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......its last semester...i am going out of my mind. dishes are dirty, laundry is behind..........kids driving me nuts, fiance wanna punch him....will these feelings ever go away???? i feel like i... Read More

  1. by   RXconnecticut
    Quote from MereSanity
    I am in for it starting this fall too. Just starting (LPN). 4 boys ages 5-9. Hubby is great but it will be hard (duh). Good luck to everyone and stay in touch as I am sure we will need to vent very soon.
    I know this is a old post,but I'm saying the same now & I told the WHOLE family....to start adjusting NOW...because it isn't going to be the same-MOM not doing it ALL anymore...but if everyone helps(even a load of laundry or settleing for 1-2 QUICK PRE prepared meals than all should be livable...it will go by quicker for them than for me.
  2. by   Drysolong
    Quote from rxconnecticut
    i know this is a old post,but i'm saying the same now & i told the whole family....to start adjusting now...because it isn't going to be the same-mom not doing it all anymore...but if everyone helps(even a load of laundry or settleing for 1-2 quick pre prepared meals than all should be livable...it will go by quicker for them than for me.
    my children are adults and gone, but i have custody of a 10-year old grandson and husband who are pretty self-sufficient. i have 19 grandchildren total and i enlist the help of the older ones by having them drill me on terminology, review questions, etc. they are a tremendous help.

    i feel for some of the younger mothers who listed their experiences. ([color=#333300]but you will all make it) i babysat for two grandchildren aged six and one, and another 10-year old grandson (total 4 children) last week and i absolutely went crazy, cleaning up after them and trying to study. (attempting to prepare for next quarter, which starts tuesday) as i'm writing this post, it just dawned on me that i have less than a week until school starts.

    much success to us all!
  3. by   smk1
    i have a couple of ideas that have helped wbut bear in mind that i only have one 3 yr old and my hsband is pretty helpful ( when i make him aware of the mess he is making)

    i cook in bulk and freeze the meals into portions. (large pot of spaghetti, bake lots of chicken, mashed potatoes, lasagne, stirfry etc...) this way you don't need to cook everyday just take it out of the freezer and heat it up.

    Buy paper plates in bulk and then burn or throw them away. (cuts the dishes way down!)

    do one load of laundry per night and 1 cleaning task (either vaccuum or sweep or clean 1 bathroom etc..) There is just no time to do it the way you used to!

    an other ideas for the OP?
  4. by   michelle95
    I know how ya'll feel. I just finished a semester taking 13 credit hours of pre-reqs for my RN. I, also worked 24-36 hours a week. It 'bout killed me, but, I did it. With a 4.0 none the less.

    Now, if I can ever start the bridge program...I would be so happy, but, my family already knows that we're going to have to pull together and mom won't be around as much. It's going to be stressful but it something that I have to do for them and they know it.

    I actually use this situation to teach my children. I tell my oldest about the importance of going to school before having a family. I make him think about how he misses me and how his kids might miss him if he waits to get an education. I think he's listening.
  5. by   RXconnecticut
    QUOTE"Reading this makes me so glad I have the family I do. When I need to study they vanish and return when I give them the ok My hubby picks up the slack when I have a test etc. GOOD LUCK "

    I'm not sure who wrote this but, I want to know your secret...I have 3 children...a boy 10 yrs ...girl...7 years..and a great hubby ..I'm 34 strarting LPN school..told that it'sREALLY hard..doing a night program & some classes online (9) ...can anyone tell me how on-line classes are...I'm a little w/ the times & manage to surf the inter. & e-mail, download & attach...you know the basics...how will I do w/ on-line classes?????? I can't imagine having to be a computer genius & a nursing student....please let me know what I'm in for!!!! thanks
  6. by   Nursing N 2004
    just wanted to say thanks to you all...after that frustration...there was much more..leading me not to be online and discuss...had to take another way to relax and vent etc...i think i found my way because i am making it!!! only 18 days until graduation on the 20th......then its state boards, but i know i will have atleast a weeks worth of doing absolutley nothing!!! its been fun! (haha) good luck to all of you out there...starting.....i am here if you need to vent!

    and yes...the laundry doesnt get done, dinner is best at mcdonalds, showering you do that at 3 am before you goto bed and then wake up at 6.....uniforms...iron them??? who says....its a fun life!!!

    nursing n 2004
  7. by   tiroka03
    Good for you. At this point it is all about survial. But, don't forget these skills, you'll need them in the future.
  8. by   EmbryLVN
    I was fortunate enough that my child wasnt born till two days before graduation. She was born 12/13/00. She is the most prettiest girl in the world. I lived with her mother up till 04-03. I'm am struggling with raising a child with a woman that has never really wanted to be a parent. The only time she has ever really truely wanted them is around Income Tax time. We never got along due to her 12 and 13 yr old boys. One is in a bootcamp and the 12 year is a total ***. Mother has never disciplined her children at all they cuss at her, gradmother, aunts, uncle etc. They have even hit, kicked etc mother. They are truely disrespectful.
  9. by   tiroka03
    I'll be starting my RN classes at Excellsior, and so begins round two. I just finished making out a job chart for everyone. It looks doeable. I've listened to everyones advice here and wil add it to my arsenol. I already cook ahead. But, now when I come home from work at 7am I will do a load of laundry, make lunches and start dinner, do 10 mins of paperwork - house related, and then begin my homework. I have 1 1/2 hours before my dtr heads off to school. Then it's off to bed for a good sleep. Up at 4. Dinner has been pre-started, so I just finish it, welcome my highschooler and my college kid home. We do a little housework and eat. I plan on a little down time with the kids when they are around. I'm a single mom, so the buck has always stopped with me. I dont think housework is that big of a deal anyway if you just get down and dirty and do it. I waste a lot of time trying to put it off. The actual work doesn't take all that long.

    I plan on a little TV before work, our house by my law gets quite at 8pm. Things start to wind down by a purposable plan. This way I know things will be ready to start up at 7am again the next. day. I know my kids are still awake and kicking when I leave at 9:30, but they are responsible enough to know I can monitor the living room by internet and can retract electronic privilidges the next day if they are goofing off too late.

    So, a little added stress, a little added homework. We are a big happy family, the more the merrier. We can handle it.