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Ok I am a new LPN, graduated in December 08, took state boards April 3rd 09 passed (thank God)! I just received my license in the mail last week sometime, and my DON at my job told me they needed it.... Read More

  1. by   momtojosh
    my lic is haing framed on my den wall.....
    my job took copies....
    i never heard of a wallet size??
  2. by   labvampire
    Hell no! You keep your license and give them a copy. They can look it up online. Mine is on my wall framed. Illinois looks it up online for verification.
  3. by   Lexxie
    Quote from momtojosh
    i never heard of a wallet size??
    In PA you get a wallet size license as well as "normal" size one. Not sure why, but that's what they do.
  4. by   pagandeva2000
    I would not feel comfortable with them holding on to my ORIGINAL license. Heck, I EARNED it, have the right to show it to others and should not have to pay extra money to obtain another copy of it.

    I would continue to demand it back, sure. But, I would also order a second copy for your records in case they really try not to return it, and consider this as a lesson learned. That is a great deal of nerve on their part. Great nerve.
  5. by   amjowens
    I earned my license, it is MINE, and nobody (except the BON) can take it away from me! As for the paper form, it's almost symbolic, with the electronic form being the way most employers determine status. Still, I'd not let any employer take something that is SO mine.

    I think your employer might be trying to "bully" you, as you are a new nurse, and it's in the employer's interest to "take" your license, leaving you dependent.
  6. by   linzz
    I would insist that they return my licence. I am not even in agreement with anyone taking copies of my licence because it could just too easily fall into the wrong hands. Can your facility really 100% guarantee safekeeping of your licence.

    On line verification with your state BON should be enough.

    Sounds like you have a very controlling supervisor.
  7. by   sissiesmama
    Quote from calgirl123
    I would get it back, that sounds to weird. They should just make a copy
    That is what Louisiana has always done in the past -just make a copy for your file, never had someone just keep it. Just sounds a little strange.

    Anne, RNC
  8. by   tammy07
    In Tennessee you also get a wallet size and a larger one, its very convenient to have the smaller one
  9. by   kat7ap
    I have always had a copy made by my employer. I would never hand over my original to someone to keep. Number one that just too much a risk because you never know who's hands it could get into and number two I just don't see a valid reason for them to keep your original copy since you can verify everything online now.
  10. by   Mac83
    get your original license back. they just need a copy of it!!
  11. by   drmorton2b
    Wouldn't it make sense to have a paper copy or something on hand. Also they have no right to keep your license.

    What if it was an emergency and you had to get to work during a state of emergency (Blizzard, Tornado, hurricane, etc.). Showing that nursing license will allow the Police Officer to let you up the road leading to the place you work at.

    Employee ID would work also.

    Seems confusing to me.
  12. by   wyomtorlpn
    I agree...something "fishy" about them wanting to keep your license. Its yours, you earned it, and you are supposed to safeguard it.
    What happens if you get mad after a shift and quit one day? (hey, we have ALL been least thought about it seriously for a few minutes after a crappy day). You then have to go back and try to get your license back?
    What happens if they "lose" it?

    In Wyoming and Montana, we got 2 licenses: one to frame for the wall and one for our wallet. In Oregon, its just like the debit/credit card--hard plastic with nothing for the wall.
  13. by   Pipsqueak
    I also live in PA. My former employer held our original licenses as well. I didnt really have a problem with it. I retrieved it when I needed it for my part time job then gave it back. It was policy at the long term care facility I worked at. Not sure why, as like others have said, all they need is online verification now. Anyhow, when I resigned, I got my license back. No big deal in my opinion. However, they held the licenses of ALL employees, not just select ones.