New Grad RN as new DON?

  1. New Grad RN as DON is a very bad idea, right??? Right?? Please give me some perspective, because I am just wondering. Is this even possible, has anybody experienced it before? Seems concerning to have somebody with no nursing experience as the DON!! Thoughts?
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  3. by   Ruas61
    Unless they have experience as an LPN or such (and even than) I would say it is a bad idea.
  4. by   Nascar nurse
    Surely you are kidding?!? As in the above response....only if a previous LPN with lots of LTC experience and management experience. Otherwise it's a recipe for disaster.
  5. by   CoffeeRTC
    No. No. NO. Please read thru the LTC threads and you can see why.
  6. by   CapeCodMermaid
    If you are a new grad with no LTC experience and someone offers you a job as a DON, RUN away as fast as you can. It's NOT the place for a new grad...or an old grad with no LTC experience.
  7. by   americanTrain
    Never, never, never, never. ..The staff will eat you alive as soon as the word is out. You will have no respect.
  8. by   Nascar nurse
    Quote from americanTrain
    The staff will eat you alive as soon as the word is out.

    Yep..that is exactly what will happen.
  9. by   debRN0417
    Nope. Not a good idea...crazy, in fact.
  10. by   BrookeeLou_RN
    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    If you are a new grad with no LTC experience and someone offers you a job as a DON, RUN away as fast as you can. It's NOT the place for a new grad...or an old grad with no LTC experience.
    I once started with a LTC facility where ADON was new grad(BSN of course).. No one respected her,, not even those who hired her.. I felt sorry for her,, she was clueless,, so we became after she tried to orient me to supervisor's job.. which was downright silly, and she said so at the time.. I finally just had to tell her to go apply at hospital and get experience and to refuse mgmt job they would surely offer.. She did ( and yes they did offer mgmt job) she worked there for 2 yrs, went back to school and now is NP, happy , successful, and great at her job.
    But I still think it was cruel to set anyone up to fail like that!
  11. by   ocean waves
    Hello. The idea of "having a new grad RN with no nursing experience as a DON" probably would NOT work out well for the patients, or the staff, or the new grad! Even my nursing pal who had over thirty years of great RN experience prior to taking her DON job is having a tough time due to the seemingly endless big struggles of a DON job. Though my DON pal says she basically likes the challenges of her job, unfortunately this DON job seems to have taken a serious toll on her quality of life---mega work hours, major stress, serious fatigue,less time for family,health changes including development of hypertension, and less patience in interactions with friends. A DON job is hard stuff even for an experienced RN! Best wishes on your thoughts about employment.
  12. by   sls73
    Please listen to what the others are saying and dont walk but run from this. I know the money and support they are willing to give you up front seems wonderful- it's not and most times it's not true. Yeah they may help you the first few weeks but that is short lived as they have their own jobs to do. You are the one hanging. I am telling you this from experience. I took over actually at a facility I worked for at the time in another position. I had little supervisory experience but had QA, RNAC, infection control, and staff development. I remembering saying at the interview that I wasn't old enough- meaning having enough experience or maturity to handle a position like this and they told me that they felt I could. I believed them. Well they were wrong. I am a perfectionist who feels that I need to be everything to everyone. I am in my 30's and there are many nights I go home exhausted both mentally and physically. I cringe when I hear the phone ring because I know it is someone at the facility calling cause someone probably called off. Did I mention the high school drama that you have to deal with from the staff? You want to tell them all to grow up. The stress is overwhelming at best and there are days that I just cry. I feel stuck most times now and feel I can't get out. It is hard finding a position that is M-F and with two children getting ready to start college soon- I dont want to work 11-7. I love nursing dont get me wrong and still could not imagine doing anything else- I just think I wasn't ready to take on this position and I have 20 years experience. I still keep hoping maybe I am in a learning curve and it will eventually get better.
  13. by   Havin' A Party!
    Agree with most... not a good idea.
  14. by   lumbarpain
    Seems like the facility that hired that New Grad is desperate or they just need new blood to mix with the old. Sometimes older DONs are so set in their ways its difficult to change and they may battle with the Administration more for the Nurses. The facility can manipulate the new Grad more and mold her/him to their liking. Thats my opinion, but I could be wrong.

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