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LTC is making me hate nursing!!!

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On 8/21/2019 at 1:19 PM, Floridasunnurse said:

Interesting that looking through the local indeed ad's for Southwest Florida and having never seen so many listings for DON, ADON and nurses in LTC. I predict going forward that it will be very difficult if not almost impossible to find nurses to take on the responsibility and fill these positions. The workload for everyone involved has just become too much. 

They will just sponser foreign nurses to come here in visas and to them it's the best thing ever.  And even if it's not, they can't quit as they sign 2 year contracts and don't want to be deported.  I have talked extensively with a foreign nurse who was imported to work in these conditions who now works with me.  She said it was hell.  And yes care gets skipped all the time.

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