1. So we were talking in class today about going for RN after we.finish PN school (about 7 months left) and apparently most schools want you to have your LPN license and be working for a year before you can get into a bridge program? Does.any1 know if this is true or if.there are schools that let you go.right into the bridge program after taking the state boards? Help please
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  3. by   turnforthenurse
    I am honestly not sure, but your best bet would be to call your prospective schools and ask what the admission requirements are.
  4. by   Denisse-LPN
    I am not sure...I have never heard that. But maybe it depends on the state. Here in CT the school I'm in accepted me not having any experience. Try calling the school of interest.
  5. by   prettymica
    It depends on where you live. It was true for me here in Ga. They require a letter from your job stating that you have worked X amount of hours.
  6. by   spearsfm
    O ok..I'm in PA and the school I go to are starting.their RN program for.the 1st time the same.month.I graduate and.first.they said.u can just transition in their saying.u have working for.a year Idk.I.mean I.have no.problem working for a year first so.I can save up some $ but.then again I wanted to start right.away so.the information is fresh..
  7. by   rreitterer
    I don't know where you are in PA but that is what all the transition programs I looked at said in southern PA and northern MD. I originally went to school in PA but now have my LPN in both states and actually decided to do a bridge program in MD. Quality experience will make any transition program easier for you in the long run.
  8. by   CT Pixie
    I'm an LPN with 3 yrs experience when I started my LPN to RN bridge in CT. I had other LPN's who had literally had their license a month before starting at the school. The only requirement was that you held an unencombered LPN license in the State of CT.

    The bridge programs in CT do not require any work experience as an LPN to do their bridge programs. But I have heard of other States that require X amount of time working as an LPN before being considered for the bridge program.

    Best way to be sure about your State is to either contact your Board of Nurses and/or contact the school(s) you are interested in and see if they have a requirement.

    Best of luck.
  9. by   ShesAcuteNurse
    Yes. Where I live, the school that offers the bridge program requires a year of work as LPN first.
  10. by   HeatherMax
    Here in VA, or at least in my neck of the woods, we are required to have worked as a LPN for at least a year before applying to the bridge program.
  11. by   AM326
    It really does depend on where you live and what the program requires, here in TN, you ARE required to work 1 yr prior before taking the bridge program. Make sure you find out when the admission dates are for each because the one college here has a bridge program that's offered on every EVEN year...and then another college in NW GA offers the same bridge program every ODD just check and make sure :3
  12. by   JustBeachyNurse
    It depends on the school and if the board of nursing has any requirements. In my area the local county college ASN program requires a year or 1000hrs experience working as an LPN. The next county colleges north & south have no such work requirement but an active unencumbered license and all pre-req's before you can challenge test out of up to the first three nursing classes. My county college only lets you test put of one nursing class