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  1. Elleveein

    NO MORE pre reqs to the pre reqs!!!

    I'm not trolling. It's a definitely a fact at West LA College.
  2. Elleveein

    NO MORE pre reqs to the pre reqs!!!

    No the law passed in 1/2018 it went into affect in spring of 2019. However, I'll let it go. For anyone else that wants to start pre reqs and avoid taking classes before the class you need in LA. Call west LA college :)
  3. Elleveein

    NO MORE pre reqs to the pre reqs!!!

    This starts spring of 2019, so of course you're taking pre reqs to the pre reqs right now. I attend West LA College, they are allowing you to enroll in any class right now. Like I said before it might not change if you're using financial aid. I've never taken a college class, I was allowed to enroll in anatomy, with NO PRE REQS. That helps me an a lot of other pre nursing students, it'll save time. You don't need to take math before chemistry, you can go straight to chem now.
  4. Elleveein

    NO MORE pre reqs to the pre reqs!!!

    Nope! You can take anatomy. No pre req, call a community college and ask.
  5. In California anyway! Thanks to a bill AB 705 :) you can enroll in any class you want in community college. If you're using financial aid this may not apply to you, I'm self funding so it's awesome news for me! Some might've already made this post, if I repeated. If you skeptical, google the bill.
  6. Elleveein

    LBCC Spring 2019

    Can some body tell me what the pre-reqs are? The site says A&P, Micro, Psych, Eng 101 and math 120. Compared to other nursing programs i'm looking in to thats the least amount of pre reqs. Am i missing something? Did you take anything else?
  7. Elleveein

    Can I do pre-reqs at different CCs at the same time?

    I just enrolled in to WLA college to do Eng, pysch and soc online in the winter. I'm actually wondering if you guys were able to find self-paced classes. I'd like to move as fast as i can. I live in LA.
  8. Elleveein

    LVN-RN 30 unit option students?

    Every single community college and private school has it listed as an option for LVNs but I'm having a hard time finding one that actually admits students. Anyone a current 30 unit option student? I'm in so Cal. (I know the downside to this option)
  9. Elleveein

    Glendale Career College January 7,2019

    I'm looking into a program. May I ask what the cost of the program is?
  10. I'm half way done with my pre reqs through straighterline. I'm an LVN working full time from home for an ins company, I'm wondering if anyone has finished the program in CA. I saw the clinical schedule example on the website. Is that the actual experience? Did you work? I'm saving up all my PTO. Hopefully it'll be enough, with a mortgage and 2 kids. I unfortunately have to work. Any similar experiences?
  11. Elleveein

    HEDIS abstraction $

    Hi! I'm about to start a second job abstracting charts. My other job is over reading for an ins company full time. Has anyone gotten paid per chart? This is my first time getting paid like this. Any thoughts?
  12. Elleveein

    Pre-Licensure BSN

    If you're going to TX you should be able to get in no problem. I'm in California.
  13. Elleveein

    Pre-Licensure BSN

    There's a clinical schedule on their website. I'm still doing pre reqs but I spoke to a counselor. She said they take 12 students 5 times per year, they get 150 applicants every time, CA is very competitive. She said you need to ace the science pre reqs and more importantly the TEAS test! They are currently accepting 89% on the TEAS. Good luck.
  14. Elleveein

    I spoke to a WGU counselor today.....

    Nah... I love LA. We just bought a house last year. I'm going to do the best I can, hopefully I can score at least 85 on the TEAS. You get 2 tries and the score is good for 5 years.������������
  15. She said the pre licensure program is so competitive in CA, they get 150 applicants for 12 spots. The have 5 cohorts per year😔 She also said try to ace my science pre reqs and more importantly get a high TEAS score. The TEAS score is more important than the science courses per her. At this time they are taking TEAS scores at 89. This is going to be harder than I thought. I'm doing courses through straighterline right now....Just wanted to share the info😀