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  1. bryanleo9

    United States university FNP

    All the USU students have apparently been abducted by aliens. Enroll at your own risk.
  2. bryanleo9

    Cheap online MSN / FNP programs

    Does the military discount apply to veterans or just active duty?
  3. bryanleo9

    Seeking advice of correctional nurses

    In California, you won't know what crimes the inmates have committed as this information is not in the electric medical records system. I don't want to know and I treat everyone the same. Respect goes a long way in prison s d so does being consistent. But one must realize were they work and the potential danger of the prison system. Riots , murders, staff assauls and batteries....drug overdoses......I have seen it all. Prison is never the same monotonous experience day after day. It is exciting and that's why I will retire from the department of corrections.
  4. bryanleo9

    What should I expect as a new NP student

    We all have 24 hours in a day. What we do in that time is key. Wife, kids, hobbies etc can all be balanced with proper planning. If you are determined, you can get it done like the tens of thousands of others before you have got it done being in the same situation as you. Good luck.
  5. I contacted UoP recently and specifically asked if they would help students find preceptors after 2019 (per new accreditation guidelines). The enrollment advisor flat out told me no...it's the students responsibility to find preceptors. I don't expect them to be accredited in the future.
  6. I have questions here as well. 1. Any official word from Walden regarding finding clinical preceptors in 2019 and beyond? Did any students have to drop out because they couldn't find a preceptor. I ask because called University of Phoenix recently and mentioned the accreditation statement regarding schools providing preceptors and uop said they will not be doing this. He stated it is still the students responsibility to find a preceptor. 2. Is this program packed with long papers? In other words, what type of assignments make up your grade? Group projects, solo papers, discussion questions etc ? 3. What type of clinical site did you use for individual therapy, group therapy, child / teen, and adult psychiatric care? I called Walden before and they mentioned a mentor calling your preceptor often and having to log this in a program. How frequently is the mentor calling your preceptor? Is this a big inconvenience for them and you? 4. Has the program been worth the tuition,which they are raising by $2,000 starting February 2019? Thanks
  7. bryanleo9

    FNP vs psych NP

    With your background definitely consider psych NP. Our backgrounds are very similar and I am heading back to school maybe next year. Also, search your area for all np jobs. In northern California there is not a lot of NP jobs and many I see posted pay what I make or less. The psych NP jobs available here pay more than what I currently make. There are not tons of them posted but there is enough to get me back to school.
  8. bryanleo9

    Feeling lack of respect

    You deserve better treatment after giving so much. I would look elsewhere.
  9. bryanleo9

    Drowning on the floor...only 2 months in. HELP!

    From my experience as a student in med surg, the staff RN's that were "fast" were the ones thst skipped doing vital signs and did rushed inadequate assessments. Stethoscope on the chest and back for 3 seconds each type of assessments. I was not impressed nor was our nursing instructor who would hear this over and over again. They are fast because they are skipping vital steps. The patients deserve so much better.
  10. bryanleo9

    Drowning on the floor...only 2 months in. HELP!

    Med surg units are packed with patients with one foot in the ICU already. 10 to 1 is a joke. You will burn yourself out like I did.
  11. bryanleo9

    Drowning on the floor...only 2 months in. HELP!

    Run, don't walk, away from dangerous situations. It's your license on the line when something bad happens. I was in a situation like you before as I had 48 patients as a new grad LVN in a nursing home. It was pure hell and I hated it so bad. I left and life has been amazing ever since. There are great jobs out there. Don't settle and don't be the fall girl/guy because administration is being cheap and won't adequately staff the place.
  12. I believe it would count. They are very flexiblewith clinical sites....I saw a list on their site under the program info last year. I remember seeing nursing homes, drug rehab centers, out patient unit, in patient units etc. I did like that.. the clinical hours are approx 680......which is a lot compared to other NP programs but that is also a good thing. I am debating doing medical NP or psych NP and Walden is an option.
  13. Walden is still refusing to place students with preceptors even after the accreditation agency over them said NP programs need to provide that. Check out those threads for information.
  14. There are regular discussion questions I believe weekly. Yes the physical exam/assessment is video taped. Cranial nerves, all systems etc. It is thorough. Working full-time is possible if you stay on top of the work and dedicate about 3- 4 hours a day on each day off. Clinicals are broken down into individual therapy, group therapy, kids/ adolescent and adults with mental illness. Most clinics run 8 - 4 pm so you are limited of you work similar hours. If you can get into a 24 hour psych facility you can round with the psychiatrist at different hours (evening). You cannot use your place of employment if it is a mental health facility during your work hours. But you can use work after / before your shift. I think working non raditional hours is the way to get through any NP program. If you want it bad enough you may have to give up the nice day shift with holidays off to get clinical sites.
  15. bryanleo9

    Pain control

    Gabapentin was one of the most abused drugs in prison. They snort it and shoot it. It should have been removed long ago. Many drug addict inmates will say and do anything for narcotics, even break their own fingers. There are far too many narcotics in the prison system and they result in a great amount of violence when drug debts aren't paid on time.