LVN CA, Yellow Transcript/Non Graduate?


I recently found out that because about 8 of us in our school could not pass the Hesi exit exam, we are all getting our transcripts sent to Sacramento with a Yellow slip, and we are goign to be considered Non-Graduates of the program.

Does anyone have experience with this? Can anyone please give me any information?

I am planning on going to a bridge LVN-RN program but will this stop me? Also, will getting a job be affected by this? Do LVN graduates get a form saying they graduated from school X ? Or is a license a license and I dont need to worry.


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I am confused... If you are considered a non graduate from that school then how will you be eligible to get a license? And why are you considered a non graduate?


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I'm also confused...As far as I know, you cannot be eligible to take the NCLEX unless you complete the education and clinic hours required by the school. If you didn't pass, then I would think you are also not eligible to test and get a license.

Why didn't you pass?


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I am also an LVN student who will have to take the Exit Hesi in about 2 weeks or so. If you do not pass the Hesi, then you can't graduate from the program and therefore can not take the NCLEX. You might want to talk to your school director about it. Maybe they have the same type of system as the Jurisprudence test were you can wait 7 days and re-take the exam. I know once you graduate you can work as a GVN, but since you are considered a non-graduate because of the Hesii, you won't be able to work at all. Talk to you Director ASAP and Good Luck!

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While in LPN school we had to take the HESI and pass it with a certain score. If you didn't, you were given the opportunity to take it again. If you passed that time, you graduated with the class. If you didn't, you could not graduate and had to repeat the last semester of school.

Without graduating, you cannot sit for the NCLEX. The school sends the BON all the required info for the ATT to be sent, without actually graduating from the school, they will not be sending the BON info that you passed and you will not get an ATT. And without an ATT, you cannot sit for the NCLEX.

LPN's get transcripts from the school they graduated from. And yes a license is a license no matter what school you went to, but you can't get that license unless you graduate.

Yes this will affect your ability to do the LPN to RN bridge at *this time* because you need to be an LPN in order to do the RN bridge class.


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I would certainly be directing my questions to the administration at the school. Sounds like they are not being clear in what is happening here. I am aware that the RN application has a box for non-graduates to check, but did not know that there was one for the LVN application. In either case, the school has to verify that you met the requirements, so they are the ones who must tell you exactly where you stand at this point.


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This happened to a woman from my class. She simply could not pass the HESI and the school would not send her paperwork to the BVNPT. She fought it and the school did the same thing indicated in your post. The board allowed her to sit for the NCLEX. She passed on the first try and now has her license. As far as bridging to an RN program, I don't know how that works.


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Sorry, I just re-read your post and I guess I'm telling you something you don't already know.


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You absolutely CAN sit for boards , you're just considered a non graduate , I know in Ca if u finish an lvn program but can't pass the exit exam you can still take nclex and get your license, the only difference is that your license is only good in Ca. And you can use it to bridge over to RN.


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Reading this makes me very grateful my school doesn't do the HESI, although we did have one huge final that determined whether we passed or not but it was not the HESI....