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  1. Hi,

    I actually need some nursing insight about clinicals! I am making my girlfriend a care package for Christmas to survive clinicals, but I was wondering if anyone could give me ideas for little things you wish you had during this time. it's supposed to be a cute gift rather than something very expensive. i'm hoping to stay under 50

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  3. by   vintagemother
    I start nursing clinicals this week, so my recommendations are based on my CNA clinicals. Chapstick or lip gloss, a cute badge holder-the retractable kind, breath mints.

    If her school requires that she wears her hair up, then she might need scrunchies or elastic head bands or plastic head bands.

    If you can spend a little money, then perhaps a cute lunch sack, a nurse fanny pack or a nice, engraved stethoscope (ok, the stethoscope will cost a lot of money)
  4. by   CT Pixie
    small note pad, pens, gum/mints, maybe one of the clip boards that open up so you can put things in it (my clipboard was pretty thin but it was able to hold my paperwork for my careplans, my stethescope, pens and a pack of gum). Gift card to a local coffee place (D&D, starbucks etc)
  5. by   vintagemother
    Quote from CT Pixie
    small note pad, pens...Gift card to a local coffee place (D&D, starbucks etc)
    Yes! These items are also super helpful!!
  6. by   TipToeLPN
    Quote from vintagemother
    Chapstick or lip gloss, a cute badge holder-the retractable kind, breath mints.
    We were told that we couldn't have retractable name badges because patients would be inclined to pull them and snap you in the face. I agree with the pens and note pad. Maybe gift cards to fast food places that she could run to on her lunch or a cute bag she could hold everything in.
  7. by   mzrainydayz
    The items I take to clinicals..........Littmann stehoscope, penlight, bandage scissors, black sharpie pens, tiny notepad, wrist watch with a second hand, ID bage holder, clipboard that opens to store paperwork, tiny calculator................Hand lotion, mints, chapstick/lipgloss, snacks, tylenol.
  8. by   vintagemother
    Quote from lpn2014

    We were told that we couldn't have retractable name badges because patients would be inclined to pull them and snap you in the face.
    We were told we can't have the ones that hang around our necks because patients could choke us and they are weapons.

    HaHa! Rules, rules, rules. (-;
  9. by   pd4993
    thank you everyone! this has been very helpful
  10. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    Definitely get her some lip gloss every female needs one . I agree with everyone else, cute pens, cute small notebook, maybe a calendar book so that she is able to keep track of things (exams, quizzes, etc). Cute scrunchies to put her hair back, a small bottle of lotion for her to put on after she leaves clinicals from washing her hands, hand sanitizer from bath and body works, etc and put it in a cute lunch bag for her and also gift cards to Dunkin Donuts or places she could eat that is around her clinical sites awee this is too sweet good luck
  11. by   Twinkle007
    my equipement: pen, small notebook, lip balm, small hand lotion & sanitizer, and a gift card for fast food is perfect
  12. by   Jazziepants
    Clipboard, Chapstick, black pens the clicky kind, hemostats, dressing scissors, a water bottle, a pen light with a pupil gage, mints, shoe insoles, nice socks, lotion, hair ties. Pricey gifts pulse ox, thermometer with probe covers, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope.
  13. by   Jazziepants
    Oh oh a pack of sharpies too!
  14. by   Sadala
    small bottles of hand sanitizer. I ended up giving away like five of those to fellow students.

    One of those pens that writes in four colors (why do they want us to have one? I DONT KNOW. They just do).

    I covet one of those flouride bandage scissors that isn't supposed to stick but they cost around 11 bucks and I can't afford it.

    A cute insulated lunch bag (and maybe a couple of small reusable ice/gel packs for it). A nice tervis or similar cup with a lid.

    My penlight quit mid semester, so one with a battery would have been cool (good if it has circles on the side that show the size of the pupils in mm).

    A cheap calculator (don't know about other programs but we all have to have one at our school and we can't use any that are complicated or use a lot of functions - so basically, one that costs a dollar or so).

    calendar with enough room to write assignments and schedule would be awesome.

    thin white knee high socks (if you can even find them)

    white shoe polish

    clip on ID badge holder (but nothing retractable or that has a lot of crevices to get contaminated).

    We had to have a plain (silver or gold colored), small watch with a minute hand and a flexible band and the face had to be less than an inch across. Only cost about 10 bucks at walmart.

    Either spray starch or real starch if she has to starch and iron her whites for clinicals. I've gone through a ton of that stuff.

    mechanical pencils/Black pens. Never have enough of those.

    Bobby pins in roughly her hair color if she needs to put her hair up for clinicals.

    Note cards, hi-lighters

    does she drive far? a pre-paid gas card, even in a small amount, would be great.

    cards for restaurants, etc in the area of her school

    that's about all i can think of so far. Good luck, it's a sweet thing you're doing!