Please pray for my situation..

  1. A little background on the situation: The DON has not liked me from the begining (less than a year ago when she got there). She befriended a fellow LPN who is a back stabber and tells her anything and everything that goes on. She also GAVE her a small Yorkie (dog that sells for approx. $1000) as a "gift". That is a very small example of their friendship.

    On Thursday, I was called in the DON's office and written up twice. One "write up" was for Skin Audits & Treatments.
    First write up: Skin Audits not done weekly as required. Treatments not done over the weekend. It has always been our policy that "whoever is working a particular hall on the day that skin audits are due will do the skin audits".
    The truth: I was not there working on the dates that they were not done.....she wrote me up anyway and said it didn't matter that I wasn't there. About the treatments....I told her that not only did I have another nurse that could be a witness that I had done my tx's, but a MD who came in to see a pt could verify that I had done them (he watched me). She did scratch that one out.
    Second write up: Partial ampule of demoral found on cart. There was documentation where I signed out the demoral with pt name. My mistake was not filling out a sheet of paper on it.

    Thursday evening on the 2nd shifts first med round (3:30pm) she found a dose of meds that I failed to administer in a pt's room and took it to the supervisors office. On Friday (after I worked my full shift) I was written up for failure to administer the meds. MY fault....I walked in and the CNA was giving a bath, fully intending to return and administer the med, I forgot. Completely my fault.

    What I do not understand is that when she terminated me she could not tell me the policy and procedure for what I was being terminated for. When I requested the information, my immediate supervisor started looking for it and the DON's response to her was, "Don't worry about it. It doesn't matter anyway." I was very calm, cool, and collected, but I did remind her there were much worse medical errors by nurses that were not terminated who still worked at the facility (all of which were made between two LPNs). I told her that I did not understand why a different set of rules applied to me. When I named the incidents and the people (all of which are documented) I asked her how they still had a job and I did not. She had no response.

    I have received an influx of phone calls from my co-workers (and even people I worked with previously) telling me how "wrong" she was for firing me and telling me to "fight it". Although I know I was delt a raw deal; I am praying that God show me the path in which to follow. I have always wanted to own my on bakery, so this might me my chance. Please pray for my family and I in this time. I know there is a purpose for all this, and I am very anxious to find it out.

    Thank you,
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    :icon_hug: (((((Here's a hug)))))

    I see that you are in Alabama, which is a right-to-work state. This means that you have the right to resign at any time for any reason without notice, and that your employer has the right to terminate your employment at any time for any reason without notice. If you take these words literally, it means that your DON could terminate your employment.

    However, I would still consult with an attorney to lay all of the options down on the table.

    I am so sorry this had to happen to you. You deserve to be in a workplace that doesn't have a toxic environment.
  4. by   Sunshine97
    Sorry about your situation will pray for you.
  5. by   KimmieNEAL
    Yes, it is termed "Employee at will". Any employer has the ability to terminate employment for no reason.....however, you cannot terminate someone by applying rules to them that you have not applied to other employees in an equal capacity. So, what will be will be. I enjoy nursing, but God is going to provide a pathway for my bakery soon.
  6. by   para
    I am sorry to hear about your troubles and I will keep you in my prayers. Hang in there and good luck!!!!
  7. by   skittlebear
    It sounds as if you were definitely "wronged". I will pray for you and wish you the best of luck!!!
  8. by   Simplepleasures
    Quote from KimmieNEAL
    Yes, it is termed "Employee at will". Any employer has the ability to terminate employment for no reason.....however, you cannot terminate someone by applying rules to them that you have not applied to other employees in an equal capacity. So, what will be will be. I enjoy nursing, but God is going to provide a pathway for my bakery soon.
    Kimmie, you are correct "At Will" is the correct term here, seems like there is continuing confusion between the terms "at will" and "right to work". "Right to work" means that despite working in a union place you are NOT required to join the union, has nothing to do with the "At will" concept. Your definition of "at will" is correct in as much as you can be fired for anything and quit for anything, also disparate treatment is a way of proving you were discriminated against for belonging to a "protected class". This would be the usual discriminations like sex, age, FLMA,ADA, religion,sexual harrassment,and others.You will find all of the protected classes at your state workforce development site, EEOC, or NLRB, etc.

    Also in some states a healthcare worker is put into a protected class if she has reported illegal/unethical practices and is disciplined or fired in retaliation. I am now in a lawsuit under my state whistleblower retaliation protection act.

    Did this type of discipline and subsequent firing come after you complained about a patient care issue? Think hard, you may find yourself in that "protected class", then even though you live in a "at will "state, as I do, it wont keep your employers from getting sued for discriminating against you. Stay strong and determined, dont give up and let them victimize you, yes DEFINATLY applyfor unemployment!Get yourself an EMPLOYMENT lawyer.I have great attornies and have yet to pay them a penny, they took my case on contingency of winning , plus the state law that protects me allows for my lawyers fees ,should I win, if I dont win my lawyers dont get paid. PM me if you want.
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  9. by   hope3456
    Can you get unemployment compensation?? Have you filed yet?
  10. by   Hershey's Mom
    Good Luck Kim, With Whatever You Do... Im Sure Everything Will Fall Into Place As It Should. And That D.o.n. Will Reap What She Sew.
  11. by   nursynurseRN
    I think that even though the laws state "employee at will" or what ever, I think that the DON has probably done that sort of thing to other people. I would hold up a fight even if you don't get anything out of it accept an apology. It is so wrong that these people feellike that can intimidate you and do things without any consequences. I would write a letter to the owner, head of the company or to anyone above her who does not have any special intrests in the DON. I think you should open up your bakery, but I also think you need tofight for your rights.
    PS: your thoughts will be in my prayers
  12. by   CHATSDALE
    apply for unemployment they will have to respond with reason for firing

    walk away, this is not the place for you to bloom

    prayers said