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As an LPN, where do you work, what do you do? Do you work in a hospital, doctors office, LTC facility? If you work in a hospital, what department do you work in? What type of doctors office do you... Read More

  1. by   Sendieloo
    I work in an Intensive Care Unit and LOVE it!
  2. by   jimthorp
    Quote from mindyg22
    As an LPN, where do you work, what do you do? Do you work in a hospital, doctors office, LTC facility? If you work in a hospital, what department do you work in? What type of doctors office do you work in? What? What are your duties there? Just curious as to what my options are when I get to go back to school.
    I work in LTC/Rehab. I basically do everything the RN's do except those not within my NPA. I have 25-50 residents.

    Pass meds, perform tx, admissions assessments/paperwork, take doctor/family orders, discharge teaching, order meds, alert doctors to clinical changes, go over/fix next month's order sheets from pharmacy, assess wounds and make tx suggestions to doctors, write careplans (occasionally), badger pharmacy when med are not sent, badger dietary for their frequent mistakes, refer res to speech-PT-OT, sometimes make f/u appointments and transportation, perform primary CNA functions...

    Also charge nurse a couple days a week.
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  3. by   cali2fl
    I work at a Pediatric Day Health Care Facility. I work with G-tubes, trachs, and mostly wheelchair bound children. Most of my kids require breathing treatments. The facility is a preschool for typical and medical fragile children. I work with teachers, CNA's, and other nurses. On the weekends we have a respite program. I can have up to 9-10 kids on the weekend, but that is rare. I am moving to Pensacola, FL soon so I hope I can find a similar job. I love my job and I am sad to be moving. It is so rewarding.
  4. by   nursesaideBen
    While I still have 1 more semester of LPN school left I work at a hospital as a CNA on the Medical Care Unit, I LOVE IT! I worked at a skilled/LTC nursing facility and an ALF for the first year that I was a CNA, I loved working with elderly people but eventually the staffing ratios and routine got to me. I've been with the hospital 6 months this January and it's been the best fit for me, they do hire LPN's and hope and pray to continue working for them once I finish school. The nurses on my floor begin their day by getting report on the 4-6pts they will be taking care of, they then do a physical assessment on all their patients, see what current orders there are, administer medications, tube feedings, trach care, IV starts if the current IV is infiltrated or the patient has been there for 72hrs, assist the physician with any special procedures such as a chest tube insertion or thoracentesis, etc. As the Commuter stated, you're not going to get rich working in a hospital as an LPN lol that's for sure. But everyone is different some love LTC some love Med/surg some love office work, home health, hospice, etc. All of these different paths can be equally rewarding and are equally respectable, go with what you want to do!
  5. by   Hopeslayer
    I work in a SNF on the sub-acute/rehab unit. I work 11-7 and the average number of PT's are about 30 any given week. I pass meds, do assessments, many prn's clinical referals and discharge paperwork, FSBS and insulin, and of course treatments ranging from observations to wound packing and vacs.
  6. by   dorieabsLPN
    I woek in a home for adults with brain injuries. Gtubes trachs lots of rehab. We have 11 people who live there. I get to spend a lot of time with each resident. It is a fantastic job.
  7. by   tatgirl
    I am a one of 2 charge nurses on 3-11 on my unit. I have 23 residents that I pass meds to, do treatments etc etc..... I love my residents and my job for the most part, but I am considering doing private duty nursing for peds cases. I am a new nurse (licensed in June 2006) My experience at work includes g-tubes,trachs, etc. It is never a dull moment in LTC, but mgmt expects us to do all of our work in 8 hrs w/o ot.......

  8. by   Beary-nice
    I work in med/surg and my duties range from giving baths and helping pts to ambulate to doing full assessments with charting and passing meds...however not IV meds. I do hang IVs that are "non-medicated." Sometimes I am the admit and dismissal nurse.

    As a LPN I have worked also in a transplant unit, ICU, telemetry, OB postpartum and nursery, long-term care, rehab, mental health, outpatient surgery, pediatrics...pretty much everywhere but a clinic or surgery or home health. Those are just my experiences.
  9. by   vnightingale06
    I'm an LVN and working as a home health nurse. My pts. are geri who were recently discharged from being admitted in a hospital. I visit them to assess and do teachings on disease process, medication, S/SX of illness, med SE and sometimes do wound care, administer insulin. I enjoy my job now compared to be in LTC facility and I love driving to pts. homes especially when the co. provides you a service car, free cellphone, and gas reimbursement.
  10. by   cheerfu60
    Quote from JamieB
    I do pedatric home health. I go into peoples homes and take care of kids that are on vents, have trachs, feeding tubes etc. I am in Texas and make $20/hour. Sometimes I feel like a babysitter more than a nurse. But the job is low stress for me, which is what I need while I am in school.
    Hey what city are you living in I am moving to texas after nursing school and I am looking for jobs to seek, did you go through an agency?
  11. by   joyrck9
    I work at a hospital in NYC an a med/surg floor. I have been working here for just over a year now and have learned soo... much. Here the LPN is responsible for med passes(po, IV, injections..), treatments, patient teaching, starting IV's, assist RN in implementing the plan of care, assisting in codes. The only things this hospital does not allow LPN's to do is hang blood and perform the INITIAL assessment upon admission.
  12. by   blueberrybon
    I hope to be able to say: "I work in a doctors office from 8-5 monday through friday".

    My interview is TODAY! I haven't interviewed in 17 years!

    Maybe I'll be letting you all know my job description by next week .

  13. by   aprylddd
    I currently work at a Skilled Rehab/LTC Facility, my title is Quality Assurance/Staff Developement/Infection Control. My duties entail providing all Staff Education, Inservices,Training,Monitoring of facility infections acquired and admitted, ensuring that policies are in effect and carried out at all times, Chart audits, Staff audits and evaluations, preparation for annual State visit as well as, developing plans of correction for any identified complaint issues. Most of my time is spent following up on issues Identified developing sub-committees, that help in determining plans to correct Identified issues then I Educate the Nursing staff, and monitor for compliance