Would you do it all over again?

  1. Hi Everyone!
    I just have a quick question for you if you wouldn't mind ...
    If you could go back in time - would you have chosen the same path for yourself ( starting w/LPN and bridging to the RN )? The reason I ask is because in order for me to start an RN program, I would need a lot of pre-requisites because I've never attended college and didn't do great in high school - the LPN program in my area is 1. no pre-req. requirements and 2. no wait list. So...I guess what I'm asking is, should I just suck it up and go through all the pre-req.'s for the RN & then possibly be on a wait list or register for the LPN program? (Either way I don't mind as I have a great deal of respect for both) Thank you so much for your help:kiss Sorry for the rambling lol

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  3. by   Jules A
    Hi Dana,
    I would say much of it depends on your financial situation. If you are sure you want to be a nurse and have the resources to do whatever job you do now until you graduate with your RN then I would go for it. If on the other hand you aren't really sure you want to be a nurse (that was my issue) or the LPN income would be an improvement over your current job then the LPN would make sense.

    Just a word of caution and maybe this is just my experience but I'm having a bit of a time getting into a bridge program and I have a 3.5gpa. They are few and far between in my state and most of them only want their own students. I'm going to apply to the BSN program as well because even though as a RN you can skip some of the classes I don't want to wait another year to get my RN whether it be ADN or BSN. At this point I don't really care which.

    Best to you, Jules
  4. by   carol72
    I have no regrets for starting out as an LVN & taking my time to persue my RN.
  5. by   jamangel
    I have huge regrets. I try to tell future LPN students that if they wish pursue nursing and choose to do LPN first, to please, please, please do the RN prereqs. Make sure the prereqs are transferable to the RN school you may go to. Your RN prereqs will work for LPN but not the other way around unless your school has set it up by design.

    When I was in school, we needed 1 english, 1 psych, 1 general math, 1 anatomy and phys, as preregs. These were all diploma level classes. I wish I would have had the hindsight or someone had told me to take college-level (degree) english, algebra, psych etc. It would have saved me a whole lot of time. Instead of trying to decide on a career now I would have had my RN.
  6. by   DanaG524
    Thank you all so much for your advice! I think I am going to start out with the LPN - it would be a huge improvement in pay (I'm a licensed esthetician right now), benefits, and in one year I could be out in the field I've wanted to be in since I was a child :spin: I can always take my time getting my RN if I want to pursue that afterwards. Thank you again! I love this board!

  7. by   BmtTXLVN
    Without a doubt id follow the same path. With the experience ive gained as an lvn is truly making my RN classes alot easier and i believe it can only make me a stronger RN
  8. by   fishchick72
    Yes, I would. It worked out exactly how I had imagined/wanted it to. I was able to do my LVN with no pre-reqs, then I went to work as an LVN in acute care (gaining a lot of knowledge & experience) while I worked on my pre-reqs for my RN. I will now be graduating in May of this year with my RN!! All my experience & knowledge I have gained have really paid off.
  9. by   Mudwoman
    When I made application to the RN program, there were 640 applicants and only 30 spots. I had a 3.8 GPA and it wasn't good enough, by the time they got through the 4.0's the classes were filled. So, I applied at a local hospital that had a LVN program. There were 412 applicants and 30 seats, but I got in. I thought that I would bridge immediately, but you get to working and life gets in the way and you are so tired of school. So, 13 years later, I'm doing Excelsior and scheduled for the CPNE next mo and will hopefully pass and graduate.

    What I would do differently is go for the BSN. Forget the ADN and the LPN/LVN all together. I would have transfered to a 4 yr university and done more general ed classes and had fewer people competing.
  10. by   CT Pixie
    Right after high school I started taking pre-reqs for the RN program. Long story short..life happened and due to circumstances I could't finish and get my RN.

    Fast forward 20 years after graduating high school. I finally decide to follow my dreams of being a nurse (NICU and/or L&D are my dream job). Because of all the things needed before entering the RN program, read jumping through hoops, I decided to go the LPN route then bridge to RN. A lot of the classes I took in college are no longer usable. I would have to start from the beginning and being 37 yrs old, I don't want to spend all that time getting the pre-reqs done only to be turned away becaue there aren't enough spots. Around here being an "older" student makes it a bit more difficult to get into school because all the kids coming out of high school have most of the pre-pre reqs done LOL..meaning chemistry w/lab, A&P or Bio etc.

    Anywhoooo, IF I could go back in time I surely would have found a way to finish my RN degree. But since I can't do that, I'm doing the next best thing..starting LPN and bridging. Who knows, maybe after being an LPN for a while, I'll realize nope..its not for me, and not further my education to RN. But I doubt I'll regret doing it the way I am instead of doing RN first.

    Just my .02cents
  11. by   dijaqrn
    Almost thirty years ago I got my LVN. Yes it paid my bills and it's my fault that I procrastinated but for most of those years I worked my tail off at two jobs and whenever I tried to go back to school something came up. LVNs are a blessing to patients and wonderful but grossly underpaid nurses. If you have the opportunity and ability go directly to RN school.
    Good luck.
  12. by   RN BSN 2009
    school? over again? no way! lol