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  1. OnlinePersona

    Why do you visit allnurses.com?

    For the most part i get to talk to those that can relate to me.
  2. OnlinePersona

    Safe Patient-Nurse Ratio

    Yes thats the norm right now. Most days I work with 6 patients per shift with all the issues you state. However i truly love my job.
  3. OnlinePersona

    Any Success stories of an LVN accomplishing their RN degree

    I graduate in 8 weeks. I will let you know then. Good luck
  4. OnlinePersona

    I just passed nursing school!

    I'm so proud of you! I don't know about the % but just study I guess.
  5. OnlinePersona

    91 year old man fatally shoots terminally ill wife

    excuse my lack of knowledge on the terminology.
  6. I'm curious what yall current thoughts on this issue. Considering nursing viewpoints is ever changing and progressing; how do you feel about someone doing this in the sake of love or pity? For me personally, I can certainly understand this couple's agony. One party may or may not be with it enough to be in pain, however totally deviated from baseline. The other party is watching their loved one suffer immensely. I cant say I will do the same if I was in that position, I would care for my loved one...However will I punish that guy? No. Please share your thoughts on assisted suicide or "mercy" killings (zzZzz that term)
  7. OnlinePersona

    Keeping scrubs white - tips?

  8. OnlinePersona

    color of clinical scrubs?

    Oh my god yes. White scrubs + African American does not mix at all. I have to be very careful what I wear underneath cause you can literally see through.
  9. OnlinePersona

    color of clinical scrubs?

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone else has to wear white scrubs? I get the whole purity, peace symbolization but I find it a bit nerve racking trying to keep this clean in a rotation. I mean come on, we around all types of bodily fluids..... other schools wear dark colors in my area and I'm jealous..... End rant
  10. OnlinePersona

    Disrespectful ad against nurses on Craigslist

    Maybe I had to be there for when you showed them the ad... maybe you explained it differently. Either way, I don't think its that big of a deal.
  11. OnlinePersona

    Ginger: Not Just Another Tasty Herb

    Awesome article! The country I'm from medications is not readily available so we rely on herbs. I remember when I had this rash when I was like 5, my mother bathed me in a tub of "bush" tea alongside ginger to cool my skin.
  12. OnlinePersona

    Ventilator Questions

    I found nothing rude about what the OP wrote.
  13. OnlinePersona

    educational value of care plans

    Ditto, sunshine.
  14. OnlinePersona

    educational value of care plans

    Obviously since I posted the thread about it. Nope not always civil. This is the internet not my workplace or school. I keeps it real. Anymore cute things to say about me? Or can we stay on topic
  15. OnlinePersona

    Issues with work

    I can't tell you what's good for you or your life. I wouldn't quit. I'm a big fan of teaching people how to treat me. I would do that with the staffing coordinator.
  16. OnlinePersona

    Accused of sleeping

    Ew. I wouldn't trust laying on those beds. Just ew.

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