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  1. South college ATL

    Anyone attending south college LPN-BSN or traditional BSN program? How is it? The advisor said that students work full time in the program, is that true? Thanks
  2. What to do with my dog?

    She is a shorkie, I sinced found another person to watch her. Thank you for you advice.
  3. What to do with my dog?

    I got my 12 week old dog 2 weeks ago and my aunt was going to doggy sit when I return back to work my 12 hour shifts. I usually work 3-5 12 hour shifts per week. Well my aunt can no longer do it and I’m stuck. To get a doggy sitter or walker in my ar...
  4. Hey all, When clinicals starts, is it every weekend one goes or is it some weekends.
  5. Travel nursing pay, is it worth it?

    I’m thinking about accepting a travel assignment with AYA. The total gross weekly pay is $1618.00. The average taxable hourly rate is $15.00. It is 48 hours. Does that mean I’m taking a major pay cut? 48x15.00=720.00. So if I’m correct that wil...
  6. Study guide book

    You want to buy the ATI TEAS SECRETS study guide. So far it's very helpful. I'm not to fond of the ATI TEAS study manual. It only gives one example and that's it.
  7. RN, ADN being obsolete

    I love it !!! So true.
  8. Study guide book

    Do you know which edition is the best?
  9. RN, ADN being obsolete

    Yes I agree with the hiring process. Although the clinical experience is the same; administration prefers hiring bsn over adn's. Maybe they think bsn nurses have more schooling time which equates to them more knowledge. What do you think?
  10. Study guide book

    But thank you meanmaryjean for that comment.
  11. Study guide book

    Ok let me word this differently, a book that's good to study that will help do well on the teas.
  12. Study guide book

    What is the best study guide book for the teas that guarantees passing?
  13. Clinical skills

    How does one get clinical skills at excelsior?
  14. RN, ADN being obsolete

    I been wanting to know the difference between a bsn and adn scope of practice. Is the adn limited in the clinical setting?
  15. Chamberlain Jan 2019 Atlanta

    Did scheduling coordinator go over your class schedule?