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I live in Iowa. Well we got a very nice snow storm the week. I was not on the schedule to work, but 3 weeks ago said I would do some more training to help me with some of my work. Because of the... Read More

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    Quote from sbergmann17
    tow band
    P.S. what is a tow band? Not trying to be rude about it...I honestly don't know what one is.

    NM, asked and answered!

    For my previous job, it was written on the back of my work badge that I am "essential personnel" and that I am allowed to drive in case of a weather emergency. The unwritten part of that my job expected me to be there even in the case of a weather emergency.
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    A tow band means no flip flops, or bare feet, right?
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    Extreme winters for us northerners is another reason I like 12 hour shifts. Driving through snow three days a week is one thing. Having to do it five days a week is murder.
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    Brandon, some of us are part timers and only work a couple of shifts a week. I work with a lot of snowbirds. They disappear to Arizona every Nov/Dec and return at the end of Feb. They save their vacation and bank up their overtime to get the time off.
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    I personally would be really upset if I or someone I cared about got hirt or stuck in a blizzard trying to make it in for training or an inservice type thing. Also, I know what it is like to make it into work during hazardous conditions and then to illegally be held there for four shifts because the company is too cheap to call in emergency workers to relieve us. To the poster, I say what you did is ok and your manager should get over it.
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    Quote from Esme12
    Just to bring a little levity....your auto correct had fun " the 3rd degree threw text" and "text is the only water can get a hold of her"...LOL

    Well...when there are bad weather conditions and "Tow Bans" or "roads closed" to essential personnel only.....nurses are "essential personnel". Your work badge is actually your "pass" to make you authorized personnel. You now have a job that makes you essential personnel. Those road advisories are to tryb to keep the other isdiots off the road.

    Now...there will always be those that will not go into work due to weather. Their choice I guess. Just remember that in the future that if you don't go in....someone else does not go home. As a nurse and manager.....I always knew who would come into work and who would not. Ironically it was the ones who lived the closet who "couldn't make it".

    If you are driving slow you wouldn't fatally get thrown into a ditch and die in the crash....if you are going 20 miles per hour. Learn how to drive in snow....get snow tires and a 4 wheel drive/all wheel drive. Invest in tire chains. They are easy to out on and will save your life. Leave for work early....arrive late...go slow....they will be happy that you showed. Even if tire chains are illegal in your state get them. The times I have used them I would gladly pay the ticket if the trooper even saw me or would even stop me if they did.

    IN your car have a sleeping bag/blanket, ganola bars, gallon of water, flares, fix a flat, windshield deicer, scraper/brush, cell phone charger ( and I carry an extra charged battery with me) Never let your car get below a half a tank of gas in the winter, a shovel, rock salt or equilivant, good winter coat, gloves and a hat..........some areas of the country a block heater....and Yes, I carry all that with me in the winter. Even if there is a tow get stuck the police will find some one to tow you out.

    My most harrowing adventure to work was in the Northest/New England. They were predicting a HUGE Nor'Easter.....they were right. I lweft my house at 4am for my 8am start time and arrived at 9:30am when the commute usually took me 40-50 minutes. The conditions deteriorated quickly and the snow was at the bottom of my car windows before I realized it and thought ....maybe this wasn't such a good idea. I had a jug full of coffee a full tank of gas....and some good CD's.

    There were no plows, no police. I drove down the middle of the road because at least then I wasn't going off the road. I had my tire chains on and I thought if they want to stop me I'll give them a cash prize right them and there! Tire chains are illegal where I live.

    I got there...late....but safe. My co-worker was never so glad to see me...

    You probably should have gone in especially as a new employee. Now your boss is wondering just how reliable you will be for her unit. But we all make choices....if your choice was right for you then so be it....don't feel guilty.

    I wish you the best....Happy holidays!
    Great tips!