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I posted on the Ky Board with no responses, so thought I would try here.

What is the going rate for a new LPN graduate these days? I don't think the hospitals here are even hiring LPN's anymore, so would be LTC or private duty, other avenues besides hospitals. Many thanks for your replies.


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I think wages depend on your state. Usually you get paid more doing home health or working at a SNF. At least thats how it is in california. Some hospitals here hire LVN's to work on the floor but, it's only about 16/hr to start where as SNFs are about $20/hr to start. Not sure about KY though.

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It does depend on the state, and I must agree, that I make more money in home care than I do in the hospital that I work for. In fact, if I worked three days for 10 hours, I would make MORE money in those three days than I do working a full two weeks at my main job. I do admit, though, that I have many deductions taken out of my check that diminish my take home pay significantly, however, I would not have to worry about union dues, etc. I do believe that there is money to be made as an LPN, but it depends on what state you are in.


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IN NJ nursing homes pay the best with sub acute being the market to look into


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Hi. I am in KY. The starting rate for LPN's here is 13.25/hr. then top pay is over $15/hr. So what is the actual take home pay rate after taxes. Just trying to figure it out. There is fed, state, and FICA taxes plus union dues plus health insurance plus life insurance. Go figure!:bugeyes:


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RNflunky, where in KY are you? I know in the Louisville area the pay is greater than that at some facilities.


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I am in SE KY. Yeah, I heard about the higher wages in other areas, but what about the cost of living?:rolleyes:


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Cost of living isn't all that bad where I live in Louisville, I guess it's where in the city you live. I live in the south end and I know the East end is a lot higher place to live. I want to move out of Louisville to Meade County after I get out of school (or maybe before). I want to get my kids out of Jefferson County Public schools before they get to Middle School.


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I work @ the VA. I had not been a LPN for more than 9 months when hired. My starting pay was $12.18. The nursing home job I have, which is PRN, pays $24 per hour.

I can't believe they(VA) print checks this small. The CNAs make about $13-$17 per hour. (which is awesome)

The incentive is the benefits.


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The LPN pay scale here in NE Pennsylvania is all over the board.

The hourly rate at the hospitals ranges from approximately $13.00 to $15.00 depending upon which one you work at. The nursing homes start at $15.00 and go to $18.00.

I'm currently working at the VA making $21.18/hour.


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You work @ the VA as an LPN?

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