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  1. As others have mentioned, you need to know weights, med calculations are primarily based on child's weight. General things you might be asked would be how to answer the "New Mom" questions, how to triage pediatric patients, (fevers, rash, etc. ) W...
  2. New Nurse Help

    Agree...If you don't like the responsibility, long hours, hard work, understaffing, etc. etc. of nursing, then you are in the wrong field. What you describe is typical of LTC and hospitals won't touch a new nurse, they have many qualified nurses wit...
  3. Need all the help I can get

    I agree with pink nurse...You must look beyond your zipcode and be willing to relocate a smaller, more rural community if you expect to work. The cities are flooded with new graduates and they graduate all year long, so your chances are pretty slim ...
  4. Should I stay or go?

    Run as fast as you can! That office sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen and I'd hate to see a new nurse get thrown on the tracks. Because, YOU ARE the nurse!
  5. How hard it is to get a LVN job in CA??

    If you live in LA, then just look at some of the smaller communities and towns outside of that city. It might sound funny, but take out a road map and look at towns out from where you currently live or look in an area you've always wanted to move to...
  6. med pass for 60 clients?

    OK, so I understand that this is the "norm" for most assisted living places, however, as Hannah mentioned, she fears for her license. I, too, work in assisted living, but the facility is also sub-acute care with a high level of surgical wound dressi...
  7. Career change at 30 LPN right move?

    I can tell you at 55 yrs young, I changed to LVN here in California and am so happy. I always wanted to get into health care, but wasn't able to until now. So...You're never too old to change careers or to learn. As an LVN in CA, I can't address yo...
  8. How hard it is to get a LVN job in CA??

    I don't know where in CA you're located, but I agree with Dogwmn...You need to expand your job seeking area to outside of the cities. I was a new graduate, moved to a rural area and there are tons of LVN jobs where I live. It's not just here, but r...
  9. Anyone know of any good LPN to RN online schools?

    Just go to your state board of nursing and look for the approved schools list. It will give you all the schools and colleges they accept. Good Luck!
  10. 2010 LPN/LVN hourly wage

    $21.60 SNF, Northern Cal
  11. LTC LPN' many patients do you have??

    anywhere from 24-35 on the 2-10 shift with med pass and treatments, charting, admissions, etc. And, usually 2-3 CNAs to help with keeping the patients occupied and will do my vitals for me.
  12. Hair question for the veterans :)

    Suggest twisting it into a bun on top of your head or braid it and roll it into a bun, then put one of those thin hairnets over the bun to prevent it from coming undone. Use pins to hold it in place. You can get many types of hair spray that is light...
  13. Opinions for a new LPN and narc issue

    The same thing was almost tried on me when I first started. What I found was the more experienced nurse would count very fast with me and I finally told her to stop and slow down because I needed to make sure I was doing the count correctly. It sur...
  14. Second Day On The Floor ~Nursing Home~

    Hang in there! I've been on my first nursing job for about 8 months in a long term care facility. At first, I didn't think I could do it either, I felt very overwhelmed with all the paperwork, TX, Med passes, etc. etc. But, after about 3-4 weeks, ...
  15. I have a few questions for all you LPNs out there

    I graduated in November 2009 and have been working as an LVN since March of this year. I love my job, the hard work, long hours, and grueling pace was worth it. Although, at the time, I wanted to quit so many times, but stuck with it. 1. What was y...

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