lpn student with 5 months left feeling burnt out


i am a lpn student with 5months left and i am feeling burnt out with studying and clinicals, i just dont know what to do, i have really good grades cuz i study constantly 3 hours a day, but im tired gaining weight, never has any energy no friends no social life and just down, this is hard fr someone 27 with a 6 year ols that used to run 3-4 miles a day. im just not happy anymore and im half ass deppressed,i feel like im just trying to make it and school and studying is just a task, im completey exhausted and im experiencing major student burnout, i need some words of encouragement, im one of the top students in my class, im just tryna make it, but im so done with all this nursing ****


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All that I can say, from one Lpn student to another, I have 8 months to go....I try to have the same drive that I had when I was eager to get accepted to nursing school. I continually remind myself that this is just one of those humps that we have to conquer so that we can get where we want to be. I have a 3 yr old that I feel I owe it to to be successful. Graduating and recieving my license will open up doors for not only myself, but for him as well, and we both deserve that, and you do to. It takes a very special person to become a nurse, and I like to believe that I am one of those people. Good Luck! Cant wait to hear your "I did it" post in 5 months...


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I am burnt out as well.. I work as a full-time cna and part time student always on the go either to work, school or back home to sleep and repeat . I lost the drive as well and im only 6 months in (15 more to go) but just remind yourself that youve gone too far to give up!! 5 months will fly by. I totally agree with the "no energy, no friends, and no social life" And it definitely sucks. All i want to do is sleep and i constantly push my friends away but true friends will stick around in the end and theres always an opportunity to make new friends down the road. I hope i helped.. And remember in the end itll be worth it ! (we hope) good luck!


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thanks for the advice, and i must say that my classmates are great and i know that i have made a few new friends for life, we struggle together and push each other so hard, and in 5 months i will be posting i did it finally, so my struggle goes on as the weary and tired nusring student/soon to be nurse and ill be smiling across the stage

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I have been where you are before. Just keep your focus and know that time will fly by. It may seem like you will never graduate but you will and you have to hold onto that. I too felt burnt out and felt like giving up at times but then I prayed and realized that giving up is NEVER an option. Every time I don't feel like studying I would just imagine myself walking across the stage and that gave me some momentum. Good luck and take care.

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I felt the same when at the 9 month mark. Now I've 1 month to go plus a 1.5 months of externship to go. Time is flying!

Hang in there


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Anything in life takes hard work; I am not a LPN student, yet hopefully I will get accept this spring. I never heard that the nursing program was easy. You have five month to go, so it is going to be worth it in the end. Just let your child be your strength, and keep say to yourself I'm doing this for him/her as well as myself. GOOD LUCK!!!!!! :yeah::yeah:


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You can do it!!! Keep your eyes focused on the finish line, moving one step at a time. I am applying to an RN program this fall. As a mom of 3 (ages 7, 4, and 2), working full-time and going to school, I understand it can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes I feel like I just don't have as much time for my kids as I should, and I feel like there are times when I have no patience...Just remember in the grand scheme of things, this is a short period of your life in which you may feel like everything is just too much. If I don't have time to read to my children every single day or take them out to the park and frolic on the weekends, it's okay! I am doing this FOR them and for our family. It is only 16 months out of our lives and I do the best I can...you can be proud of yourself for the sacrifices you are making to have a better life for you and your family.

I know all about gaining weight. I joined a gym that has daycare in it...but I still haven't used it in months. lol! Look, you are working hard...get rid of the guilt. GUILT BE GONE!! Whether you feel bad because you aren't hanging out as much or whether you feel bad because you don't get to do as much 'kid' stuff as you want with your child...it's okay. Your schedule won't continue to be like this once you reach your goal. Stay strong, be positive...look to the finish line but concentrate on the task at hand and you will be able to cope better. Take it one day at a time but don't lose focus of your goal. Also, refuse to let friends and/or family make you feel guilty because of your limited time.

A few of my friends constantly get on me because I never have time for them. Well, so sorry, my family comes first and I love ya but no, I can't take off on a road trip to the Carolinas because you 'want some company'...sorry, I cannot make that park play date with the kids because I have a final exam to take in Chemistry...sorry I can't meet you for lunch because I have a project due. Do I occasionally indulge in non-school, non-work activities? Sure, I but it's planned around my children and my classes. You are not alone darlin! Keep smiling :) It's nothing but a 'nursing student' thing :)


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thanks so much for the inspiration everyone, i had midterms yesturday and got a 91, so i am making it, this thursay that just passed our seniors graduated and i attented it. it was just the motivation i needed at the perfect time that i needed it, i thank god that i am doing so well and that i have the support of my family, now all i can think about is my time to walk across that stage, it was beautiful and i know im gonna make it


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All of your words here have inspired me already and i haven't even started my LVN program yet. I will be starting in November and I know it will be hard but so worth it! Ive wanted to be a nurse and nothing but since I was five and now I'm finally ready to go for my dream. I'm glad I found this site full of LVN's and nurses to offer support and encouragement like this.:D


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I know exactly how you feel I am just a week into my program and I already feel exhausted!!! Ugggh.. The issue is I have no medical background the last time I did biology was in high school.. Everything is just coming at me soo fast!! The second day of school they gave a test in my anatomy class.. I know I didn't do well and that test was worth 30% of your final grade. I knew it would be difficult but I had no idea it would be this hard. 5:15am and can't even sleep. I studied for nearly 9 hours strait today and I already forgot everything!! Lord help me!!!


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I think you should take sometime to reward yourself for doing so well. I would have a night of relaxation, or some other kind of reward that appeals to you, after you take a test and do well.

Here is a relaxation technique that I use to unwind:

Remember why you wanted to become a nurse in the first place, take 30 minutes a day by yourself in a nice quite atmosphere, and close your eyes, and imagine a lock box, put all your problems in this box for the time being, then, imagine a white bright relaxing light moving over your body from foot to head, respectively, relieving stress and anxiety and producing relaxation as it moves over each area of the body (works best if you do it in sections, like feet, lower legs, upper legs... etc.) After 30 or so minutes count from 5 to 0 and tell your self on the count down that you will feel passionate, motivated, and dedicated for all problems that are occurring in your life, once you get to 0.

I do this every night, and it has kept me motivated at everything I do.

Also, there are a number of videos on youtube under relaxation hypnosis, you'll have to find the best one for you, if you decide to try it.