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tammy07 has 1 years experience and specializes in LTC.

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  1. tammy07

    PLEASE HELP~~~My Job took my license~~~

    In Tennessee you also get a wallet size and a larger one, its very convenient to have the smaller one
  2. tammy07

    PLEASE HELP~~~My Job took my license~~~

    I wouldnt give it back...there is no reason for them to have your license
  3. tammy07

    I just got suspended

    Good luck and no your not the only one who has signed for meds that were either d/c or not given I have seen a lot of nurses give meds and then sit down and go down the line signing the mar and I have even seen them sign prior to giving mars jut cutting corners especially in ltc.....
  4. tammy07

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    did any of you do the workshop and if so was there a long waiting list..I am not sure what to do i am an lpn I got all my RN prerequs threw community college but I hate the idea of going back to the class room for 2 more years
  5. tammy07

    Does being a CNA equal 1 year experiance for lpn?

    When you two graduate keep in touch and 3 months after she begins her nursing career ask her how she feels about it now...I promise the attitude will do a 180...
  6. tammy07

    Reconsidering LPN/nursing after reading online blogs

    I agree with the others I have also vented in this forum but thats how I felt that day not everyday..being a nurse is great.......
  7. tammy07

    insulin but no syringe

    Boy did I mess that up I meant High bs sorry not a trick question....feelin stupid now
  8. tammy07

    insulin but no syringe

    This question was presented to me and I would like to get some feedback on it, If you have someone who has a low bs and needs to receive insulin but you do not have a needle would it be possible to put it under the tongue for some absorption or what would be an option....thanks:rolleyes:
  9. tammy07

    Tennessee LPN salary

    Knoxville runs anywhere from 15 to 18 in ltc. if you work nights or weekends the price will gow up
  10. tammy07

    From vet tech to lpn

    I just left the animal world 2 years ago, I went to lpn school and I have been working in ltc for a year I miss the animals and I still try to do a little bit of that but the pay is a lot better in the human world you can actually do more medically for the animals than you can people the major difference is that people bite harder...LOL
  11. tammy07

    new LVN at LTC

    Hang in there it will get better my first job after graduation was ltc and I was so overwhelmed felt like crying admiting defeat and moving on but one day you will go in and realize your done with your meds and its only been 2 hours wow..I have time for lunch and my bs are done. it will happen just give it some time good luck
  12. tammy07

    New LPN needs advice

    I was just wandering are you working yet and if so how is it going
  13. tammy07

    Need help re: tb skin test

    Is that the only place you run into that because I have had several of them in the last 2years and they have never had me do that..thanks for your response
  14. tammy07

    Need help re: tb skin test

    I have recently been told that there are 2 parts to the tb skin test (not the reading of it) Like you have to have the injection and then another injection and then a reading I have never heard of such a thing if there is something new I would love to know about it...please let me know if anyone has a clue
  15. tammy07

    Assisted Living

    Well heres it goes I LOVE IT...the staff is great the residents can talk to me I have half the residents I used to have and it has been a great experience I have worked for thursday and friday 13 hours both days to orient and I felt like i was barely even there...good move so far
  16. tammy07

    Too many life changes at once...

    Hang in there you have a lot on your plate I will be praying for you and Im very sorry that during such a time when you should be walking on cloude nine you have this life changing event going on...by the way hug the dog its a different world for her/him also