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  1. What is your current LPN salary

    new grad in family medicine $24.47 orange county,ca
  2. Are you obligated to get the morning people up

    I start at 0430 and I get up 6-8
  3. Alternative to tote bags?

    I also use the reusable grocery bag... Nothing wrong with that..
  4. FED UP CNAS!!!!

    I hate nurses that are so dependent on the aides!! - if you can walk in the pts room and observe that her lips are dry, don't ask me to offer her water while im busy charting, do it yourself!!!! - don't ask me to clean the colostomy stoma for you, th...
  5. lpn student with 5 months left feeling burnt out

    I am burnt out as well.. I work as a full-time cna and part time student always on the go either to work, school or back home to sleep and repeat . I lost the drive as well and im only 6 months in (15 more to go) but just remind yourself that youve g...
  6. CNA or Med Aide while in LVN school??

    I work NOC shift and Every friday i work 2300-0530 and get to clinical by 0630 and stay til 1900, then after clinical i go back to work again 2300-0700. I guess you could say im getting burnt out quick..(reason for wanting to get med aide certified) ...
  7. Anyone have any reccomendations? Im currently a working cna thinking of taking a medication aide course. Which one will beneifit more as a nurse? And will i be taking a pay cut as a med aide?? Please help, I dont wanna waste money on the course if it...
  8. how to prepare for working night shift hours

    You can't really prepare. It is very different being home and staying up 24 hours and being at work for 8-16 hours. I used to begin my shift by having a nice hot cup of coffee every night and it definitely worked for me but I started drinking less to...
  9. DON not working with my school schedule ...

    The census is 20 and on my hall only 1 resident/ 10 uses the call light and she doesn't abuse it. I know nurses are busy but if you have Time to check Facebook all night, you have time to help especially when our don expects nurses to answer call lig...
  10. DON not working with my school schedule ...

    I didn't say I was entiltled to any special treatment and I know the don is in charge and whatever he says goes. And obviously it doesn't matter if I've been there 8 months or not but I meant to say I am permanent and usually employers accommodate st...
  11. I am ****** off and looking to get some opinions. I work full time in skilled nursing 11-7 shift on a 4-2 schedule and I drive 50 miles to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1800-2300 and Saturdays from 0630-0700. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I get o...
  12. What do you do on your break?

  13. cna class ventura county

    Trinityschoolofnursing.com - 5 weeks full time 3 months part-time . No homework and it was easy ! I believe program costs $1499
  14. How much was your LPN/LVN school?

    Tuition is $31,000 and I received $10,000 in financial aid, $1,500 in tuition reimbursement (work) so in the end I am paying about $18-19k all inclusive (books,uniform, etc.)
  15. 2 cna jobs

    I thought of doing that as well but really if you're looking to advance.. keep one job, and continue school ! I figured if I took 2 jobs I would have a higher salary but I would be exhausting myself, where as I could be an lvn/RN and just work one jo...