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I'm just about to finish LPN school in 4 months. RN nurses congratulate me on going to school but then say when are you planning on getting your RN next. I'm saying to myself I haven't even finished LPN school or better yet worked as one and your talking about RN school like LPNS are not an essential part of nursing. And most of the nurses I come across say the same thing..."LPN'S are alright but you really want to be an RN". What's up with the pressure of getting an RN degree, it's like if you don't, your really not a so called "true nurse" why can't they just congratulate and leave it at that. I'm curious what others think.

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Some people lack social graces and cannot simply congratulate someone on their upcoming achievement. Congratulations to you!

Anyhow, after a few years of working as an LPN, I quickly figured out I was doing a similar job to that of my RN counterparts while receiving much less pay. This prompted my decision to return to school. I now earn double the money when compared to my LPN days without busting my ass to do so.

However, there's nothing wrong with remaining an LPN. It is different strokes for different folks. Good luck to you!


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CONGRATULATIONS on making it this far!!, finish strong and make whatever decision is right for you after..

I do have a few questions about CCC, I'm considering starting the LPN program in October or November. I would like to know how your experience was so I know what to expect.

Was the program expensive, did you have to take out personal loans?

What was the average class size?

Were there study groups?

was there lots of hands on learning?

Is the office staff professional?

What was the hardest part for you in the program?

Are the instructors thorough?

Is the program very fast paced?

would you recommend this school?

I would really appreciate your input on this matter, thank you


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It's a good school.

Financial aid is helpful.

instructors are good.

Overall the school is very helpful in preparing you for the LPN licensure.


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I'm in LVN school and will be 59 when I graduate...I'll have $82K+ in student loans to repay (mostly from a grad school adventure). I need to be working, hopefully in a non-profit setting so my loans can be forgiven in 10 years (120 on-time payments). My dear husband is disabled. I love learning, but hate those darn tests :) I like TheCommuter's comments--no telling how I'll feel after working in the field a while? Remember, the "N" in LVN/LPN means "NURSE"!


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It's easier said than done but pay them no mind I am in a LPN program now and a clerk at my job asked "so when are you going to go to real nursing school? like to get your RN" lol i simply smiled and reapeated the name of my school I said im in nursing school and walked away.


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I like that CNAAJ...how cool.


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In my opinion, and this is at least in South Florida, if you get the right job you are only making a few dollars less than RN and don't have as many responsibilities. I know a handful of RNs that are 26 or so and burned out from stress and are seeking teaching positions! I'm in LPN school too it's HARD and I am damn proud of myself. Congratulations to you for making the good decision of becoming an LPN!


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I agree with you Jamielynn1287, Thanks

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I think that there's nothing wrong with becoming an LVN. I did it. It payed well! I had a great deal of autonomy. I enjoyed the work immensely.

That being said, I'm currently in process of completing my RN because that was my original goal before attending LVN school and almost all my prereqs were completed by the time I finished my LVN program.

I don't knock my friends who choose LVN as a career. It's good pay, and (in my area) as long as you like working in ltc or SNFs you'll have good work opportunities.


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Thanks vintagemother