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Hi guys, I could really use some encouragement, thoughts from you all right now. I am a new LVN and have worked five months now in med/surg at my local hospital. I am really feeling I may need to... Read More

  1. by   lpnstudent40
    Maybe you could work in another department
  2. by   pagandeva2000
    I can comprehend how you are feeling. I recently received my license in June, and started orientation in med-surg. I am overwhelmed as well, but what is saving me is that I am hired to work in a clinic (I start there at the end of this month). I plan to do agency overtime in the med-surg unit to keep up my skills, but my main base will be the clinic, where I'll be doing flu shots and patient teaching. I do think that I can validate myself as a nurse a bit better working on the floors, but I refuse to lose the license I worked so hard to get, and I really think that the Creator knew what was best I was assigned to return to the clinic that I started in.

    Look for other opportunities and breathe deep. I understand how stressful this can be for new nurses.
  3. by   MimismomRN
    Thanks to all of you for all your thoughts and advice. Everything you have said I am feeling. This is a really tough start for a first job for this old new nurse. I just keep asking myself why did I go through all that school and stress only to be beaten down like this. I can't care for my patients the way they deserve because I have so many of them (12-14 or 15) and I feel like a failure when I am 2 hrs late with meds but there is nothing I could do differently. I am a hard worker, give up my breaks and lunch sometimes, come in early. It's just not manageable. I start part time in one more week with school and hope it will lift some of my stress just working two days a week. But yes as soon as I can get my experience (one year) or something else comes along I will run as fast as I can from there. I'm seeing my OB/GYN on 9/1 to get help with the menopause symptoms (anxiety, sweats, panic attacks, no sleep) and hopefully I will feel better soon. I want to get my RN but maybe I'm just too old. Still have five classes to finish and I just failed intermediate algebra which I took online over the summer (big mistake). Sometimes I just think maybe I can't do it after all. But I appreicate your help and encouragement so much. You are all my heros. Thank you so much. New LVN in California
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from MimisMomLVN
    I want to get my RN but maybe I'm just too old.
    You're never too old to advance in the profession of nursing. If you dream is to become an RN, you might want to do all you humanly can to make that dream a reality.
  5. by   Nur_1996
    I can really relate to the stress you are feeling. I am also a LPN working on my RN, I have been in many stressful nursing jobs, at different times in my career. I agree with some of the other posts, a job in a small assistant living, may be less stressful, and may even pay better. I am currently working nights in a prison, its not to bad. Maybe even a doctors office or clinic? I love nursing, and thats what I do love, many different specialities and choices. Hang in there.
  6. by   pagandeva2000
    You are not too old. At this moment, you are tired, overworked and overwhelmed, which is distracting you from your goal. Once this crisis settles down you will be able to think more clearly. If you think about it, maybe part time may be the answer to your prayers since you want to move on to your RN. This way, you may be able to better focus on your classes.
  7. by   txspadequeenRN
    A person can only handle so much BS before they crack!!! This is a overload and I think managment needs to step in and do some re-arranging. Now having said that ...What are the chances of that? So If I were you I would be for finding a new job. Look into the hospices agencies in the area or even LTC might be a option. Maybe a small drive to the next town for weekend doubles or something. Protect your sanity and your license at all cost.... good luck to you , I really hope you find a better opportunity..
  8. by   atexasnurse
    :spin: Don't give up on the profession if all that you are learning is that med/surg floors are not for you. I am a new LVN/LPN as well and knew from clinicals that floor work was not going to work for me. There are so many options available. But, if floor work is where you want to be, cut back to part time and do the best you can. The bridge is not easy and once there, hopefully more opportunities will open to you in your area.

    Believe me, you are not the only one overwhelmed. As a new nurse it can take quite sometime before you really get the groove down. Then when you do, the rhythm may change. At least that is what I am being told. Hang in there and we will all be pulling for you.
  9. by   Butterflybee
    sorry that you feel so discouraged. Look for another job that is a better fit for YOU. Places are different like the others have said. Dont give up sweetie you worked way to hard for this.
  10. by   nurse1995
    Hello fellow lpns!
    I am going back to the nursing home i worked at for almost five years. i left in 2000, and in between that time , in 2002 my youngest son died from a mva, he lived for 6.5 hours, and died in my husbands and my arms, he was 17 and a senior, anyway, i am orienting, and i can't believe how much more paperwork there is involved! i am feeling a little overwhelmed, and wonder what i am getting myself back into. but, the advantage i have is the fact i know this nursing home from one end to the other, plus , i get 20.67 an hour, 3-11 shift! But, since i will be working part time i figure i can handle it for the wages, i keep telling myself it is only a couple of days a week, but, i am nervous , i started orienting yesterday, the don will be giving me 10 days, it is coming back to me, as i am observing, but, man, the paperwork!!!!! I feel that since almost 4 years have gone by, (4 years Oct. 24) i need to dust off my license, and go back to work, nothing will ever bring my son back. i do have another one who is 25 and an emt at our local hospital, he also is a deputy coroner. i need some encouragement badly!!!!!!!! I too feel overwhelmed
  11. by   lindseylpn
    if the hospital is not working out for u, try home health. its far less stress and a lot better pay.