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volcomcna specializes in family medicine.

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  1. volcomcna

    What is your current LPN salary

    new grad in family medicine $24.47 orange county,ca
  2. volcomcna

    Are you obligated to get the morning people up

    I start at 0430 and I get up 6-8
  3. volcomcna

    Alternative to tote bags?

    I also use the reusable grocery bag... Nothing wrong with that..
  4. volcomcna

    FED UP CNAS!!!!

    I hate nurses that are so dependent on the aides!! - if you can walk in the pts room and observe that her lips are dry, don't ask me to offer her water while im busy charting, do it yourself!!!! - don't ask me to clean the colostomy stoma for you, that is a treatment and YOU are the nurse! - don't ask me to get ice beginning of shift and you're the first one to the ice! - don't ask me to stock your med cart!!! I dont use your straws/spoons/med cups - don't ask me to give a pt orange juice because her blood sugar and make sure she drinks it, it is your job to control the BS!! - don't get offended when the DON says he wants all Licensed nurses to answer call lights and toilet people. Don't ask me whos belongings were left at the nurses station, i just came in to work too!!!!! Don't ask me to put dishes away, you have hands too. Don't ask me to help you do a tx because youre scared of the combative pts, grow a pair ! Don't take advantage of your nurses aides, they will screw u over and hide from you Much respect to the nurses that can handle their own **** and still have time to offer the cnas if they need any help. Much respect to the nurses that call your nAme to ask about how your weekend went, not to put some dishes away or do something for her !!!
  5. volcomcna

    lpn student with 5 months left feeling burnt out

    I am burnt out as well.. I work as a full-time cna and part time student always on the go either to work, school or back home to sleep and repeat . I lost the drive as well and im only 6 months in (15 more to go) but just remind yourself that youve gone too far to give up!! 5 months will fly by. I totally agree with the "no energy, no friends, and no social life" And it definitely sucks. All i want to do is sleep and i constantly push my friends away but true friends will stick around in the end and theres always an opportunity to make new friends down the road. I hope i helped.. And remember in the end itll be worth it ! (we hope) good luck!
  6. volcomcna

    CNA or Med Aide while in LVN school??

    I work NOC shift and Every friday i work 2300-0530 and get to clinical by 0630 and stay til 1900, then after clinical i go back to work again 2300-0700. I guess you could say im getting burnt out quick..(reason for wanting to get med aide certified) i have 15 more months of school (part-time) but i guess i will tough it out since CNA experience is more beneficial
  7. Anyone have any reccomendations? Im currently a working cna thinking of taking a medication aide course. Which one will beneifit more as a nurse? And will i be taking a pay cut as a med aide?? Please help, I dont wanna waste money on the course if it wont benefit me later . ( i am already administering medications and injections in clinical ) Thanks !
  8. volcomcna

    how to prepare for working night shift hours

    You can't really prepare. It is very different being home and staying up 24 hours and being at work for 8-16 hours. I used to begin my shift by having a nice hot cup of coffee every night and it definitely worked for me but I started drinking less to none. Nowadays I have something to eat before my lunch break and on my lunch break i snooze for 30 minutes. Some nights will be much more difficult to stay awake some nights will be easy. On my days off I still sleep at night. During the days I have black curtains that are open once I am awake. Hard shift, most people say night shift is easy however no other shift likes picking up night shifts
  9. volcomcna

    DON not working with my school schedule ...

    The census is 20 and on my hall only 1 resident/ 10 uses the call light and she doesn't abuse it. I know nurses are busy but if you have Time to check Facebook all night, you have time to help especially when our don expects nurses to answer call lights, and toilet if needed Instead of getting on the walkie and calling a busy Cna to walk to the other side of the building to answer a call light. You can't compare other facilities that have 99 beds with ours, it's 45 beds and 20 occupied. My perception is not that the nurse sits at the desk messing with paperwork, but if you are that busy, finish your paperwork and then check your Facebook AFTER. Like you say patients come first so Instead of ignoring a call light because she is passing meds she could do something about it because the medication will always be there. I have tried working out a deal; his deal is for me to find coverage without creating overtime for other employees. I don't even have time to sleep I definitely don't have time to study the schedule
  10. volcomcna

    DON not working with my school schedule ...

    I didn't say I was entiltled to any special treatment and I know the don is in charge and whatever he says goes. And obviously it doesn't matter if I've been there 8 months or not but I meant to say I am permanent and usually employers accommodate students because the encourage education. I never said I went to school full time tuesday Thursday and Saturday is obviously part time. I guess you didn't understand the part that I am toughing it out and now I can't leave work early to go to school? No other staff picks up my slack I finish before I leave and were only required to get up 2 for the 7-3 shift census is 20 so there really is no slack to pick up and last time I checked 530-7 is 2 hours and rounds are done every 2 hours and my attitude is perfectly fine I know the facility doesn't owe me anything but he's not gonna last long anyway I'm not worried administrators are always the first to go but thanks for your lovely input
  11. I am ****** off and looking to get some opinions. I work full time in skilled nursing 11-7 shift on a 4-2 schedule and I drive 50 miles to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1800-2300 and Saturdays from 0630-0700. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I get out of school @ 2300 (speeding to school) and arrive to work by 2345. On Fridays, I work 2300-0530 and get to clinical by 0630. (I've been doing this for the past few months) Today, 2 cnas called in sick on 7-3 so the charge nurse called the DON and states "it's not fair that he leaves during primetime during our busiest hours) but has told me constantly, " leave at 5 you don't wanna be late cause things happen" I find out that the DON wants to speak with me and I am so ****** off because I've been there 8 months and he's been there 1. I attempted to go part time but since he took over he only wants full time and on the 4-2 schedule no exceptions, so I have been toughing it out working 8 hr shifts and going straight to 12 hour clinicals and then driving 50 miles home. Today I got up 3/10 on other days I get up 5/10 my beds are made and lowered, rooms are clean and well stocked, curtains are open, and trashcans are emptied and lined idk what to do ...?? Dropping out of school is not an option and I have to work to pay bills. On another note, the charge never helps, she answers call lights only to come back to the cnas to tell us what the resident needs. She doesn't toilet, if I have 2 residents that need to be toilette at the same time she will wait with one til I am done with the other instead of doing it!!! Instead of helping me pull up a resident when she's nearby she says " let me go find another Cna". Even though I leave early 1 day a week, my rounds are done and 3 residents are up and ready for breakfast so what the ****?!!!!!
  12. volcomcna

    What do you do on your break?

  13. volcomcna

    cna class ventura county

    Trinityschoolofnursing.com - 5 weeks full time 3 months part-time . No homework and it was easy ! I believe program costs $1499
  14. volcomcna

    How much was your LPN/LVN school?

    Tuition is $31,000 and I received $10,000 in financial aid, $1,500 in tuition reimbursement (work) so in the end I am paying about $18-19k all inclusive (books,uniform, etc.)
  15. volcomcna

    2 cna jobs

    I thought of doing that as well but really if you're looking to advance.. keep one job, and continue school ! I figured if I took 2 jobs I would have a higher salary but I would be exhausting myself, where as I could be an lvn/RN and just work one job, IMO.
  16. volcomcna

    New CNA no job..Should I take fastfood job?

    Make sure to include a well written resume that will make you stand out! It took me less than 3 weeks to get called for an interview and hired on the spot good luck!