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My brother just finished up his LPN school a few months ago, he got hired here in the metro detroit area in MI for $26.50 starting.

I am attending the same school he went to, I am half way done and will be graduating in 9 months I was hoping people in other states could help me guide my search for high-paying LPN cities in different states.

Was your first job LTC? I'm trying to get an idea of the LVN market in TX and I have heard alot of hospitals shy away from LPNs.

My first job out of LVN school was $27/hr with benefits. Worked two 12s and one 8 to be considered full time. I'm in texas.
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When people say low cost of living I always wonder what they mean. I mean house payment vs salary would help. Here I pay $850 for my 1700sq ft house and my starting salary out of LPN school with zero experience was $24 an hour w/ benefits. So to me its a decent starting amount, especially when I also know of RNs making about the same as their base pay less diffs. at the hospitals and other agencies in the area.

Thanks for answering....

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Be Happy, I am an RNC, BSN, CBE, IBCLC and only make $23.00/hr. No benefits. In FL.

I know this is an older post, but wow! You have a lot of credentialling (sp?) and I feel you should be paid more than $23.00/hr.

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Where I live (Ontario, Canada), RPN/LPN starts at around $25 per hour. The major hospitals in my city also seem to all pay 14% in leiu of benefits...so a new grad working there is getting about $28 to start.

That is awesome !!! LVN'S deserve to earn that pay... or more!!!!

Started off as a new Grad at 23hr, in 2009 - now make 27hr in 2012 - my classmates started off between 17 and 25hr

I started off in a low skill facility and now do disease management - the chicago suburbs

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I work in 65k/year position with the government as an LPN. The part that sucks, Is I am active duty so do not make the 65k my civilian LPN counterpart makes; However, I am getting out soon and have had 2 tennative job offers.

1. is returning to the exact job I am doing now at 65k (contractor)

2. getting my research certification and returning as a protocals nurse for 60k (but as DOD with benefits)

Government Contracting jobs tend to pay higher than average but they are like a temp agency. once contract is up, Government may or may not renew.

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