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  1. by   rh39
    I am curious of those LPNs that are in a Bridge program, is that something like advance placement into an RN program?. The college I'm at has a program, that allows you to knock off the first year of clinicals (assuming you pass all the entrance exams, and have worked 1,000hrs).Placement is as 2nd year student in an Associate program. Of course you have to get your Gen eds done as well.
  2. by   beckyboo1
    I'm 38, mom to 3, stepmom to 3, stepgrandma to 3. I've been an LPN for 18 years and decided to finally bite the bullet and get my RN. I work on a telemetry unit and have most of my career.
    I'm doing Excelsior and so far have only taken Nursing Concepts 1 and got an A. I'm working in A&P now and then will do Micro from there and get those out of the way.
    Great idea to get this forum going!

  3. by   roalin
    Hi Everybody,

    This is my first post though I've always read the forum. I am 44 y/o been an LPN for 20 years presently working in a fast paced treatment clinic. I had to fight for a schedule change as I am enrolled in Excelsior and really want to concentrate on finishing something I should have started years ago. Finally I will start parttime in a couple of weeks and can buckle down. 2 more prereqs. and then comes nursing concepts 1. Good to meet all of you, it's encouraging.

    Robin in Baltimore.
  4. by   suebird3
    i found this site wellllll after i got my rn. wish i had this site before that!

    had been an lpn for 16, 2 years as an rn. good luck to ya-all still in school. i am rooting for ya!

  5. by   classic1956
    I just graduated in July 05, passed NCLEXVN and am finally licensed. I'm over 45 (actually closer to 50 but we won't go there) and now I'm ready to face the next hurdle of RN school. I am going to take the Transition class at my alma mater and HOPEFULLY get into the program for the final 2 semesters. I work in a county Health Dept clinic fulltime so this should be fun!

  6. by   scrubbie1
    :hatparty: Hi everyone I am Natalie LeValley. I have been an LPN since 1995 in VA, IL and WI. I have worked in surgery, peds, geriatrics, labor and delivery, and office settings. I currently work at Children's Hospital of WI in the OR. I am completing my final course for the ADN program at Excelsior College and I will take the CPNE in Jan or Feb.
  7. by   StudNurse
    I need help finding a bridge program or even where to start looking. Any words of wisdom?
  8. by   fla orange
    Kylevictor, Try the community colleges in your area. Most Lpn to Rn bridge courses require that all pre-reqs are to be completed prior to acceptance. Some program require that an exam be taken and passed prior to acceptance as well. The college I attend required both. Good Luck!
  9. by   williams7677
    Hi all! I have been an LPN for approximately one year. I was currently working in a juvenile detention center but now work at a hospital. I am starting my prereqs in January. I am starting from scratch because I have to take everything! Good luck to all.
  10. by   babieface_7
    Hi Guys

    Im a 34 year old female currently in school to bridge from lpn to rn. Im doing my sciences at the local state college right now. I have been a lpn for 12 years now. I find anatomy to be extremely hard because i have to work full time, i cannot dedicate myself fully to it. I graduated top of my class in lpn school but that was many years ago and Im finding that I have to rediscover my study habits. I think that this is a great idea because we can encourage each other.
  11. by   MadRedneckRN
    I'm a 39 year old LPN. I've been an LPN for 18 years and am almost done with Excelsior. I have A&P and the CPNE to finish. I'm currently working in a State Psychiatric Hospital. After I graduate I'd like to go into Pediatric Trauma. I've been an EMT for 20+ years and I like the trauma thing. I think I could really be an asset to a Peds unit.
  12. by   woodwardlpn
    Hi, Iam a 46 year old lady that has been an L.P.N since 1991, the majority
    of my career has been in long term care, have struggled for years to obtain
    R.N. degree to do rasing a family and had one disabled parent living with us.
    The tradition method for going to school was pretty much not a path that
    I could do, so i am attepting the excelsior college way, I am planing to take
    my first exam in dec. I am currently working in hospice and love it, It has
    really motivated to move along with my studies. I want to be able to case
    manager. :chuckle
  13. by   Mandylpn
    Oh thank you! I start Spring semester with one gen/ed I need, then on to chem, biology, etc, been an lpn for just a year. lovin' it.
    yep, i am 47, may be graduating in a wheelchair, what the heck!