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  1. NP Worries

    Schools don't teach you how to diagnose. You have to put in hours a day self studying as well as having great preceptors. I don't recommend NP programs if you can't sacrifice hours a day to study. Your future patients deserve that and many doctors...
  2. RN Correctional Facility Exam Rank

    Lay off to never. One prison lost some RN positions due to a new prison opening and PT's needing to transfer. All these RN's got jobs in other prisons. Most prisons are desperate for staff nobody is going anywhere.
  3. LTC is making me hate nursing!!!

    They will just sponser foreign nurses to come here in visas and to them it's the best thing ever. And even if it's not, they can't quit as they sign 2 year contracts and don't want to be deported. I have talked extensively with a foreign nurse who ...
  4. Thousands of people work full-time and get through np school every year. 8 am to 5pm Monday through Friday weekends off is the worse schedule for clinicals though. Other than Urgent Care, which some programs don't let you use, clinics are closed on...
  5. How to study for AANP

    Liek's book is highly recommended here by people that have passed the test.
  6. LTC is making me hate nursing!!!

    I have witnessed it and while I was on orientation the LVN said "it was the only way to get all the work done." She combined multiple med passes at one time and wouldn't change dressings or do half of the treatments. Only the alert residents got the...
  7. ^ great advice.
  8. Scared RN ?

    I found the bf's and husband's rejected male students more than the women.
  9. And like you I would go back if LTC was changed dramatically.
  10. Walden BSN-MSN AGPCNP Guidance

    Not many Walden students post here as the school is bashed constantly. If you are concerned about the reputation there are so many other programs out there.
  11. They are all driven by the "bottom line". Saving money at the workers and residents expense. Administrators and owners see numbers, they could care less about patient care.
  12. LTC is making me hate nursing!!!

    The current system sure pushes nurses to take short cuts and not provide certain care/treatments. I could not lie like that so I got out of LTC.

    I am referring to inpatient and forensics. Outpatient psych patients can easily become acutely ill d/t medication non-compliance which is a huge issue. No matter the setting, the people wanting to complete at psychiatric NP certificate need real ps...

    Highly suggest you get psych experience. Real experience. Flesh eaters, testicle removers, feces eaters, patients who cut their wrists and throat etc until they pass out or die. It just may not be for you. I have seen so many psych NP students pr...
  15. Sawyer Initiative

    ^ some of the schools had never even heard of the initiative. After I explained it and the background behind it I got "yeah, that's not going to happen" answers.