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  1. Beary-nice

    what do nurses hate about doctors?

    Things I dislike... 1. Poor to illegible handwriting and then a tempertantrum when you ask for clarification. 2. Holier than thou attitude. (We are all human...get with the program) 3. Pt trying to or wanting to ask questions only to be brushed off or doc has one foot and both ears out the door. (Stop and listen to what your pt is saying or asking) Those are some of my biggies. I agree with much of what other posters wrote.
  2. Beary-nice

    Math problem confusion

    Thank you for the positive comment. Thank you also again to Nightmare for commenting about PMing. I hope I was able to help the OP.
  3. Beary-nice

    Math problem confusion

    I think we are allowed a little spelling boo-boo or typo every now and then.
  4. Beary-nice

    Math problem confusion

    That is what I came up with sort of... 60x15gtt/30min=30gtt/min or 120mL/hr Oh, and I agree with what you got on the first part or the 10mL part.
  5. Beary-nice

    RANT: Orientation

    :DEnema???? Now that is awesome!!! Good grief...what they won't do. You will be great, don't let it get you down...and if it is a bull whip free zone...all the more a plus! Rock on and show em you can do it!
  6. Beary-nice

    Math problem confusion

    So, if you are able to PM me and feel comfortable doing so, I would try my best to help you. You are not dumb, there are still dosage calcs that after about 20 years of nursing I still have to think about. Thank you Nightmare, I don't know all of the quirks about PMing etc. Thanks for clarifying that for both of us.
  7. Beary-nice

    Math problem confusion

    I want to help you, but is some of the problem missing?
  8. Beary-nice

    Took nclex 75 questions..what does that mean

    Yes you can pass with 75 Q's...I did...so did many of my classmates. Me thinks you did awesome!!!!
  9. Beary-nice

    RANT: Orientation

    You are not saying anything I did not hear at my orientation back in 1988 or the one I had in 2006. It is too bad that they have to cram negativity down one's throat, but take it for what it is. If you are willing to succeed and can maintain positivity, you will get through. I remember my first orientation way back when, the instructor came around the corner with a bull whip and said "Okay girls lets go, otherwise there is the door, you can turn around now." I was 18 years old and scared out of my mind. She knew it too, and was very negative and made a point to embarass me and others. But, in the long run, I showed her I was there to stay, that I did, with all my heart want to be a nurse. I learned more from this woman than any instructor I ever had then or recently. I saw her a couple years ago, she is long since retired. I told her I went back to get my RN, she gave me a hug and said "I knew you could do it, you girls that went through your LPN with me went through tough times, but you have the ability to overcome and succeed." I know that was prolly way off subject, but your posts are taking me down memory lane just a bit.
  10. Beary-nice

    I PASSED!!!!

    Way to Go!!!!! Congratulations!
  11. Beary-nice

    omg omg omg I PASSED!!!!!!!

    Way to go! Knew you did it...now take another deep breath!
  12. Beary-nice

    it's over!!

    I think you did fine, now take a deep breath.
  13. Beary-nice

    Delegation Help

    I would think it would mean which one could be assigned to the LPN and mean the rest could be assigned to the other staff.
  14. Beary-nice

    NCLEX-RN shut off at 75, had 30 SATA!?!

    Congratulations!!!!! Way to go!!!! :loveya: Congrats to all who have passed the dreaded NCLEX!!! I too had the 75 Q....completely nerve racking!!!!
  15. Beary-nice

    Just some encouragement needed....

    Be prepared to ask for and receive help. Some folks can jump right in and others it takes longer. Be realistic. One day it will click... and the feeling will be bittersweet! Good luck and come here anytime, let us know how things are going...that is what we are here for.
  16. Beary-nice

    Hopeless? Hopeful? You be the judge...please

    Well, another update, been doing some talking to find out what is going on and the conclusion is that I am being poo-poo'd because of a few select folks not being able to see past my LPN experience even though it had been a very wonderful and rich one. I was told, I need to still learn about being in the RN role, which other than some of the hands on skills, I am not exactly buying. Well, this could be their loss. I have decided to stick it out in MS a little bit longer, in the meantime, I will feel out elsewhere. Thank you to all who have responded, you have all given me encouragement and useful information to use in the future. This is why I come here for the tough stuff that I can't get anyone else to understand.