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LPN school and night shift

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Hi all! I am new to AN! I am currently a full time nights aide at a SNF. I start the LPN program in June but I am worried about working and going to school! Class is M-F 8-2:30p. I get off work at 7am. I am trying to drop my hours from 75hrs to 60 hours as that would give me 2 days off during the week + every other weekend but I want to see if I can maybe work 12s on the weekends and have T-W-T off. I have my own apartment and am having a really hard time with the thought of giving it up but I will do whatever is necessary to graduate! Looking for advice or anyone's personal experience in this situation! Thanks so much in advance! 😊

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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I would give up the apartment before I would try to work nights and attend school during those same days. You won't retain much, your clinical hours will be sorely impacted and you run the very real risk of not completing the program.

A year-ish without your own place is a small price to pay compared to the lifetime of self-sufficiency your LPN license will get you. Best wishes! (I started out as an LPN.)

Thank you very much for the response! It's greatly appreciated!

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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I did not work while completing the LVN program. I attended school Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 3:00pm, which did not leave much time for a job. I lived off unemployment payments for the first six months, then roommates plus my savings account for the last six months.

I worked full-time weekend double shifts while completing an LPN-to-RN bridge program several years later. I worked 16 hour shifts every Saturday and Sunday from 6:00am to 10:00pm. This schedule enabled me to have Monday through Friday off. In addition, I paid my bills just fine.

Natasha, CNA, LVN

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I agree with TheCommuter. I am currently a PRN CNA Fridays 7pm-7am shift only while going to LVN school and even that sometimes have its ups and downs.

Give up that apartment I did it for school it's necessary if you have the option because you won't feel so obligated to go to work your studies will come first. Ijs

You don't want to work that much during school one year of sacrifice will do wonder in the end I work second on weekends and live off of my tax refund and school grants and just found out I'm getting help for summer I am so very blessed :)

We have a similar sched. Class m-f 8-2. Work 230-1130 off tues & thurs. I just moved into my apt in January but I say to myself had I known, I'd wait & stay w parents but... So far so good. U can maintain, all about applying & progressing

Hello calexis20. I honestly wouldn't recommend it unless you can reduce you hours somehow. I understand you have an apartment so you must work to support yourself. I just graduated last year from LVN school and it was really hard. I have worked 40 hours at a SNF nights, five days and eight hours each since my work wasn't flexible (they wouldn't let me reduce my hours either). Plus the guy who makes the resident assignments always puts me in the hardest section so I couldnt study at work either. Let alone, I had two small children. Problems I faced was that I wasn't retaining anything and I missed a lot of class or late. It isn't good for you physically and emotionally, I had a lot of crying spells and nervous breakdowns throughout the whole semester because of fatigue and that I miss spending time with my children. Luckily my professors and family were very supportive or else I couldnt have made it. I didnt even go to graduation, I made a lot of enemies in class who either thought I was stuck up or stupid since I wasnt very responsive during discussion (sorry, your brain doesnt function very well when you average 3 hours of sleep every day), however my grades for the three semesters were two Bs and an A. I'm just warning you of the problems you may face but if you don't have kids, I think its pretty doeable to work those hours. Good luck, I know you can make it. Congrats on starting your journey to nursing!


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12 or 16 hours on the weekends better. You want that time after school to study and do homework.

futurenaijaRN, BSN, RN

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Is very doable, just cut down your hours, and maybe fine a smaller place to live cos there is nothing like a quiet place to study and rest after a stressful from work and school. You can even room with your fellow nursing student. Best of luck dear.

I work 12 hr nights. I have a rotating schedule working 3 days one and 4 days the next, every other weekend off. I have 3 kids and my own place. Nothing worth working for is going to be easy. Its very possible to work and go to school depending on ur work schedule. I work 8pm-8am and my supervisor is pretty flexible with me when I have to be in class early or late. As long as I have coverage for my clients everything is fine. I say if u absolutely can't give up ur place don't. I kno I need my privacy so I couldnt do it. Good luck on ur decisions and school

Good luck my dear in whatever decision u make. I hv six months left of LPN school.... I work 40hrs on the weekends 3pm-7am on Fri and sat. Then 3-11 on Sunday. Its a hard call if u hv tons of bills to pay. My grades are great, u may just hv to work harder. But if u don't have to work so much like me, then cut the hours

Hi everyone! I haven't been on here in a while but I wanted to thank you all for your great advice! I took time to think and decided it would be better for me to keep my apartment so that I can have a quiet place to study as my other options didn't really give me that. My DON worked with me and I was able to drop my hours to 30hrs every week and I will have a couple days off during the week. I think I will be just fine as long as I manage my time well and focus. I'm so excited!

FuturenaijaRN Thank you very much!

Well this won't be easy my dear here's my story...single mother of 2 at the time n pregnant working 12 hr shifts in a SNF in a prison night shift. LVN program in the morning 5 days a week. Paying bills...rent...car n regular basic bills. Its doable but hard not gna lie I wanted to run n hide n make it all go away. But I did it...determination is the word. Time management and sleep was the key. I did my homework to work n my coworkers helped me out so much. So hang in there