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  1. Grady journal July 2011

    Wonderful Journal and Congrats NurseMomma11!!!:yeah:
  2. Looking for an Excelsior study partner(s) in NC

    Hello FuturisticLadee, I'm looking into Excelsior LPN-Rn bridge program and I have one more transcript to send this week. My goal is also to complete a bridge program by 2012. Hopefully I will be in the North Carolina area by the end of the year. ...
  3. Need your opinions

    First, Congrats on the first milestone........passing the boards. Based on what you indicated in your post, that's a wealth of information that I WOULD INCLUDE on your resume. I know the job market is ruff right now, but anything that can give you an...
  4. OMG, i cant believe it, I passed

    Congrats!!!!! and BELIEVE IT!!!!!
  5. Davis Q & A New Format for 2010

    Based on the posts I read here, I decided to check out Davis New Format for 2010. It was worth it. The questions were far more challenging. This is one investment I am happy to delve into now. So.....that my :twocents:
  6. Is it to late for me to become a Nurse?

    no it's not to late to become a nurse. you have an added bonus with rent, tuition, and book fees covered because you completed the navy! that would be incentive enough for me to jump up and do it! listen, you are as young as you feel. it's a bl...
  7. Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    i wanted to add.....with abruptio placentae i remember the difference by the first letter in each word as abdominal pain.................................................. whereas..................................with placenta previa since it only ha...
  8. 6th attempt on Nclex ---> PASS!!!!!

    congrats!!!!!:nurse:rn :) i am a firm believer in the power of prayer. always remember.........persistence overcomes resistance!
  9. So ready to throw in the towel and it makes me sad...

    Its really sad how some individuals like to "ride" new employees. What kind of examples are they really trying to set? You are to be commended for keeping your poise in the work environment and focusing on the optimal care of your patients. There i...
  10. Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    Delegation Principles: Do NOT delegate.....Teaching, Evaluation, or Assessment (TEA) Laboratory Values: Acetaminophen, Phenytoin (dilantin), Chloramphenicol, Theophylline ALL have normal range of 10-20 mcg(ug)/...
  11. Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    hello prado, the system wont allow me to send you a private message. i pray that you get this. i know that you are getting alot of requests for the random facts list. we are all so grateful. please be so kind to send me a copy of the random fact...
  12. Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    Hi Prado, Please email me a copy to Lpn4nowRn42010@msn.com Thanks!!!
  13. Passed NCLEX-PN!!

    CONGRATS!!!!! :balloons: Best of Luck in your nursing career.
  14. lpn to rn programs in new york city

    Does anyone know any lpn to rn programs in new york city? If so, is there anyone in a program or graduated from one that can give me feedback you experienced in refrence to the structure, ect.
  15. lpn to rn programs in new york city

    does anyone know any lpn to rn programs in new york city? have any completed an lpn to rn program in new york city or is presently in the program?