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  1. tlackey

    Chronically late patients...

    How do you all handle late patients? I work in a peds clinic where there are a fair amount of chronically late patients, not 5 minutes late, but more like 15-20 minutes late. They never apologize, or acknowledge that they are late at all. The MDs don't really care - they think of it as income no matter what time the patient arrives, so we have no official late policy. Additionally, it is difficult to make them reschedule because sometimes the patients are there for a sick visit and have to be seen, or they are well-baby checks and we typically schedule 4-6 weeks out, especially in the summer. Lateness is my #1 pet peeve, and I hate the fact that people are entitled enough to think that their time is more precious than anybody else's. If one person is 15 minutes late for their sick visit and we have to see them, the next scheduled patient who shows up on time will not be seen until 15 minutes later. I wish there was a good way to indicate to these parents that they are late, and it is just plain rude and will now make everyone else behind. Does anyone have a good zinger to lay on these patients?
  2. tlackey

    Denver School of Nursing --

    One of the girls in my class contacted CU about a year ago to see if they would take our credits, and they said that yes, they would. However, I don't know of anyone personally who has gone on to finish out there BSN there yet. As far as Children's goes, our instructors told us directly that they pretty much only take Bachelor's level nurses. Evidently the hospital won't admit this, but the BSNs are always preferred there from what I have heard...which is strange considering some of the ADN classes at DSON (mine included) had clinical rotations at Children's. Some people in my class were interested in getting jobs there, but were highly encouraged to save time and money and just wait to apply until after getting a BSN. But maybe things have changed by now with their move to Fitzsimmons.
  3. tlackey

    Denver School of Nursing --

    Hi - I just graduated from the ADN program at DSON on June 22nd; took my boards this past Wednesday and passed (yea!). As far as I have heard, everyone in my class except one has passed, and most people stopped at 75 questions, which is the minimum. Everyone I graduated with had jobs lined up before we graduated, primarily at the places where we had our final capstone. I know several people who got jobs at Denver Health, and a few at Littleton Adventist, one at St. Anthony's Central. I don't know of anyone who had any difficulty finding a good position. The program was very intense, it seems now like it really ruled my life for two years. But I did get a good education there, and made some lifelong friends too. Good luck! -Tracy
  4. tlackey

    University of Phoenix in CO, LPN to BSN

    Hi, I looked into Phoenix just a few months ago. The program is 30 months and costs about 24,000 for the program. You have to go one night per week for the 30 months, and the class changes about every 5 weeks. The majority of the classes are at the Lone Tree campus in S. Denver, but some of the classes can be taken at other Phoenix campuses if available. Not sure exactly which credits will transfer in, but she said that if you have already taken a class that is in their schedule and it will transfer, you don't have to take it again, so when that class comes up for the 5-week session, you just won't be in class at all during that time. Does that make sense? It took me about three months to get a reply from someone, but I have her information (her name is Michelle) if you want it. Just PM me or email me: tracy@lackey.tc and I can give you her number at the school. It sounded like an interesting program, but it is a lot of money and 30 months is a little longer than I wanted.
  5. I'm taking my boards next week, and am a little overwhelmed with all the study materials available. When I review books like Saunders or Mosby's, I feel like I'm redoing all the stuff I already studied in Med/Surg or Pharmacology. So I've been doing questions in the books and on the CD-ROMs, and I've been doing okay, but I've heard from other people who've taken the test that a lot of it is pure critical thinking and common sense more than memorized information. Did you study for weeks on end? Do you think it helped or it wouldn't have mattered? Or did you not study much at all, and felt you should have studied more or were glad you didn't study too much?
  6. tlackey

    CCD LPN-RN online

    Does anyone know anything about this program or have experience with it? I'm looking into it, but I'm kind of confused as to who to contact about it: CCD, Colorado Community Colleges online, or Colorado Community Colleges (since all the CC's now go through that one system). I think it sounds like a good program, and it's cheap. I haven't heard too much about it from actual students though. Any advice? Thanks!
  7. tlackey

    Looking for LPN school in Colorado

    I just finished the LPN program at DSN, and I'm now in the RN program, graduating June '07. Becky Lynch (one of the deans) told our class they expected to attain accreditation by late spring of 2007. They are still working on going through the accreditation process, but now that DSN has had a few classes graduate (the first BSN class just graduated June 30th) it may make things a little easier. I really like DSN, primarily for the instructors, and I have heard good things about the BSN programs. As far as I have seen and heard, most area hospitals like our students and have no problem hiring anyone from our school. I think at first, there was some hesitation since we aren't accredited yet, but I think we have proved ourselves out there as worthy nurses. I have had clinicals at Children's and St. Anthony's North. Good Luck! I'm sure you'll like it.
  8. tlackey

    Looking for LPN school in Colorado

    Hi! Regarding winnie's post from yesterday, I haven't heard anything about instructors not showing up at clinicals. I'm in my fourth clinical site and all my teachers have been there. I think the person you heard who had this happen six times may have been exaggerating, or was an isolated incident. Maybe in the RN program it has happened, but not that I know about. Plus, there is a new RN program director who came last quarter, I believe around the first of the year in January, and I did hear that the old director had some "issues" (don't know exactly what that means) but the new one is really proactive. One thing you may hear is that the LPN program is having trouble getting clinical sites, but that will soon be a null issue because I am the last LPN class; they are going to strictly a 2-year RN program soon. Regardless of any trouble getting sites, I and my classmates have all had placements by the beginning of the quarter. More importantly, all the clinical instructors I have had are very experienced. Most of them have been in nursing (a lot of travel nurses) for a long time, and have been teaching and like teaching students. Good luck , let us know what you decide! Tracy
  9. tlackey

