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  1. Suspended

    I need help. Recently I looked up my CNA certification and it was suspended. I'm worried because I am a nurse now. I don't know the reason but if anyone can help me figure out how certifications gets suspended, it would really help. I'm super confuse...
  2. New Job

    I am still in orientation at a SNF for about three weeks, it has a generous orientation period of one month. The thing is I find myself dreading to come to orientation, I feel so unhappy. The staff to resident ratio is 1 nurse to 38 residents. Some o...
  3. Don't worry. Once you are a nurse, usually most of that anxiety goes away because you are so busy. I use to be shy and have social anxiety. After I became a CNA, that all changed because working with patients and coworkers really build your social sk...
  4. I hated being a CNA.....

    No you won't hate nursing if you don't like being a CNA. Its probably just the conditions you are working in. I actually like being a nurse now better than I was a CNA. There is a lot more responsibility, yes, but you are not ordered around like a do...
  5. too long to become a nurse

    I just graduated LVN school and I feel I should be happy but I feel so depressed. I felt my time in nursing school was cheated and took way to long to complete. I have started this journey since even before high school and now I am almost in my thirt...
  6. LPN school and night shift

    Hello calexis20. I honestly wouldn't recommend it unless you can reduce you hours somehow. I understand you have an apartment so you must work to support yourself. I just graduated last year from LVN school and it was really hard. I have worked 40 ho...