and 20 months for full time. Depending on what may transfer from my MSN, it may only take me 16 months part time; not sure just yet. Semesters are 16 weeks long, but classes are 8 weeks each. So, 2 classes a semester, but 1 at a time. There are some 16 weeks long, but I believe that may be related to clinical (not sure just yet). There are 6 start dates per year. No on campus commitment. You do have to find your own clinical, but they help you through the process. She said if you can’t fine your own, they will help you, but can’t guarantee It will be close to you. Program is roughly $30k for Post-Grad Certificate.

As I figure out more information, I will post.

As a WGU alumni, it will take me 18 months to complete Herzing’s post-MSN FNP Certificate program; full time. Herzing is not giving me credit for Patho or Pharm. I am fine with retaking Pharm, but I am a little bummed I have to retake Patho. All books are included with the tuition. Herzing provides a scholarship for this program. If you are attending full time, you receive $500 per semester for the 1st four semesters. If you are part time, you receive $250 for the 1st four semesters. Everyone I have spoken with has been very helpful. It seems like a great program. I have reached out to a couple of current Herzing FNP-C students and I have nothing but great things so far. As I learn more, I will update.

I never did get to hear back from Wilkes. I spoke to someone twice; both times we got disconnected.

alliejanota, MSN, RN

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Did you end up starting at Herzing? Wondering if you are liking the program so far? Also curious what you thought of duquesne when looking into programs? 

Yes. I did start Herzing. I am enrolled in their FNP post-MSN certificate program. This is my first week taking NP courses, so it’s hard to say just yet. So far so good. 

alliejanota, MSN, RN

Has 6 years experience.

We're you able to take Federal financial aid for the post masters program?

Denroc72, BSN, MSN, LPN, RN, APN

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Hi there,

I know this is late, but just in case others have the same question as your original one. Indiana State University (ISU) has an online post masters FNP certification program. The program is 4 semesters, and you have to have advanced pathophysiology and advanced pharmacology completed as pre-requisites (not sure if there is a time limit). I completed my two pre-requisite courses with another institution right before I entered the ISU program. The total program credit hours are 26. I also felt the cost was affordable (I paid out of pocket).