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  1. gypsynurse

    I'm an LPN and I understand.

    My GOODNESS....... ! I ONLY POPPED BACK IN HER TO SEE, I had a message that there were "Likes on my posts" never payed much attention previously. Wish I had not this time either.... yes..... I am ashamed at times to be part of this family of Nurses.... and YES !!!!! "Nurses eat their young" and here is proof !!! BUT .... IS THIS NOT MOOT, ARE the discussions back and forth in this thread, doing exactly what we are taught NOT TO DO !!!???, the very blood of our career, our beings.... ?!?!?!? we are HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS, ??? ...... we are doing to each other what we promise have an oath, not to do to our patients !!! NOT TO JUDGE, NO PREJUDICE , DISCRIMINATE, BE UNJUST, BIGOTED, HAVE A PRECONCEIVED IMAGE OF SOMEONE ELSE'S LIFE ? LEAST OF ALL ASSUME, OR BE RUDE , INSULT, how dare we perceive to know someone else's abilities based on their path, it is made up of so much more than books and bedside. in reading back .... I am saddened by it all, in this day and age, and in this world.... as it is... (and as crazy as it is, like to know that any one of us would do our all for the other in an emergency) call me naive.... "we are far more alike than we are different," and .... "LIKE" it or not, I feel we need to embrace that, not pull it apart , no matter what or how many letters after our name we are hiding behind..... !!!
  2. gypsynurse

    I'm an LPN and I understand.

    Loved this...... "Old fogey here, putting in my 2 cents. This, of course, will never happen, but "in the days" of true team nursing, there was room for all, we each worked a slightly different strata according to our educations, but each person had an important place as a team member. All contributed in a joint effort at caring for the patients. Nobody was 'better' than anyone else. In addition to our primary jobs (Charge nurse, an RN; med nurse, an LPN) we all took a patient assignment. Usually we worked by twos. Sometimes I was paired with the RN, sometimes with an aide.We all did 'bedside' nursing." Thank you "No stars in my eyes" , and yes , "mores the pity for the patient... it is not a competition, but loving to give the care we provide our pts, otherwise, don't be in nursing ! " I'm out too !" round and round and round we go !
  3. gypsynurse

    I'm an LPN and I understand.

    Yikes... !!!! no one needs to be upset or removing themselves... we are mentors, I think that these posts are all really saying the same thing... ! My Here HERE ? was like Yipee ! I agree ! etc... I think we are nurses in the heart first.... and then the skills and abilities are different forms of learning that come from the experiences and the education combined... I teach Nursing and PSW's in our local college... I see it all the time.... we are often just different colors of thread, that come from the same piece of fabric... !
  4. gypsynurse

    I'm an LPN and I understand.

