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Hello I am not an lpn but am thinking about becoming one and i have researched salaries. I have seen salaries as low as $12 an hour and as high as $18 an hour. What is the average starting... Read More

  1. by   WhoNeedsaShot?
    Anyone know about Indiana?
  2. by   jaizone39
    Panama city, FL $12.75 for new nurse in hospital, sad.
  3. by   2008pn
    In tampa you can possibly make $27 if you are getting into dialysis
  4. by   henryswife
    Does anyone know the salary in for a new lpn in north carolina...ie...charlotte,raleigh...
  5. by   Sandwitch883RN
    WOW!.....the LPN's I work with complain that they don't make as much as RN's. I'm an RN and alot of LPN's that have posted make more money than I do! I live in the southeast so that might explain why I don't make much money...then again you know how everyone thinks that us nurses make sooo much money...LOL
  6. by   LiqueXX
    I was wondering if anyone knew the starting pay rate for a new grad in central Ohio? Also, how hard is it to actually find a job?
  7. by   ksangel
    found this on a web site for minnesota
    Nursing career progression and wages
    OccupationAverage Hourly WageU.S.MNTwin CitiesNursing aides, orderlies, and attendants$9.79$11.16$12.27Licensed practical nurses$15.39$15.23$16.45Registered nurses (includes advanced practice registered nurses)$23.58$24.61$25.58
    Source: Based on the 1999, 2000 and 2001 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) survey.

    that wouldnt be so bad. i started at 10/hr in 1998....when i left nursing 2 1/2 years ago i was making 16 in assisted living and skilled nursing facility. i really enjoyed the assisted living unit as compared to the skilled. i felt like i was it all for the residents. i was the aide, the housekeeper, the nurse, the friend, the computer tech....chief cook and bottle washer spometimes it seemed. yes kind of jack of all trades..... but it was never boring. and if it gets slow..... never ever let them know you know how to play the card game pitch....... they drove me nuts wanting me to play. there were a lot of sun afternoons (the slowest day of week). i would get stuck sitting in for at least a few hands and they always go upset when i said i hade to be a nurse for awhile. lol
  8. by   texasRN_14
    My Mom is an LVN and has been for over 20 years. She works in home health and gets paid $30 per visit plus mileage. She averages about 35 - 40 visits a week
  9. by   NC Girl BSN
    Quote from henryswife
    Does anyone know the salary in for a new lpn in north carolina...ie...charlotte,raleigh...
    In Raleigh the range in LTC is 16-20 hr. Some of the high class nursing homes pay poorly while the not so prestige nursing homes pay closer to $20. This also does not include shift differential.
  10. by   absolutenurse
    In the Northwest LPN's start at $20 and up
  11. by   SavageWist
    i have 10 years experience in LTC. your nursing homes will always pay more than the hospitals. and there are many nursing homes now offering health insurance, that before you could only get while working in a hospital.

    most salaries can be neg. in LTC. depends on your experience and how confident you are in your interview. the facility will always pay you the least amout per hour if you are willing to settle.

    LTC also has different ways to work emplyoees sch. i work what they call a Baylor Pay shift. it doubles on the weekends. i work 2 16 hour shifts on sat. and sun. and i am paid for 40 hours. when i break down the pay and include the 8 hours bonus pay, i make more then most RN. but i have been there a couple of years and i am older so i dont need weekends off.

    hope this helps you.
  12. by   absolutenurse
    Hey where do you work? I wish more LTC's incorporated the Baylor shift.
  13. by   l150
    At my work,LPNs start at $16. Agencies here have offered between $18 - $32 an hour.