    Looking for LPN school in Colorado

    Hi! I currently attend DSON, I started the LPN program in July 2005, I'm just about to start the last quarter of the LPN portion, then I'll go right into the RN program (1+1) in July of this year, finishing up totally in March 2007. I really like it there..yes, they have their issues but so does any other nursing school. DSON is really trying to get accredited, so it's not like they're going to do anything to screw it up. Most of the teachers are really great, so I feel like I'm being challenged in my classes. I really like that the school is small, it's kind of an everybody knows everybody else thing, and when you run into a teacher from three quarters ago they still remember your name and ask how you're doing. It feels very personal. We just got some new administrators a few months ago, and they are really working hard to make the school a frontrunner. Of course, the first LPN class just started taking their boards a few months ago, but everyone who has reported back to the school passed and are getting jobs. The really good thing is that we have good clinical sites: Children's hospital, St. Anthony's, etc. And the hospitals and LTC centers that we go to really like our students, so they are happy to hire and ask the school to post jobs. I have made great, great friends. There is no one in my 21-person class who I couldn't call for help. We always have a great time in class and hanging out outside of class (we go to lunch, go for a drink after school, etc.) We just went to 11-week quarters and two week breaks in between, so the quarters go really fast. Yes, it is expensive. And they aren't accredited yet. But I never regret my decision to go to DSON, and I don't think anyone else in my class does either. I have found that the students who complain about the school are the ones who don't have good grades. The first quarter is the hardest, but don't give up! Good luck! Tracy
  10. I'm sorry I have to come out with this, but I am currently a student as DSON and I am tired of seeing other BSNs and previous grads at other schools trying to give DSON a bad rap. Don't knock it until you've tried it. YES, DSON is expensive...but so are any of the BSN programs, specifically Regis and CU. That goes for the "occupational" schools as well (Concorde, etc.) Any school specializing in a certain area will be more expensive because they have less students than, say, FRCC. I have had experience with FRCC, and took my prereqs there, and the administration is no better there than anywhere else. YES, DSON is new...very new, and they are obviously still trying to get a handle on their programs. But they have plans to expand it and they are doing the best they can without much support from the state. I really feel like their #1 goal is to help the students reach their goals and keep them abreast of new changes. I would have loved to see FRCC or Regis or even CU in the first two years of their programs. Nobody is perfect in the beginning. NO, they are not accredited...but most ADN schools aren't (if you go to the State Board of NUsing website at http://www.nlnac.org/Forms/directorySearch.asp you will see that only Otero and Pueblo are accredited at this time). At least DSON is trying to get theirs. It doesn't happen overnight. If you go to most employer sites for nurses, they require graduation from a STATE-APPROVED nursing program, not specifically an accredited one. There are some problems with administration at DSON, and they don't try to hide it. Many of the teachers truly love teaching and they are knowledgable and helpful; they really know their stuff. Many of them also teach at CU or FRCC. Overall, I love my classes; I love going to school there and seeing the people that I have become so close to in the last few months. The classes are small; I see the same 28 people every day, and we are all in the same boat. I like the diversity and thoroughness of the program. Most of our teachers are awesome, and I love my clinical instructor. They are interested in making sure we really learn our stuff and become great nurses. I have never had one teacher initimidate us or try to make us feel like we won't succeed. I feel that we are getting a well-rounded, diverse education. I feel that I really have to support this school. If there was one school I would not recommend it would be FRCC...I took all my prereqs there, and they do not have a care in the world about their students. They just want all the money they can get for a substandard education. And they get a kick out of screwing over their potentional nursing students. I'm glad I didn't wait for them and called DSON. So to all those of you who are close to graduating or have recently graduated and think that implies that you owe all of us beginning students a "professional" opinion on your part, I say "No thanks." Obviously you do not have an open mind and I feel sorry for your future co-workers who may not have the exemplary education that you feel the need to brag about. We all go to the same clinicals at the same places, and we all take the NCLEX. If I'm looking for advice, I'll ask a real professional..which means someone with integrity who values a good education no matter where it comes from. And to those students looking to start DSON...good luck! It's challenging, but fun.
  11. tlackey

    Denver School of Nursing

    Hi Dana! I started the day LPN program at DSON last week too. So far I really like it. My teachers are pretty nice and I like the people in my classes. You'll be with the same people every day that you have class, so it's like high school. Right now in my first session, I have class Wednesday 1-4, Thursday 8-3, and Friday 8-4. In a few weeks, we start clinicals once a week for eight weeks. You can choose your clinical site, day and time. This session we had a choice between Monday day (6-2), Monday eve (2-10), or Tuesday day (6-2). I know a lot of people in the class who are still working, but part-time at the most. One guy is doing CNA work during the night shift. You can work for sure, but it won't be much. The only reason I say that is because your classes will change every twelve weeks, so the schedule is always changing. I'm only working weekends right now. There is also an evening program, which you probably already know, that is four nights a week starting at six plus clinicals.I like the day classes though; they're pretty flexible and I like being home in the evenings. If you have any more questions, feel free to email me! Hope this helps - Tracy
  12. Hey all - I'm actually an RN student, and I'm looking for a good pair of shoes to keep me out of total pain for 12 hours on clinicals and then when I get into the working world. I love Danskos, but I haven't worn them for that long a time standing and working, and I have sciatica that gets whacked out if I'm not careful. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or on the sciatica note, do any other nurses here have this? Mine has been bad since my pregnancy a year ago, and every once in awhile, something gets it out of whack and it is so painful I cannot even walk at all. I'm doing stretches, my DH says I should do acupuncture or "body work" (we live in Boulder, CO; what can I say?), but at times the pain gets so bad it runs down my rear end and the back of my thigh for hours. I'm worried that I'll get a "sciatica attack" while I'm working. Any suggestions? Thanks, Tracy