Help, very discouraged, want to quit

  1. I graduated from an LPN program in this past June, took and passed my PN boards. Started an LPN-RN program four weeks later. I am totally discouraged and feel like I have been beaten by the system.

    I loved my LPN program; it was challenging and busy but I did well, got A's and B's the whole way through. Really liked my teachers and my classmates, and I was totally motivated. Finished with a 3.8 GPA, went to school 2 days a week, then 1 or 2 days of clinical per week usually, but I always got home to see my husband and daughter after days at school. Now I'm in the RN program, they only offer evenings, so I hang out all day, go to school from 5-9 pm four evenings a week. Every Sunday, when I put my daughter to bed, I have to tell her I won't see her again until Friday because she is in school all day when I'm home, and she comes home after I leave for school. I spend all weekend crying because I know that in a few days I will be missing her again. I don't see my husband much either but at least I see him when I come home before I crash into bed.

    The RN program sucks, none of us are doing well at all. We were getting A's and B's in the LPN program, now we will be happy to pass this quarter at all. On the last pharmacology test, the average class grade was a 67%. We have one teacher for all our classes, and she is truly awful. Just an awful teacher, and no one understands her. So after two tests in each class, my grades have gone from bad to worse, I'm really worried about passing these classes. And I know that no employer really cares what grades you get in nursing school, but I care, and I don't want to go out there knowing I almost failed pharmacology or med/surg or whatever. I just want to stop for awhile until I get my head on straight, but I know that if I stop, I might not go back for my RN. I'm tired of trying, and I"m tired of trying to try. I feel very defeated, and I miss my family, and I'm wondering if I should just give in to my gut, even though I do really want to finish school and get my RN.

    I know no one can tell me what to do, but I need some encouragement or advice, or maybe someone has felt like this too. Mainly I just needed to vent.

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  3. by   chelli73
    so sorry to hear that is happening to you. can you possibly get into a different school/RN program? i hope everything turns out OK for you.
  4. by   llg
    I'm always hesitant to tell people what to do with their lives ... but you seem to understand that the decision is really up to you. So, here's my opinion.

    The RN program you are currently in does not sound like a good fit for you at this time of your life. If it is making you this miserable ... why not finish the courses that you are currently taking, then either quit or take a leave of absence.

    Work as an LPN for a while, earn a little money, and establish yourself in the nursing world as a successful LPN employee. Then, after you have emotionally "rested" a little and feel strong again, look for an RN program that meets your needs.

    There's nothing wrong with taking a little break.

    Good luck,
  5. by   nurs4eva
    I can relate to what u are saying...Take it one day @ a time...Remember it is okay to breathe:spin: I aslo agree with some of the advice u have for awhile, build up your skills and then once u feel that you are together, go back in with a clear mind.Perhaps do a little more research with other RN programs to find one more suitable to your needs.It sounds as though u just jumped back into school without taking time to yourself.Trust me, nursing schools are here to stay!!!!And they will be awaiting your return! Coming from someone who at the time went to nursing school with 3 small children and worked fulltime to getting out of the program for a semester and currently now having a total of 6 kids ,my RN license,and happily married!!!!If I can do it, I know u can!U have the will, so u will make the way...I hope this helps you...Good Luck to you in your career,don't give up-STAY STRONG!!
  6. by   spenceandchris
    Jeez, that sounds awful. Have you tried talking to the instructor/dean at the program. they should be concerned if people are failing the program. if you got A's last year it sounds like it is an instructor problem this year. hopefully they will be understanding. good luck.
  7. by   NaomieRN
    In my opinion, I think you are going through a tough time at home and also at school. You also have a horrible instructor, which is making things worst. If I were you, I would complete the semester by giving 100%. You will then look into other options. It seems that evening program does not work well for you. It is possible to check into a day program? so that way, you can have time with you husband and daughters in the evening. Take a break for a while and make some changes. Good luck to you.
  8. by   Fiona59
    Up here in Canada, you need to have between 1200 to 1700 hours plus letters of reference from your LPN job to be able to apply for admission to an RN bridge programme.

    Perhaps you need to work as a PN to know what's what before you attempt to transfer your work knowledge?

    But it does seem that you are trying to do too much too soon.
  9. by   Elle.p.enn
    Hi, I did the same thing, graduated from LPN school last August '05, then started LPN to RN school a few weeks later.

    For me, RN school is easier than LPN, I knew the basics of nursing, so the info they gave me was added on to that.

    I would finish these courses, then look for another program.
  10. by   LaurynRN
    Everyone on here has given you great advice. I too went through an LPN program into an RN one. I also had children and was pregnant throughout my senior year with my third(had her one day before graduation). What I did was went to school during the day and worked 16 hour shifts on the weekends as an LPN. It stunk that I never had a day off but it was well worth it.
    I would agree with what others have said, that this program may not be the one for you and it doesn't make you a need to put your family first. School will always be there but your daughter won't always be little..enjoy her.
    I have been in school since about 1999, had my LPN in 2002, RN in 2003, and my BSN in 2006. I didn't do it as fast as some of my peers but I made it work between family, work, and school.
    I would try to finish these few classes if you are going to loose alot of money (even if you end up with C's you can bring them up throughout the new RN program) and then search for a new program.
    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!! and CONGRATS on passing your boards.
  11. by   luv2shop19mall
    girl.. your so close to being a rn. if you can be a lvn you can even be an rn.. i love nursing school. just pray for it and you will make it through.. all you need is motivation and strength.. well i went to lvn school still stuck with trying to pass my boards.. you can do it.. !!!
  12. by   bcskittlez
    I wish you the best but if it doesnt work out, maybe working for 6 months as an LPN and then doing the online lpn to rn program may work better for you.
  13. by   NoWaNrN
    You can make it through this program if it is only say 15 months, anybody can do any thing for 15 months. If you daughter is you she wont remember this, and when you finish school you can buy her any thing she wants! I have the same problem you have and after awhile its like seperation anxiety! It is really hard but tough it out, your family will be very proud of you when your all done!