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Hello my name is Tiffany.

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Hi my name is Tiffany a medical Assistance..I'm current a RN major.

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  1. igus2666

    Am I fired? CNA Checking Blood Sugar

    1. Why are you working as a CNA instead of a LVN. 2. When you login into the computer, is it under your CNA credentials. 3. It all depends on your sta...
  2. igus2666

    Non bedside nursing jobs?

    Have you considered working in the clinic..pt are in and out, and it's at a much slower pace.
  3. igus2666

    Deciding on a Nursing School

    Thank you for your comment..I will look at the link you gave me.
  4. igus2666

    Deciding on a Nursing School

    Thank you for your comment.. I have looked into other community colleges'..I just wanted to weigh my options out.
  5. igus2666

    Deciding on a Nursing School

    Good evening everyone..I'm looking into different nursing schools, and the one that stood out to me the most is Fortis College in Pensacola..I wanted to get peo...
  6. igus2666

    ACT Exam

    I would like to thank all my teachers and non teachers for the postive feed back..I still do not agree with the exam, but I have a better understanding..Please ...
  7. igus2666

    ACT Exam

    Thank You again for the comment..yes the CC required an 18 to enter into the nursing program, I personally dont see the purposed..the ACT to me doesn't determin...
  8. igus2666

    ACT Exam

    Thank you for your comment..sadly it for every school Community college and University..I should have stated that in my first posted.
  9. igus2666

    ACT Exam

    Good day everyone..I have a question for my Alabama nursing school teachers. Can anyone tell me why the Act exam is required to apply and enter into nursing sch...
  10. igus2666

    September 2019 Caption Contest

    Sorry about our skeleton crew, their not use to live patient
  11. Check Out this topic on the Medical News Today...PS this is not my personal article. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/325579.php
  12. igus2666

    Nursing School

    Hello everyone I will start nursing school on Friday at Bishop State CC. I'm a little nerves and wondering what to expect from the nursing teacher, and what sup...
  13. I just receive my except letter yesterday, I'm so excited but nerves at the same time. All I can do is put my best foot forward, and never forget that everythi...
  14. igus2666

    ever have an instructor just melt down in class?

    You are not alone with some of these out of control teachers. Some people are so for themselves that they do not see his/her own s.... U have the right to compl...
  15. igus2666

    Anyone else hate group projects?

    If u already pick the people that is in your group then u all need to split the project up. Then you can focus on your part of the project, and when it get clos...
  16. igus2666

    How important is being physically fit in Nursing?

    In nursing you have to do a lot of lifting & turning of patience. I say y u r still in high school & during your begin course in college try to work on ...