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Drysolong specializes in LTC and MED-SURG.

I've decided to change careers to Nursing. Skip to 2008: I am now working in MedSurg after 1.5 years in LTC and am currently an Excelsior RN student, hoping to finish by 2009.

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  1. Drysolong

    Question about Med/Surg...

    In the hospital that I work in, our department is termed med-surg. One floor is dedicated to medical patients, while the other is dedicated to post-surgical patients. There is no Telemetry monitoring on the "surgical" floor, so post op pts needing Tele go to the "medical floor". Overflow is handled both ways. Nurses' main assignments are either on one or the other, but we routinely and frequently get floated between floors.
  2. Your comment, "the bottom line was I just needed the time off to really reflect on what I wanted to do." is a very good reason.
  3. Drysolong

    what a day last wednesday.

    I understand calling the DON's cell #. Why didn't the nurse manager know to call the DON's cell? All of this information should have been included in your orientation as clear-cut policies. They dropped the ball, but the blame is put on you. That's the clarification.
  4. Drysolong

    Toxic Healthcare Personalities

    Healthcare workers who lose sight of the reason we are here, "the patient". Because of this attitude, they refuse to assist, answer questions or share their experience or expertise with others on the "team" on behalf of the patient. (I don't mean do other's work)
  5. Drysolong

    ER nursing in NC

    Hi Amanda: What is the cost of living like in Las Vegas (housing, car insurance, etc)?
  6. Drysolong

    Excelsior College Paramedic to RN Program ?

    Check out the DISTANCE LEARNING FORUM. Also, Excelsior is not necessarily an online program. You study from actual textbooks and take exams on computer at PearsonVue locations. Excelsior does provide online study resources. Beforehand you should determine if you can successfully study independently. There are Excelsior study groups on YAHOO. Hope this helps a little.
  7. Drysolong

    Does GPA matter in terms of getting a job?

    For better or worse - Some schools do just require maintenance of a "C" average. Mine (LPN - technical college) was one. As do some of the RN programs in my area also
  8. Drysolong

    The NEW Nurse (Not the ones AOL speak of)

    :yeah:YEAH!!! TO ALL THE ABOVE. JMHO 2!
  9. this situation is beyond words!! i agree wholeheartedly. i intend to also to work more diligently with my patients. i think that as nurses we must accept this type of situation as part of the job. no matter how many patients "fake", we have to still do at least basic assessment. there is too much at stake - a human life. shouldn't all personnel have basic life support skills (including security and clerical workers)
  10. Drysolong

    Does GPA matter in terms of getting a job?

    I also agree. I had a high GPA, but a "D" (my assessment) in experience & skill when I first graduated from LPN school. 4.0 + NCLEX = Nurse 3.0 + NCLEX = Nurse 2.0 + NCLEX = Nurse
  11. Drysolong

    New Nursing Student With Excelsior

    I passed Excelsior's A&P & NC1 last year. In my experience, NC1 was fundamentals that were covered in my LPN course. So I used my LPN course textbooks only. For A&P, I used the simple (made easy & for dummies type-this was a personal choice helping me with a foundation to build on) books plus a college textbook. (Not Excelsior's) Also, I basically followed the same routine for Excelsior's Microbiology. Oh (I almost forgot) I used Excelsior's practice tests for A&P. Helped a lot.
  12. Drysolong

    Bad Outcome....

    WHY? In particular.
  13. Drysolong

    RN with LPN license

    CraigB-RN: Hi, I notice you are in GA as I am. One of my previous instructors had both LPN and RN license. She stated specifically that she always kept up her LPN and CNA licenses just in case.
  14. Depending on size and location of city you live in, there is often childcare available that take into consideration 12-hour nursing shifts. As mentioned before, doctor's offices, or clinics and LTC, school nurses, (and some hospitals) have 8-hour options.
  15. Drysolong

    Do you start your own IVs?

    in the two places where i work, all nurses (lpn & rn) start their own iv's. no iv team. but you can always get help from others. on particularly hard sticks, we can usually get an er nurse to do it successfully. personally, i've only done 3. just beginning to get the hang of it.
  16. Drysolong

    Customer Service and 24 hour visitation

    This seems to be the way the bottom line is sending us. Bottom line being not patient health but revenues. I once thought that patient and nurses could be allies in advocating for better direct patient care and considerations, but so many patients and their families are focused on hotel amenities rather than actual healthcare.