    Here HERE !!! I am proud to be an LPN, and and RPN in Canada, but as we are heading back to our old stomping grounds in Fl area, know that the "Magnet status" is most common, and expect to be greatly effected by it. I know the jobs I did hold in Fl years ago, (and although told I am "Perfect rehireability status" "hurry back", cant get those same jobs now !) and worked in PCU, Burn Unit, Med Surg, etc.... Floated to every floor they needed me, in a hosp system of 5 facilities (then)... was thrown a new situations, and staff daily, (often greeted with an "OH.... they only sent an LPN!!! hmph, and yet proved myself each and every time..... LOVING every minute of my learning experiences.... (and usually getting an "atta boy", thank you , or you'll come back wont you?") but..... I was always told to keep going, my goal was always to go further, and now as an empty nester.... plan on finding my niche no matter what my age... and may take some time... we will see, I will either find my comfort as a seasoned LPN or go further... age does not frighten me. Sitting still does !
  5. This was an an awesome story, and I have sent it to one of my Nursing Students, I remember her proudly and fondly ! I know she made it through school, and while as a student on her day off jumped to the aid of a neighbor and responded perfectly, and she did the almost impossible.... and saved a mans life in a dire situation such as this.... ! I have encouraged her to ad her story to this,.... I hope she does with great pride, that we will all share with her ! I remember, a situation on a quiet not to busy Sunday morning, an MVA, we came upon in a large intersection in Orlando ! On our way home from Church, my family loaded in our van.... it had JUST happened, cars steaming and smoking, horns blaring, glass and metal scattered in the middle of the road... everyone else... a standstill. I yelled to my husband, "Pull over" I had no idea what I would find, nor the condition of the folks in the vehicles... and what on earth was I going to do ??? (hadn't even entered my mind yet)... but I highballed it over to the vehicles... within minutes... seconds really, people all scrambling to the aid as well, and I realized I had others with me everyone was assisting, it was such an adrenalin rush, and things happened in split seconds, before I knew it we had everyone out, and everyone was ok.... minutes later police ambulance etc.... so much of it seems lost in a fog.... I barely remember ..... BUT I remember walking back to our van... my family just amazed, stunned... "WOW MOM !" .... but I didn't think twice.... ! I just "DID".... I am an LPN, worked in ORMC, and DISNEY NURSE.... but thankfully at that moment, that time, could do something... if there was something I needed to do, I was there to do it. It may not be the case another time, and thankfully everyone was ok.... but I am glad I did.
  6. gypsynurse

    The Devil and Delta Webster | Life of a Nurse

    Great story ! and as the south is one of my "homes" I could just feel the day as you described ! I always wonder what has happened in the long lives of some of these, seasoned folks ! hugs to you for surviving it... well done !
  7. gypsynurse

    August 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "So, Bill, ...... your pjs, slippers and tv are calling you.... but your not finished till 11 right ? "
  8. gypsynurse

    August 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "I know..... I fell asleep while charting once too !"
  9. gypsynurse

    August 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "You know, .... You're going to need immodium, or a foley !"
  10. gypsynurse

    Life after the Boston Marathon Bombing - Coping with the Trauma

    As a stranger, but Human being, a runner, a nurse, friend, family member..... My Heart goes out to you, and gives you and all others with these feelings , my strength, love, appreciation and grattitude.
  11. gypsynurse

    Canadian RPN for American Graduate Nursing?

    IT IS A HUGE issue... and many sites addressing this, some "heated" at times.... , just being an RPN, will NOT get you into U.S. to work...... what "recruitment agencies are saying that it is possible" ? I HAVE WORKED ON THIS FOR YEARS.... AND DON'T KNOW OF ONE ??? I would be happy to share my knowledge with you..... you can pm me if you like....
  12. gypsynurse

    What is the Difference Between LPN and LVN?

    In Florida I am an LPN.... in Ontario Canada , I am an RPN, again pretty much the same thing... (Registered Practical Nurse)
  13. gypsynurse

    LPN to RN bridge through Excelsior

    Thank, YOU Barb ..... I will ... I am looking at so many different directions right now.... my head is going to burst ! But still as an LPN, want to get that RN ASN ASAP ! LOL..... :)
  14. gypsynurse

    Canadian RPN work in Florida?

    Very true ! people are often mistaken, with missinfomation passed on from one excited student to another,.... or collegues... but , NO. RPNs in Canada do not have reciprocity in the U.S. . There are Canadian RPNs, and LPNs... but they are equivilent across provinces in Canada only. ( and just means, Registered, or Licensed.) In US we are LPNs, and LVNs... I think, I know of the LPN..... same, its Licensed. and LVN is Licensed Vocational Nurse... I believe.
  15. gypsynurse

    LPN Orlando Tech

    Very interesting..... I don't think this was the directive of this thread, but incase you were still considering going further ..... do any of these offer an LPN to RN A.D.N bridge !!??? possibly in 6 mnths to a year coming to do that, need to find out what there is and all about them... to make that choice...
  16. gypsynurse

    lpn-rn programs in florida

    Tell me how you make out , I am in a similar situation.....