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  1. by   gt4everpn
    i'm here and ready to go!!!! i'm a new lpn,less than year, i am also a freshman student going for my rn, 3 more yrs to go!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. by   ranchwife
    Greetings!! I have been an LPN for 14 years and will FINALLY be going for my RN this fall at a college about 80 miles north of where I currently work and where my family ranches!! I have TRIED the Excelsior program and was NOT impressed....expensive, contractual and I am the type of student who needs a room full of other students to "brain bust" not good at studying on my own...especially with 3 kids still at home who always think that "because mommy is home means she is all OURS!!" Be careful before signing up for the LPN-BSN program or anything else "online"......there are more than just a few states who do not "honor" those types of nursing degrees!! As for me, I will get mine the "old fashioned way"....I'll continue to work part-time at our little hospital (since I need the health insurance for my accident prone cowboy/husband and 3 kids), school/classroom full-time and family time WHENEVER I can!!! Good luck to each and EVERY one of you out there striving for your will be SOOOO worth it when you are done!!!
  3. by   TiffanyRN!!

    Hi everyone I'm Tiffany a new LPN grad as of April '07. I'm a married 25 yo with 2 beautiful children. I just started working in a LTC facility and I hope to begin the RN bridge program at HFCC in Jan '08 after finishing up my pre-reqs. I'm interested in taking clep test and a couple excelsior exams. Anyone with some advice please let me know.
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  4. by   LVN'06
    Quote from tlc.365
    HI To All --
    My name is Bethany and live in AZ after transferring from near Rochester NY. I have been an LPN for 3yrs and am currently working on my RN degree through Excelsior. I passed NC1 and will hopefully pass Micro this month and moving on to NC3. I work at an inpatient treatment program for women with Eating Disorders. You can go online to for more info. It is a great place to work. When I become an RN my duties are the same and I will get at least $10 an hour more!! I am glad for the tuition assistance program at work to help me reach my goals. Best of Luck to all those out there working on your degrees persistance will pay off!!

    Hey TLC.365,
    I noticed you were from rochester NY. I am from Courtland NY most of my family is still there around Slaterville Springs Harftford and Courtland. I am in Texas now what a diffrence it is from upstate NY. The area I am in now does not see snow except maybe once every 10yrs. Good luck to you in your endvour. I graduated from my LVN to RN program on May 12 '07 I took my boards yesterday and waiting for the results.
  5. by   bedbugLPN
    Hello all ... My name is Debbie ... I am a 43, recently divorced Hospice nurse from Chattanooga. I have been an LPN for 7 years and now want to get my RN. Due to a bad latex allergy I have decided to go the online route to get that degree. I came to this site hoping to get some insight into how best to go about getting the credits I need. I have heard that I can test out on all but the last 2-3 classes before having to sign up with Exelsior. I hope that is true ... at least it would be cheaper that way.

    Are there any nurses here in the Chattanooga area that have gone through this ... maybe looking for a study partner ... I think it might work better to have someone doing it along with you so you can keep each other on track.

    I do know one RN who did that about 7 or 8 years ago .. and actually finished in 7 months. testing out for her RN in that time too.

    Glad to hear from anyone who wants to chat ... right now I work nights with one patient at a time in their home ... it will allow me to study. My email address is
  6. by   traveltiger
    Proud of you, I just finished CPNE, clues, stay calm, make a grid to remember what you need to do, STAY CALM! Act confident and 3 check everything! I went to Madison, they were very kind, yet stern, I have EComp next week then I'm done too, I want to do BSN, they added more classes, looks like a money drain for what we know... Good Luck! I'll be rooting for you. Jacquie.
  7. by   DutchgirlRN
    I was an LPN for 25 years. I went through Regents (now known as Excelsior) to get my RN. I graduated and passed boards in 2000. I thought it was an awesome, very doable program. I failed my first CPNE strictly due to nerves. Went back 32 days later, with Ativan, and passed with no repeats. It's not a hard test they just put so much emphasis on it.
  8. by   LVN'06
    WooHoo I passed!!!!!!!!:hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty:
  9. by   mickeymouse2878
    l am excited to have started on my RN studies hope to be done this december, cant wait. l am looking forward to get into health care informatics
  10. by   freestylepnoi
    I was an LVN for 2 1/2 years starting 2005, went back for a year and recieved my associates in nursing, and I pass boards on Wednesday. =)
  11. by   Mandylpn
    LPN for three years and I wish I would have not taken a year off in between that and going for the two year RN. I am taking micro and phys this fall. I am on the "wait list" for the accelerated RN program for Spring '08. I hope, I hope, I hope I get in.
  12. by   s1shaw
    Hi Gang....I'm 45 and graduated from LPN School back in 1994. I've taken a class here and there toward my RN....all I need now is Micro and A&P I and II....but I'm dragging my feet....any suggestions????
  13. by   Shannaikook
    Hello to everyone. I have been an LPN for 4 years. I am currently waiting for my acceptance letter to an LPN-ASN here in west Tn. I am 26 years old and I am so excited. I passed my ACE pn-rn. Now it's just a waiting game. Good luck to everyone out there trying to pursue your dreams.:spin: