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  1. by   bluerthnu
    Hi everyone,

    I'm Kris. I just finished LPN school in Tacoma, WA and am starting the RN program at a community college January 5th. I'll be taking my NCLEX-PN next month and am currently finishing up my preceptorship on a med/surg floor noc shift at the children's hospital a few days a week. I'm nervous about the NCLEX but feel pretty confident based on what former students in my program's experiences. (Everyone passed on the first try.) Anyway, I've been a member here for a while and have found it very helpful while doing careplans so thank you everyone!
  2. by   Polly Dipcya
    HI i've been an LPN for two years......In a bridge program at a small private college...Graduate in 5-09...Its hard as heck and sucks...Can't wait until I'm done...Never taking another college class again.....Unless its cake decorating or't wait to get my RN-its the hardest thing I've ever done...pushing 50 to boot. hanging on by my finger nails but still hanging....good luck everybody...I have never respected nurses more than I do now...We each fought our way here and each have our own story to tell. I'm proud of all of us...LPN and RN's both....we worked hard for this.
  3. by   LookUp2Sky
    Hey Polly - I love your name-LOL. I'm right there with you, turned 51, and graduate RN school in April '09. I joined an accelerated program, semesters are 8 weeks long, instead of 16. That means double trouble. It moves so fast, with soooo much material. I feel like I'm just keeping my head above water.

    We can do it though!! Sometimes I think, it's not as easy to study as it used to be, when I was younger. But nonetheless, still plugging along. Best of luck to you. I agree, best of luck to all of us...LPN's and RN's...schooling is not the only hard part, but the work can be too! At least it's a recession proof career.

    Again, good luck!!
  4. by   vlk70lpn2RN
    I finished my LPN program Dec 2007 and got my LPN license in March 08, I did 3 months Correctional nursing and now in my 5 month in LTC. I started in Jan 2008 taking prerequsites for the RN-ADN program @ the local community college. I am so exhausted between working full-time and going to school. I just can't seem to get pumped up and eager to learn this semester. I think I am just ready for a break.
  5. by   benjamn4solong
    I'm 32 and just received my LPN. I'm currently coming to the end of the first quarter of my RN year. Two quarters to go!
  6. by   Mandylpn
    Hello everyone! I am glad to finally be posting under this forum! Me - LPN 4 years, taking gen eds since 2006, on a wait list for 2 years for LPN-RN program, just found out I was accepted for January, 2009. I start classes on my 51st birthday!!! Have two semesters to go.
  7. by   Lpn728
    Hello All,
    My name is Sadiyqah and I've been a Lpn 5 years and I'm currently enrolled in U.C.C in New Jersey for my ADN. I'm doing prereqs now so will not enter the nursing program until 2010. I work at a adolescent drug rehabilitation center that accepts kids btwn 13-18 yrs old. Is there anyone enrolled or has completed the Trinitas School of nursing lpn to rn bridge program?
  8. by   dragonfly59
    hi, i am doing the college network and should complete by june of 2009 andyone else outhere doing this study program
  9. by   Queenbee01
    Maybe we could keep in touch, ur story sounds like mine, I am 53, starting for the second time, one of my classes expired and I have to retake it...that is what happens when u I will be taking it over in Jan...I went to community college and did all the other classes. I hav one class i do not have to retake with excelsior,but i hav been a nurse since 1991. Good luck!!!
  10. by   Queenbee01
    Believe me you are not the only one, in that boat...but reviewing this forum is encouraging, there are many that made it...and if others did, I believe I can...get the books out, take it one day at a time, one class at a time...I got discouraged, b/c all I was doing was looking clinicals...saying I can't, I can't....but I really believe I can...I know I can....I WILL!!!! You can too...WE WILL..get started.
  11. by   dragonfly59
    queenbee would love to stay in touch. send me an email and we will do this together. thanks and yes we can do this.

    please do not post email addresses in the public message boards. others can email you from your profile after you have 15 posts. thanks. bbfrn, allnurses moderator.
  12. by   ARKYLE
    LPN for 3 years. Just finished up classes for LPN-RN bridge. Graduate January 9th! woohoo! Good luck all you can do it!
  13. by   captncourageous98
    Congratulations! I know it is a long road. I am going back for my RN real soon. LPN to RN is good but don't stop go on for your BSN.
    Again Congratulations!!!