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NursKam MSN, RN, NP

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NursKam is a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Family Practice & Emergency Department.

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  1. NursKam

    DNP Project

  2. NursKam

    DNP Project

    Thank you for your response. I am actually already an NP with my MSN, so I’m not worried about clinical sites and preceptors etc. I’m more curious about the capstone project, but I see you have addressed that as well. Thank your
  3. NursKam

    DNP Project

    Hey guys! I’m starting to think about going back for my DNP and I want to know how intense the project is. How was your experience in the program and with the project? That seems to be the only thing scaring me off from going back for my DNP. I know it is not necessary for me to practice, but earning my doctorate is a personal goal for me. Thank you in advance for your responses!
  4. NursKam

    UC Davis RN Residency Summer/Fall 2017

    Does anyone know when we'll hear something? I'm guessing by late June or early July. I hope it's soon!
  5. NursKam

    National University Fresno Cohort 15

    Hey there. Sorry for the late response. I've been really busy lately. First off, Bio Stats was easy! I hate math and aced the course. Just do your best in your prerequisites. Realistically to get in, you need to have above a 3.0 in your core classes, score in the 80s on your TEAS, and get the best possible essay score you can. The essay is not hard if you are a good writer. Like I said, just do your best and apply. You never know. They take the top 20, so the average points vary. The cutoff is usually around 80-84. Best of luck!
  6. NursKam

    Help with Major CNA Problems

    In response to Kooky Korky... I think you mean well, but I have to disagree with you on some points. First off, a floor nurse is not the boss or in charge of anyone but herself and her patients, so a floor nurse does not have the authority to give the aides the "do your job or else speech." Maybe at your facility, but certainly not any I've ever heard of or worked for. This is the responsibility of the supervisor or manager. Secondly, having an attitude that you should not be involved in ADLs is not the right attitude. Sure, there are many things that the aide can't do and only you can do, but don't say that assisting with toileting, bathing etc. is only an aide job. You are a NURSE and those duties are part of NURSING CARE. In my hospital they actually frown upon aides working together, because the aide and nurse should work together to take care of their patients. After all, they are YOUR patients and you should be involved in every aspect of their care. Nurses and nursing assistants should work together as a TEAM to provide the best care possible for their patients. With all of that being said, there are lazy CNAs that hate their jobs and don't want to help out with anything. This should be brought up to MANAGEMENT. It's not the floor nurse's job to manage them. And with THAT being said, where there are lazy aides, there are lazy nurses. The two feed off of each other and make for an unproductive and work environment for everyone. Rant over.
  7. NursKam

    CNA vs ER Tech experience

    Having been both a CNA and now an ER Tech, both within the same hospital, I'd say either one will give you good experience. I was bored being a CNA on the same Tele floor for almost 5 years! I like the ER because it challenges me and is always something different. Aside from that, the scope of practice and the skill set is more broad as a tech. There are more things you will be doing and learning, as well as more things you will become exposed to. It also gives you great experience working with physicians. I am in constant contact with our MDs and have started to build a rapport with them. I, too am in a BSN program. (Just got accepted, actually!) I feel that both of my experiences will help me to become a better nurse. I say go for it! Let me know if you need any help or guidance! :)
  8. NursKam

    National University Fresno 2015

    Hey! Did you get in? I just found out yesterday that I was accepted!
  9. Hey guys! I made this thread for everyone who was accepted into Cohort 15, starting in October 2015 at the Fresno campus. Congratulations, guys! We did it! We got in! I don't know about ya'll, but I'm beyond excited and thankful! Let's chat! Can't wait to meet you all! =)
  10. NursKam

    National University Fresno 2015

    Hey hwilbourn! I just applied too! I wrote my essay last Wednesday! It was a bit nerve-wracking, but I feel that I did my best. I got an 82% on my TEAS and my GPA is a 3.32. I'm pretty nervous, but optimistic that I will get in. How did you essay go? Hopefully we both get in! Fingers crossed!
  11. NursKam

    LVN then work as CNA or caregiver?

    One more thing. I think it is a given, but if you work as a CNA you are only allowed to work within the scope of practice of a CNA. However, the hands on nursing experience may benefit you on future applications for LVN positions.
  12. NursKam

    LVN then work as CNA or caregiver?

    You definitely can work as a CNA in the state of California even if you are licensed as an LVN. I, too live in Fresno, CA and work as a CNA at a hospital here. I have many coworkers that are licensed as LVNs and work as CNAs to hold there positions at the hospital for when they finish their RN degree. One of them even works at another facility full time as an LVN and per diem as a CNA at our hospital. It is totally fine if you are still certified as a CNA. Don't give up on finding an LVN job here but if you choose to, you can find work as a CNA easily in the meantime. Best of luck to you! :)
  13. NursKam

    PCA vs CNA

    A PCA/PCT is basically just a CNA in the hospital setting. Every hospital calls us something different. Sometimes it even changes with the department. Anyways, we are allowed to do a few more things than your typical CNA working in LTC. I love my job and you will learn alot in the hospital that will better prepare you to become a nurse.
  14. NursKam

    How much do you make as a tech?

    Starting $13.47/hr plus differential (Fresno, CA) CNA/Unit Clerk for two years
  15. NursKam

    Do I have a shot?

    I go to Fresno City College in Fresno, CA and they go off of a lottery based system. All you need to do is pass all you pre-reqs with at least a "C" and put your name on in the lottery. Some people get in right away, others wait for years. I'd say if that's not available shoot for an "A" in everyhing so your options are open. But I know that repeat policy can get in the way a lot of places. Just apply to as many as possible. I'm sure you'll get in somewhere. Good luck!
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