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Dontstressdoyourbest has 23 years experience as a RN.

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  1. Dontstressdoyourbest

    Nurse with mental issues?

    I agree be honest to your HCP up to disclosing your a nurse. This oversharing has a tendy to bite you in the backside and in the end isn't relevant to your tx. RN's "Also, but then you are 'doing more (mostly charting)". Not true, whether floor or sp...
  2. Dontstressdoyourbest

    LTC is making me hate nursing!!!

    Truer words were never spoken.
  3. Dontstressdoyourbest

    Many Turn to Craigslist For Lifesaving Drugs

    It should be $ 25. And this is what I believe is called built in marketing. Sell,sell,sell.
  4. Dontstressdoyourbest

    Interesting way to manage patients

    Read the the rest of the story.
  5. Dontstressdoyourbest

    LTC is making me hate nursing!!!

    Interesting that looking through the local indeed ad's for Southwest Florida and having never seen so many listings for DON, ADON and nurses in LTC. I predict going forward that it will be very difficult if not almost impossible to find nurses to tak...
  6. Dontstressdoyourbest

    I have decided to retire!

    jrb, that is truly commendable. Nursing is special and we Thank you for all you do.
  7. Dontstressdoyourbest

    What's next? I hate my job

    Taylor1432, just the fact that you wanted to become a nurse and help others speaks volumes to your ability and character. First come up with a really good worksheet of your patients, their dx's, etc. Secondly, gaining experience in specialty nursing ...
  8. Dontstressdoyourbest


    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being sensitive. However, in this new world of nursing it will be difficult. You may need to operate on dual personalities of being a team player and at the same time doing your job your way. Every nurse on thi...
  9. Dontstressdoyourbest

    Depressed and Disappointed in Myself

    As Whistle says this is about her. Nursing left its model for me around 2009. There are other 'options' and you should pursue that if like myself the reason is to give the best care to others. The only correct action is those that demand no explanati...
  10. Dontstressdoyourbest

    Depressed and Disappointed in Myself

    I'm reading some of the posts about tx for the anxiety or depression. But Rule #1 in Nursing is listen to your body. If your feeling it at that level and weren't before? I just finished orientation and found in this day and age things are NOT good in...