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Hello my name is Tiffany.

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igus2666 has 5 years experience and specializes in Student.

Hi my name is Tiffany a medical Assistance..I'm current a RN major.

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  1. igus2666

    ACT Exam

    Good day everyone..I have a question for my Alabama nursing school teachers. Can anyone tell me why the Act exam is required to apply and enter into nursing school. In my opinion the ACT exam doesn't have anything to do with nursing, but when I look at the teas test it apply more to nursing school. Thank you for any feed back!!
  2. igus2666

    Switching Jobs

    Hello everyone I'm currently working as a MA in the clinic, and I'm about to apply for the nursing program at my local college, the problem is the clinic doesn't work around your school schedule, but the hospital does, my question is.. what job can I do as MA do in the hospital, or do I have to get my CNA License. Thank You for any feedback!!
  3. igus2666

    September 2019 Caption Contest

    Sorry about our skeleton crew, their not use to live patient
  4. Hi Everyone I'm current a CMA and I would like to work in the hospital to gain experience before nursing school, the job I currently work say I can work in the hospital as a medical assistance, so my question is what is the different between a PCT and a Medical Assistance.
  5. Check Out this topic on the Medical News Today...PS this is not my personal article. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/325579.php
  6. igus2666

    Nursing News Medication

  7. Hello everyone; I was thinking about attending medical assistant school to gain some experience in nursing. What I want to know is this the best idea or will it be a waste of my time? I hear different opinions, but I would like to hear from current medical assistants and licensed nurses. Thank you!!!
  8. igus2666

    being abused by clients

    As a nurse it is your job to report any abuse inside or outside the work fileld
  9. igus2666

    Accepted Spring 2012 suudents what are you feeling now?

    I just receive my except letter yesterday, I'm so excited but nerves at the same time. All I can do is put my best foot forward, and never forget that everything is decide by the man up stairs. He bought me this far, and I have to believe he will take me even further. Congrats to everyone, and I wish u all the best. :ancong!: :clpty:
  10. igus2666

    ever have an instructor just melt down in class?

    You are not alone with some of these out of control teachers. Some people are so for themselves that they do not see his/her own s.... U have the right to complain if u are not getting the results that u pay for. If u all have proof that your teacher is not acting like she suppose to y not turn in the evidence. U all can send it to the dean without given your name. Just make sure u keep a copy. I know time are hard and everyone need his/her job, but fair is fair. If u are not willing to teach or help your students y be a teacher, that is a wast of your time and money.
  11. igus2666

    Anyone else hate group projects?

    If u already pick the people that is in your group then u all need to split the project up. Then you can focus on your part of the project, and when it get close to turning your project in then u all need to have a meeting to see if anyone did he/she part. Just make sure it is a month or a week before.
  12. igus2666

    Are most people just against nursring as a profession?

    When picking a career you have to have the passion and the drive to do it. If being a MD not your passion why do it. Yes doctors make good money, and yes u have doctors who have done a lot for this world, but u also have doctor who really don't know what he/she is doing also a lot of them is doing for the money. Nurse are different, doctor really don't get close to their patience like nurse do. I know u love your family, but u should live your life the way u want to not how they want u to live it. FYI I put nurses at a higher level then doctor because without us nurse or nursing student I really think a lot of doctors will b lost. FROM YOUR FRIENDLY NURSING STUDENT!!!!!!!
  13. Keep whatever is own your mind about a co-worker to yourself. Vent when u get in the car or when u get home.
  14. igus2666

    Help Teas-V Test

  15. igus2666

    Help Teas-V Test

    No I take it Sep.29
  16. igus2666

    interview dress code....

    Black slacks, nice top and flats. First impression or always last impression. Good Luck!!!!!!

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