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Jazziepants's Latest Activity

  1. Jazziepants


    I just graduated tonight.... Now I am confused on what to do with all my time lol
  2. Jazziepants

    Almost there!!!

    Pinning is 6/13 here! So excited. I can barely contain it. Today is my last day precepting and Monday is my last final :-)
  3. Jazziepants

    Future LPN student

    My best advice is just take it one day at a time. At clinicals you will have an instructor with you. And poop can be bad...but you are a mom. You got this :-P
  4. Jazziepants


    I am almost done! Graduation is June 6th. I figured it out and for my finals I need med surg 45%, pharm 35%, and nursing issues a 25%. I am so ready to be done :-D
  5. Jazziepants

    Fall 2012 lpn classes

    Graduation June 13th. It's so close I can taste it!
  6. Jazziepants


    I laugh and walk away. Talk about me, I don't care. Don't like me, I don't care. I look at it as I am not there for friends even though I've made a few.
  7. Jazziepants

    pharm/drug cards?!

    I just didn't want anyone to take a test and think pril were beta blockers. :-)
  8. Jazziepants

    pharm/drug cards?!

    Pril are ace inhibitors. Just to eliminate any confusion. The way this is worded sounds like you were saying they are beta blockers.
  9. Jazziepants

    Virtual Clinical Excursions

    I like the game prognosis for smart phones. Gives scenarios with patients. It is fun and I learn A LOT from it.
  10. Jazziepants

    Basic pharmacology question

    My conversions say that 1 gr is equal to 60-65 mg. :-)
  11. Jazziepants


    Yes we use it. I find the review questions very helpful. I recommend it.
  12. Jazziepants

    Virtual Clinical Excursions

    We use them.... They are very mildly helpful to me. I really wouldn't waste my time with them. I am sure there has to be something better out there
  13. Jazziepants

    In third quarter

    Once you get used to questions that are select all that apply and put these steps in order it things go a whole lot smoother. Good luck.
  14. Jazziepants

    In third quarter

    I am 3 weeks into third quarter. I was hoping it would be down hill but it is like a never ending plateau. But none the less JUNE 13TH here I come! I have been told that 4th quarter is down hill :-) how is everyone else doing?
  15. Jazziepants

    Fall 2012 lpn classes

    Over half way there!!! June 13th! :-D
  16. Jazziepants

    question about charting

    List vitals: tpr bp o2 and pain. Skin turgor less than 3 seconds. Heart sounds irregular and rapid. Capillary refill less than 3 seconds. Pedal pulses present and strong bilaterally.