Lvn's in L&D?????

  1. my ultimate goal is to become an rn working in labor and delivery. right now i am in my first term of lvn school. . decided to go lvn first as i have 3 very small kiddos, a military hubby who is constantly deployed and i thought lvn could get me some good hands on experience before i ultimately go for my rn.

    i was under the impression that lvn's didn't work in l&d, but lately i've been hearing many many stories of new grad lvn's who are being picked up in l&d units and that makes me so thrilled!!! i would love to get experience in l&d as an lvn. if anyone is out there who is an lvn and working in l&d or knows an lvn who is working in l&d, please let me know. . i'd love to talk more and get more information on that!!

    thanks in advance guys!!!!!

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  3. by   jamangel
    Maybe it depends on where you live BUT most hospitals in this area won't hire LPN's for that are. The few that are there were there before this decision was made. Now there' a children's hospital here that will let you work with at least 5 years of experience but we're talking PEDS and not L&D.

    I'd like to work L&D and decided to work for PSA (Pediatric Services of America) to get some experience with kids and ended up working with some really sick babies. That job at least landed me an interview to L&D but that particular job was 45 min. away and didn't pay much.
  4. by   pagandeva2000
    My job does hire LPNs to work in Labor and Delivery (I live in New York). And, I know of other hospitals that have employeed them as well, but some of my friends worry about the risk, and have told me that they have to pay a higher price for malpractice insurance. I didn't feel that my school properly trained me for L&D, so, that would not be my personal choice, but, go for it! You'll get to see the ins and outs, and can see if you really want to work there...and you may see a bit for yourself by the time you get to that phase in clinicals.
  5. by   Jules A
    There is at least one hospital that I know of in my area that hires LPNs in L&D. Good luck!
  6. by   cardiacRN2006
    I worked as a tech in L&D for a while. After I left for greener pastures, I found out that they replaced all the techs with LPNs.
  7. by   TheCommuter
    A few hospitals still hire LPNs for L&D; however, the competition is fierce because virtually everyone wants to work in L&D. Moreover, the vast majority of L&D nurses are RNs. If L&D is where you wish to be, then you will need to become an RN.

    L&D job positions are scarce and many RNs compete to be hired for them. Therefore, many hospitals refuse to hire LPNs into the L&D department.
  8. by   nursingwon01
    Don't get your hopes up. I'm from the Boston, Southern NH area and have worked in OBGYN and PED offices. We did our clinical in L & D - and the RNs all told us they don't hire LPN/LVNs in their L & D. Its really a shame because they do hire Nursing Assistants.... who are the ones who answer all the bells and unless you just need your pillow fluffed or your water freshened your out of luck...... they only come in to tell you they will get a nurse and it will be approximately 30 minutes before that happens. I thought my years of experience would give me an edge, and I keep trying, but I think I'll have to resort to either taking a position as NA or volunteering with no clinical opportunities - but I can learn more by observation - and keep trying....
  9. by   feisty_lpn
    In the hospital where I did my clinicals and delivered my 3 babies, every nurse in L&D was LPN with extra certifications (ie: lactation consultant, IVs). There was one charge nurse RN per shift, but all others were LPNs. However, that is the only unit the hospital uses LPNs.
  10. by   txspadequeenRN
    As a LVN this is one of those areas that I think a RN should work in unless it is working with the RN or as a CST. I know in my nursing school I was never trained to read strips or check dilation even though I was exposed and did have a L&D rotation. It is definitily not within my scope of practice.
  11. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from txspadequeen921
    As a LVN this is one of those areas that I think a RN should work in unless it is working with the RN or as a CST. I know in my nursing school I was never trained to read strips or check dilation even though I was exposed and did have a L&D rotation. It is definitily not within my scope of practice.
    I agree. My LVN program never adequately trained me to work in L&D or postpartum. They merely trained me on how to answer NCLEX-style questions in obstetrics.

    I only witnessed one vaginal birth during my L&D clinical rotations, although I spent plenty of time in the postpartum unit. I was never taught to check dilation, interpret chem strips, or monitor laboring antepartum women through the birthing process.
  12. by   cardiacRN2006
    In the hospital where I worked, the LPNs didn't care for the mother, they took care of the baby when it came out. The took over that roll from the techs.
    When I worked in L&D as a tech, I certainly did more than fluff pillows! I had to be NRP certified, we learned to scrub, I set up the delivery trays and sterile instruments for the doctor, and assisted the doctor in delivery (handing him sterile instruments, sutures, etc). Once the baby was born, I did the VS, measurments, banding, heel sticks, and assisted with breastfeeding. When they got rid of the techs and employed LPNs, they took over this role, and in addition could administer the meds (Vit K, erythromycin to eyes) and could do assessments/charting.
    Definately a great place to learn!
  13. by   lindseylpn
    Around where I live, no hospital hires LPNs for L&D but, they will hire LPNs for the postpartum unit. Maybe you could work on a postpartum unit until you get your RN and then transition over to L&D. It would probabally be a good way to get your foot in the door.
  14. by   moodychick
    I would love a job in L&D too; but, in my hospital you can only work there if you are an RN or NA. We're MAGNET, don't you know!!! We were even given the same magnet pins as housekeeping; not the ones administration gave the RN's. Caused alot of bad feelings; especially from the RN's who consider LPN's nurses, too!