Passed NCLEX-PN!!

  1. just want to thank everyone for all the support in waiting for my results for my nclex. i passed, "thank the lord", good luck to anyone out there still waiting on test results!!
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  3. by   shanLPN
    Congratulations, nurse!!!:smiley_aa
  4. by   donsterRN
    Excellent news!!!
  5. by   TheCommuter

    :mortarboard: :kiss
  6. by   khrissi17
    Congratulations! I just found out on Sunday I passed too! Yay! lol Go Kaplan! Go God! lol Yay!
  7. by   mighdeetee
    Congratulations!!! I just found out I passed on Monday!!
  8. by   godsgift2
    COngratulations 2 all of you for passing your LPN exam hopefully I 2 will be posting I passed in the near future
  9. by   chitra718

    I Have To Appear For Lpn Examination. Can U Please Advise Me How Should I Study. Are There Any Website, I Can Practice Questions. Books, Cd Rom. Please Tell Me How Was It With U. I Hope I Will Pass Like U One Day. I Am 40 And Time Is Passing Fast. Please Advise. Thanks
  10. by   mighdeetee
    Good luck,

    I used the Saunders Review of the NCLEX-PN. It's a big orange/red book with a CD ROM bundle. The CD ROM is great. I just took the tests on the CD ROM which were about 100 questions and made sure I covered all subjects. This book was issued by my school. Just keep taking the tests over and over again and make sure you BRIEFLY go over what you didn't know.

    My questions stopped at 101.

    Once again, good luck!!!!
  11. by   HM7380
    YEA!!! I found out Monday I passed too!
  12. by   lpn4nowrn42012
    CONGRATS!!!!! Best of Luck in your nursing career.
  13. by   bkthicklady
    I am so happy that I passed that was a hard test.
  14. by   DelanaRN
    i'm so very happy for you!! congratulations nurse!!!! :d