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This weekend was not fun


This weekend was exceptionally crappy. Its bad enough im just over being in school (8 weeks left till i graduate), but I actually put a voice to my emotions a few days prior... i secretly am not sure i can tough enough to be a nurse in 2019 standards.

Friday night had a patient whose blood pressure was 67/30 and I had to scramble around trying to fix it. STAT labs--Ran NS bolus without success, albumin without success and midodrine STAT. All without success. Results came back hgb 6.5--- two units of blood later. Patient stabilized but i am beyond frustrated with my coworker for not paying attention to this all day.

Saturday night I had this patient 450+ pounds w/ +4 edema on a ventilator and some other issues. This patient had so much edema it was incredible. IV bumex has been initiated for a few days now but without improvement. I feel like there is so much that can be done to help this patient that has not been done. This is incredibly frustrating for me. I only work a few days a month but everytime i come to work i see just a lack of work ethic and compassion its truly amazing.

This is my nurse diary. I feel so much better venting

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Hang in there!! We all have frustrating shifts that make you question your choice of profession. It sounds like you are a caring professional nurse and this is what is required to make the difference for our clients. Continue to keep your standard high. Our patients need quality care from caring professionals!