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Hello I am not an lpn but am thinking about becoming one and i have researched salaries. I have seen salaries as low as $12 an hour and as high as $18 an hour. What is the average starting... Read More

  1. by   Jewlie60
    I'm an LPN in MN in LTC. I worked at the same facitlity for 6 years as a NAR/TMA and was told when I finished school they would take all my raises into consideration and split the amount and start me at that much over starting pay of an LPN, so I expected to be started at about 2.00 an hour over base pay which is 15.50 an hour. They started me at .51 over base pay, then switched me to PMs so I did get a shift differential. In 1 1/2 years I got .23 cent an hour raise. The only bonus is that I can work more hours as an LPN and when they are short you can get great bonuses and that is where you can make more money, but the work load is heavy. 1 nurse to 32 residents.
  2. by   JesseLVN
    I'm just getting started in my nursing career, and honestly anything over $12 an hour would be great for me.

    Although i see some Texans posting $18-20 an hour....Hopefully i get as lucky as them.
  3. by   janluvscats
    I just got my first LPN job in ltc facility .. start this coming Wednesday night.. pay is 17.50 an hour.. so for me that's good. Glad to get it.. good luck to all.
  4. by   CrazyGoonRN
    Hey everyone! I live in the Nashville area and I graduated in Dec 2010. In private duty nursing I make 18/hr for day shift and 19/hr for night shift. I try to stay away from accepting private duty jobs because as a new grad I don't feel completly comfortable with it. I also work at one of the top nursing homes in Nashville and their base pay for a new LPN grad is 16.50/hr. I am PRN so my base pay is 19.50/hr. There is also a nice shift diff of 3/hr for nights. There is also a weekend shift diff but I'm not sure what it is. A fellow grad of mine took a clinic 8-5pm job (no nights or weekends) making 14/hr. I feel very fortunate to be making as much as I am. I think my pay is one of the highest in my graduating class. I have heard that home health pays the most in the Nashville area. I think prisions pay pretty well too. Another fellow grad of mine interviewed at a nursing home about 30 min away from Nashville in a small town and was offered 15/hr starting out.

    If you are interested in working for a nursing home. I would look it up at medicare.gov because it will give you a rating of up to 5 stars based on past inspections. The one I work at is rated 5 stars and that is one of the main reasons I pursued a job there. I just want to make sure I am not working somewhere that will put my license at risk.
  5. by   abbyann
    I made $17 in LTC, will make $14.13 in my new job (doctor's office). the pay cut is worth keeping my sanity.
  6. by   josinda421
    Quote from HisHands
    When I worked in the boonies of Northern Michigan, I made 15.40. Another LPN that had been a nurse for 23 years and worked at that particular facility for over 10 yrs was making 15.70. That's right... $0.30 more per hour. That's ridiculous.

    Now, I work in a metro area for $24.50. It's one of the highest paid areas in the state, though. But the facility is #2 in the state. So... it really varies on where you are geographically.

    If you don't mind, where in the metro area do you work?
  7. by   ky24
    Erie, PA - The hospitals in this area that hire LPNs start around $12.00 an hour, LTC pays higher around $16.50 an hour.
  8. by   chioma72113
    Im an Lpn here in arkansas...I work in LTC..started @19 per hr 3yrs ago..now im making 22hrly
  9. by   lulu67
    [quote=prado;4038923]i m new grad lvn...just got treatment nurse job at subacute nursing home.
    i m getting 31 $ per hour....in cali4nia.

    by the way i failed my 1st interview, and they offered me 25 $.[/quote
    i'm ust getting ready to move out that way in the oc area down south...waiting for my license and fingerprints to clear..are you still doing well? are there quite a few jobs in this pay range still? i ask because of the current state of our economy. i am hoping to find at least $25 an hour. i'll be living in gg or hb and i will need that to survive with the rent costs the way they are.
  10. by   NurseNatashaRN
    Most employers adhere to pay scales according to the cities, metro areas and type of health care facilities they operate. For example, even a national provider with facilities in many different cities will vary pay based on cities being segmented by A,B or C type cities. Example: New York - A, Atlanta - B and the middle of nowhere - C. It's unfortunate when we're all doing the same job that we're can't all earn the same pay based on where we live, but our profession isn't the only one that suffers. It has a lot to do with the cost of living in these cities, but it seems like the cost of living is high no matter where you are.
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  11. by   cynthiaNURSE
    HEY! I am a LPN, and have been for awhile. I live in the "SOUTH" lol, anyway , starting salaries for new grad , in long term, asst living starts out around 16.00, some do offer new grads up to 19.00. However in the hospital enviroment the pay is not so good, usually starts around 11.00 to 13.00. You may want to consider agency nursing, most start out around 25.00 plus, and many agencies are now offering benefits as well. Also look into "private duty", that position also can b e held through an agency, but you can also get your on provider number, and be able to do your own billing through the state in which you live. Im not real sure how that works, but I am currently looking into the possibilty of doing so. When I get more info I will be happy to share what I find out. Good Luck!
  12. by   smileyy27
    In arkansas. I started out making 19-20.50hr depending on facility. Although 2 hospitals pay round 12hr with some of the other hospitals start around 16-17hr. u given a lil extra with cna exp.
  13. by   McBunny
    LVN in central valley, CA. Recently hired at a subacute/rehabilitation facility and was offered $20.75 (I start next week).