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Hello I am not an lpn but am thinking about becoming one and i have researched salaries. I have seen salaries as low as $12 an hour and as high as $18 an hour. What is the average starting... Read More

  1. by   systerm
    Seeing salaries that like makes me mad. Surely a trained LPN professional deserves a far better pay than that.

    I think it is very important to boycott employers that offer that kind of miesly lousy wages, I dont care what their excuse is, b/c there are a millon excuses that can be used any time for not paying nurses what they should be paid, so I dont even care discuss that aspect.

    It would make even more sense to team up with a business oriented person and start up your own care facility/service if that is the best some employers can do.

    Personally I would not put up with that. I would do what it takes to have my abilities, time, knowledge respected. I would either move, keep on sending out resumes, or further training.

    Wages like that are degrading, devaluing and if not criminal. Stand up for yourself and your mantra is: I am a nurse, dont mess with me! In fact, what employers should do is this: b/c we are worth it. Not the Clairol girl.
  2. by   Emerld2000
    Im a new grad in texas pass my board in Feburary 08.
    Im working in assisted living @ $17.00 hr. between 16-20 residents.
    Nursing Homes here pay between 17-22 a hr.

    I interviewed at a hospital starting pay was $14.50. (a joke)

    I do however feel that I am not utilizing my skills to my fullest ability and sometimes wonder if I should move on.............
  3. by   HisTreasure
    New LPN grads in certain hospitals in this area will make about $12.50 per hour plus diffs. Working in LTC you are going to make just about $14 per hour plus diffs. After a year or so pay increases to about $15 in acute care and $17 in LTC depending on which health system you are with. Naturally some health systems and some LTCs are much more generous than others.

    After a year of experience you have other options to increase your earning potential here.

    A facility per diem or agency LPN will make between $18-23 per hour. A Medicaid nurse will make $21-26 per hour.

    An independent LPN will make $25-29 per hour.

    Just starting out is pretty depressing but afterwards it gets a little better.
  4. by   cancerian72
    I started out as an LVN in a LTC facility(Houston,TX) back in 1998(GN).I started out making 15.50/hr(10yrs ago). Now,I make 25.00/hr(base-PRN).22.00/hr(base-F/T) This is excluding wknd and shift diffs. I work for a LTAC/ICU hospital.$30.00/hr(agency).In TX for new nurses the starting salary is higher in a nursing home,but all that changes as you become more experienced.
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  5. by   sexymonkeyboy
    You work in the Metro Detroit Area.?
    I'm considering nursing and trying to figure out if I can get a LPN then get into a facility that will assist/pay for continuing education for a RN.
    Any advice?
    I'm torn.
    Right now I make $14 as a receptionist.
    Thanks in advance.
  6. by   CT Pixie
    I've read a lot of comments about not believing how high/low the pay is that a person states.

    You have to remember, the price of living in the area you live in. Yeah $26 to start here in CT sounds great if you live in a State that pays $15 but take into consideration how much more expensive/less expensive your State is to live in compared to the State of the person posting.

    I currently work for a self-funded insurance company and from reading some of these salaries for LPN's (and even the RN's) I make quite a bit more. BUT then I notice the State that the poster is from. You can't compare salaries that way. Once I get my license I'll make about $5-10 more than I make now.

    A good friend of mine worked for a national company. She got the job while living here in CT. She worked for a few years up here for that company and then relocated to another State, BUT she was able to maintain the hourly pay she made up here. The new State has a much lower cost of living than here. Needless to say, she's living quite well in her new State.
  7. by   Debilpn23
    started at Assisted living where I had worked as an LNA. at $19.00. 75 cents diff for nights $1.75 for weekends was looking for more as I was making fairly decent wages as an LNA . I'm now working at LTC $25.00 for nights and $29.00 on weekends. I'm also doing a temp pt job for an agency which pays $30.00 an hr
  8. by   stdntograd06
    I live in Southern PA, working for a county nursing home (30 minutes way) and making $15.45 on 12hr shifts (7P-7A). $3 shift diff from 7-11, then $1 shift diff from 11-7. I've only been an LPN for 1 yr, so I figure that's not too bad considering that our local hospital (who boasts about having such a great reputation for their nursing staffing) hires LPN's at $14 . Plus, you have to consider the cost of gas for driving !!!

  9. by   dofnj
    what area of nj are you in. im looking to get into to peds as a lpn. thanks
  10. by   mthrof3
    I graduated in May of 2007, got my LPN license in September and started my first/only LPN job in an Oncology outpatient clinic. Base salary is 18.24 an hour. But, I have 8 years of acute care and 5 years of LTC under my belt from being a CNA. Plus, I am in the third semester of an Associate Degree RN program. We currently reside in Southeastern WI.
  11. by   azcactuslady
    I have been an LPN for 28 years. I now make 21.70 hr base pay. I just moved to this state and the hospital tells me I will max out at 23.79. Hope this helps. Also forgot to mention I am in Arizona.
  12. by   degraypoole
    Quote from azcactuslady
    I have been an LPN for 28 years. I now make 21.70 hr base pay. I just moved to this state and the hospital tells me I will max out at 23.79. Hope this helps. Also forgot to mention I am in Arizona.
    I think that is terrible. God will reward you, that you can count on.
  13. by   degraypoole
    working for god on earth does not pay much,
    but his retirement plan is out of this world.

    degraypoole;2815319]i think that is terrible. god will reward you, that you can count on.[/quote]