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English teacher turned real estate salesperson turned nurse.

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  1. Myers-Briggs Profile Typing and Nursing

    INTJ here. For better or worse, nursing and I go together like two peas in a pod...
  2. PCA pumps

    As others have posted, my facility runs fluids at TKO unless there is a physician's order to the contrary, such as NS @ 100, etc.
  3. Clinic job??

    What about nursing, exactly, IS glamorous? Nursing is one of the least glamorous professions I can think of. The beauty of office nursing is the high-quality patient teaching you can provide--teaching that would be virtually impossible to give on th...
  4. Is Everybody Moving to California?

    I am a Texas native who, because of my hubby's job, moved to Orange County from Austin about 7 months ago. After dutifully trying to be happy and comfortable in Cali, both my hubby and I are having to face the facts--our quality of life has taken a ...
  5. IV Lopressor...who can administer it?

    I worked as an LVN in Texas, where LVNs have a quite wide scope of practice; the hospital for which I worked employed TONS of LVNs. On the telemetry floor I worked, I routinely gave 5, 10, even a few times 20 mg of IVP Lopressor. Per hospital proto...
  6. Should I go for LVN or RN

    LPN=LVN We are called Licensed Vocational Nurses in Texas and California; all other states refer to their basic nurses as Licensed Practical Nurses.
  7. Tech saying they are a nurse

    I worked too hard and made too many sacrifices to become a nurse to have unlicensed personnel using for themselves the title that I EARNED...I can kinda, sorta look the other way if I see a CNA trying to soothe a dementia patient who may not know wha...
  8. Should I go for LVN or RN

    I have yet to see an LVN program that requires chemistry as a pre-req. If chemistry is not your thing (as it sounds like it isn't :/ ), then going through an LVN program will allow you to become a nurse sooner rather than later, and not be held up by...
  9. how do you keep your sexy??

    My "at work" fashion rules: 1. Scrubs that are comfortable, reasonably pretty, and that FIT WELL...I'm tiny, so I usually buy tops that are gathered or have a tie at the back , so that the top fits my waist a little better than those boxy unisex top...
  10. Relatively new LVN here, recently relocated to Southern California. I have about five months of experience in med/surg/tele, from before my relocation. Now that I've started looking for jobs again, I've lined up an interview with a solo practioner ...
  11. Feeling so depressed....

    I haven't posted in a while, due to my life being turned upside down over the last few months....this post is nothing more than my "sob story", so thanks in advance for reading it. I'm a fairly new LVN, having graduated from a program in Texas back i...
  12. Most memorable thing patient has said to me...

    Wish my most memorable pt. statements were as nice as yours! I was once caring for a 95 y/o post-surgical pt. who was experiencing confusion d/t all the pain meds she was on....after she started clawing at her surgical dressing, pulled her NG tube ...
  13. new grad telemetry floor

    I'm a fairly new nurse (
  14. LPN for 6 yrs just grad from RN program

    Home health may also be a good fit for you. Good luck and congrats on earning your RN license!
  15. Any LPN's with Bachelors in health care administration?

    I have a Bachelor's degree with a double major in English and history. It's a very "useless" degree! Thus after being frustrated with my limited options in using that degree, I went to LVN school and have not lacked for opportunities. I believe in th...