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orthopedics and telemetry
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godsgift2 specializes in orthopedics and telemetry.

34yrs old. wife and a mother of a 6.5 yr old

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  1. godsgift2

    I took the NCLEX-RN today!!! I'm scared :(

    I took my nclex-pn on friday april 2 i stopped at 85 ?'s i was so nervous got home about 10:00 from the testing center in st louis missouri did the pvt and got the pop up saying that i recently had register for the test contact a board member for further detail another test could not be registered 2 days later i found out i had actually passed so the trick really works good luck
  2. godsgift2

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    Just wanted to say the personvue trick worked for me took my test fri april 2, 2010 got the good pop up and today easter sunday morning found out i passed with quick results
  3. i'm studying from saunders comprehensive pn review and from the kaplan 2008 edition i really like this book i'm hoping to test the end of feb or first part of march good luck
  4. godsgift2

    I PASSED!!!!

    What nclex books are helpful with select all that apply and prioritizing
  5. godsgift2

    NEED Help- Infection Control Im Confused

    gloves and a mask
  6. godsgift2

    Graduating Class of 2010, come 1 come all...........

    Hey all i just graduated dec 3, 2009 it was a long journey but i finally did it!!!!! Jan 4-dec 4, 2009
  7. godsgift2

    I finally finished my LVN program...

    I know how you guys feel i just graduated from my lpn program dec 3, 2009 and feel like i don't remember anything
  8. godsgift2

    LVN Student going to Graduate this weekend

    Congratulations i graduate december 3 , 2009 i know what you've been going through my son almost died during my program and my grandmother did die october 28 and she was my life but through jesus christ all things are possible without my faith in him i wouldn't have made it again congratulations
  9. godsgift2

    Need help learning how to do meds calculations

    I know how you feel when i first started the lpn program in 2007 i couldn't grasp the math we had to do and my pharmacology grade dropped down so far i couldn't bring it back up because the math scores is apart of the pharm class so i got dropped from the program so while i was out and deciding when to come back i bought a book its called math for nurses a kapln publishing the isbn is 978-1-4195-9955-2 this book has helped me tremendously i started the program again this january we have 3 pharmacology test left math part is done just 3 drug test but i am proud 2 say i passed all the math portion and i'm getting a 90% in pharmacology right now so i hope this book helps you as well as it has helped me
  10. godsgift2

    Dosage Calculations

    I was horrible with math and failed every test except like one or two the first time i was in the lpn program i got sick and dropped while i was out getting better i invested in a book called math for nurses it was 16.95 by mary e stassi & margaret a tiemann really worth cause now that i'm back in the program i have passed every math test and my pharmacology grade is an b goodluck i hope this helps
  11. godsgift2

    I did it !... I am a nurse !

    Congratulations hats go off 2 u i hope to be in your shoes in december i'm keeping my fingers crossed again be proud of yourself
  12. In my class alot of people are failing we are getting ready to start our 2nd semester on may 8 a 79 on our grading scale is failing you have to have an 80 percent in all classes to pass
  13. godsgift2

    Math Help

    meds for nurses is a good book and has helped me so much
  14. godsgift2

    Best Practical Nursing Books?

    In My Nursing Class We Use The Medical Surgical Nursing Seventh Edition Book By Lewis, Heitkemper, Dirksen, Obrien, And Bucher Hope This Book Is Helpful To You
  15. godsgift2

    help with math???

    I Need Help With The Apothecary System And Household Measurements The Problem Is I Have Trouble Changing Cups To Ounces Or Tsp To Gallons These Are Just Examples. I Need Help I Start The Lpn Program July 1 Thanks For All Replies
  16. godsgift2

    books - apothecary system

    are there any helpful books to help better understand the apothecary system