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Hi everyone!

Need some feedback on LVN programs near me.

I have researched numerous LVN programs in my area. I have seen positive and negative reviews about every school. So bottom line it boils down to has any graduated or knows someone who graduated from any of the programs below:

North-West LVN program Riverside

Career Care Institute LVN program Moreno Valley

Concorde LVN Program San Bernardino

Summit LVN Program Colton

And basically, I want to know if you did graduate from anyone of these programs were you able to do an LVN to BSN bridge program. And any insight on getting a job as an LVN?

Thanks 🙂

LVN jobs are scarce in Southern California. I was a LVN even before the recession and even then it was slim-pickin's. I precepted oodles of of LVNs who said the same thing, and even a dozen ADN RNs who willingly took a LVN position out of desperation. The amount of money those schools charge for a one year program will be difficult to justify once you see how much you can reasonably make as a new grad LVN.

How about community college LVN programs instead? I think they make better sense from a cost-benefit analysis.


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I did the NWC Riverside program. It was a good program. You get to go to Kaiser and it's only a 30 mile radius for clinicals. It took me 1 month to find a job. I called career services 1 to 2 times a week to help me with the job search. I sent out 200 plus resumes. Some people I know are still searching.

As far as bridging, you still need to have prerequisites done for that. It is more difficult to do an LVN to RN program than it sounds. I had all my prerequisites and general education classes done prior to doing my program. Now I need to take nursing 18 at my local CC. Once I finish that I can apply to the bridge program and they take very few each semester. I am also applying for the regular Fall ADN program. View all your options before you commit. These schools are very expensive, but for me it was worth it. I make good money and I love what I am doing.

I am located in Inland Empire. Have you looked into adult schools? The only thing is most don't have financial aid and have to pay out of pocket. There is Baldy View ROP adult schook that cost $3800. There's La puente Adult school cost $7500 and also Beaumont adult school $27K but I believe they offer financial aid.

I applied at La puente and scheduled to take entrance exam April 10th for the July 2014 program. Hopefully I do great and get in. Also, there are many options for LVN and hope to get into case management. There are work at home jobs that hire new grad LVNS for case management but need experience. A LVN I met in orange county works as care coordinator for a home health agency and had told me to seek LVN "specialize" jobs that many don't wanna do and you'll be ok.


Do you work at Kaiser now?


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No kaiser required at least 6 months experience. I did two clinical rotations there and it was amazing! It's really my dream location and I will start applying when I have the experience.

Kaiser is a good place to retire so I heard but a difficult place to get in. Trust me I've tried lol. I don't have hospital (ICU/med surg etc) exp but rehab hospital exp. I did take an acute care training at redlands hospital back in 08'. Loma Linda medical is currently hiring patient care assistants and I applied there. Also redlands hospital is hiring too but never heard back from them.

I know a guy who took his LVN at san bernardino adult school and now doing the LVN-RN bridge at azusa pacific classes first. Said he likes how the pace is going.


So I went to Everest college in Anaheim for my LVN. It was a one year program and I felt very prepared when I finished to take my boards. Have you thought about Everest in Ontario? I know they have an RN program there, so no need to worry about a bridge afterwards. Just an idea. Good luck.


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I just enrolled at North West today for the Aug 29 class start. Have you taken the entrance exam yet?


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About 33% of my class currently have a job as lvns. We graduated in oct 2012. And had our paper work sent jan 2013. I took my nclex in May 2013 and landed a job in July 2013. I applied to over 300 jobs and was lucky to find a job as an lvn. If you speak Spanish you definitely have an advantage. There's many jobs in home health which is where I am right now. Goodluck. Not trying to be discouraging. I believe if you try hard enough and apply to enough places you will eventually find a job.

what school did you go to?

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