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red2003xlt has 5 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Addiction / Pain Management.

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  1. red2003xlt

    Onzetra Xsail

    Onzetra is the powder form of Sumatriptan. Inhaling through the nasal is faster and more efficient than going the GI system. The migraine specialist I work for has embraced the drug and the feedback from the patients is very encouraging. The only real negative is the cost (not covered but there are copays cards and patient assistance programs). FYI a lot more medications are being reformulated for inhalation delivery Toradol comes immediately to mind. FYI part too, inhaled medicines don't suffer from the first pass effect.
  2. red2003xlt

    Change in speciality

    Hello, I"m considering a change from Addiction/Pain Management to Neuro-Rehab. First, I'm an LPN who spent the last 3.5 years in an outpatient clinic. However, I did the first 3 years in the world of inpatient psychiatric / Addiction. The duties of LPN are directing the floor and doing the med pass. The RN in charge handling the rest of the nursing duties (charting - Yeah!) I eventually moved up to earn my own 14-bed detox unit (ETOH and Opioid) Now, the hospital chain my clinic is affiliated with their rehab hospital began hiring LPN's and with me wanting to go back to school for my RN I applied and was granted an interview. Somewhat of a mistake on my part, the Rehab hospital had morphed from ortho (large joint replacement) to neuro rehab - stroke (confirmed by the DON during the interview). I was somewhat lost when the DON asked me if I had any questions. I didn't. I want to email and thank for the interview but also ask some semi-intelligent questions. Any suggestion? I was thinking mainly about the care plan and LPN role in creating or continuing the care plan. Treatment team? Does LPN sit on the treatment team as in the psychiatric hospital? Bad question? Any questions to avoid? Thanks in advance.
  3. red2003xlt

    North Florida LPN - RN

    Hello, Everybody Need some help/ Suggestions for LPN RN programs in Noth Florida South Georgia. I"m an LPN working in substance abuse. Want to go to school for my AS/RN
  4. red2003xlt

    HESI audio book

    Hello All. I studying for the HESI as I begin the transition from LPN to RN. I've got this HESI book Admission Assessment Exam Review, 3e: 97814557
  5. red2003xlt

    Could an RN use a business degree for anything?

    Yes, once you get past charge nurse. You'd better have business background. I work in a hospital attached outpatient clinic. The operation managers are RN's with MBA's. Just part of it.
  6. red2003xlt

    I need some really-wide-shoe ideas!

    I've got the Sketchers Memory Foam Shoes. Wide foot as well 4E. I won't buy them again.
  7. red2003xlt

    Manly patterned scrubs

    I wear black scrubs pants and a solid white top. Free advice exactly what you paid for. Buy mens tops and not the unisex tops. I got some mens tops, the fit is so much better. Nothing baggy to get caught on crap.
  8. red2003xlt

    Nursing shoes

    I wear New Balance 608 I think. No real advice other then once you find that magic pair. Buy 1 pair for every day your work in a week, max 3/4 pairs. Rotate them Your feet will thank you.
  9. red2003xlt

    Do male nurses wear scrub jackets???

    Working in a psychiatric hospital everybody wears scrub jackets or multi-layers of clothing. Yes, they make male cut scrub jackets, I have the Landau version. extra pockets are a godsend.
  10. red2003xlt

    8 Hour Night Shifts

    I work in a Crisis Stabilization Unit of a Psychiatric Hospital. I work 12's on the weekends and 8's during the week. I take the 8's during the week. Given the nature of this unit the 12's can lead to complacency at the end of the shift. Generally this is when a incident occurs. I'll take the 8's
  11. red2003xlt


    Thanks bunch, especially as I've been to an afternoon shift with much client interaction
  12. red2003xlt


    Thanks, it does help
  13. red2003xlt


    Hello All, I'm a LPN working in a Cris Stabilization Unit of a Psychiatric Hospital. The clients are primarily low/no income street people who rotate in and out usually due to non-complaince with medications. Heres my question, what should I chart? As the LPN I primarily handle the med pass, transcribe doc orders, and give ETO's (aka the booty shot). My charting consists of part med compliance and then a note about sleeping (work overnights). I think I'm missing something. Are there any data points that should be noted with every entry? Thanks in advance
  14. red2003xlt

    CNN article on nurses and job growth

    Nice article, the myth of the Nursing shortage is directly paralleled by myth of the computer programmer/IT worker. Sad really.
  15. Hello All, I'm trying to find my niche and landing a tour/interview at a small more rural hospital dialysis unit. I know from my little bit of working experience I favor a quieter, simpler, but steady pace of work. More about the right fit than money. What are some good questions? What are some questions to be avoided?
  16. Florida, I quit after 30 days. Correction takes a certain mindset and mentality to preform the job. I don't have it, nor do I won't to acquire or develop it either.

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